Back from Dingle

Oh wow! We really have a beautiful country here in Ireland! We are just back from a week in the town of Dingle, Co. Kerry (or An Daingean as it’s officially known, why can’t they have both English and Irish names on the signs? It’s silly. Locals stencilled “Dingle” on many of the signs anyway!) and it was both amazing and refreshing. 7 days without Internet access. Could you survive? I admit I was tempted by the local net cafe but I resisted and we wandered the roads and explored the beaches of that rugged coastline instead.

Weather is always a concern in Ireland and it rained and it poured and gales blew for the first 2 days of our stay. Thankfully that completely changed for most of the remainder of the week and the blue skies were filled with white fluffy clouds casting shadows on the distant mountains. Breathtaking.

Bringing a 23 week old baby away on holiday does present it’s own difficulties but Adam enjoyed himself and made a huge impression on everyone he met. He was generally well behaved while out, and I have to thank the kind staff of the Old Smokehouse Restaurant for their patience as we made 2 trips there with him. On the other hand, the grumpy floor manager of the “Happy Garden Palace” up the street didn’t live up to his establishment’s name. Nice Kung Po though.

Photos will appear in time but tomorrow we’re going to head down to Kinsale for a look at Haydn’s Kinsale Gallery where some of my work is on display. Adam’s been down there already and now it remains to be seen whether any of the pieces attracts a buyer or not. Thanks Damien for mentioning the gallery too!

In other news, WordPress 2.3 came out and I need to upgrade my blogs. WordPress MU will need to be synced with the new release but it will also need a separate upgrader. Upgrading one blog and adding 3 tables is simple, but when you need to do tens of thousands (or millions) of them, you don’t want all of them doing it at the same time or your database server will melt.

Oh, and not one person mentioned the All Ireland. 🙂

Update on Sunday: Jacinta and I visited the gallery today and we’re impressed! Haydn’s son was taking care of the shop and I noticed a number of the larger prints had sold a couple of copies. Two of my images are visible behind the door if you look carefully at the second image: Innovative Streets and Rusted and Abandoned.

Gallery ICA

Gallery ICA

Gallery ICA

5 thoughts on “Back from Dingle

  1. Dingle is my favourite place in the whole of Ireland.

    I usually try to get there a couple of times a year. Around this time of the year is the best time to visit because it is a little quieter. Last time I was there I stayed in Benners Hotel which was outstanding but a world removed from the hostels I normally stayed in. And the hostels are really good too by the way.

    The one thing that always puzzles me about Dingle and that area in general is how the price of a pint is cheaper there. You really can’t get any further away from St. James’ Gate in Dublin but the pint of Guinness is usually about 20c cheaper!

  2. Dingle is fantastic, such a beautiful place. I haven’t been there for a few years now but will have to make time to get over. I still remember walking from Tralee to Dingle in 1985, just to see a girl I’d met. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  3. Tralee to Dingle is well over 30 miles! Crikey, must have been some girl!

    I’m sorting through the photos now, but unfortunately there aren’t as many as I’d like there. Taking care of a baby with my wife is very tiring. Heading out for a spin used to take 5 minutes to organise but now we have to consider when Adam was fed, if he’s been changed, when he last had a nap, how long he’s been in the car already, is his bag packed, are his bottles done. Phew. It’s tiring just thinking about it!

    Add to that the fact I forgot to reset the time on my camera back to Irish time after being in San Francisco, and now sorting the photos into dated folders is that much harder.

    Travelling is tiring isn’t it? 🙂

  4. i want to go to dingle for my hoilday. i want to stay in b&b that like in middle of know where but not. so if u know anywhere like that please could you reply


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