Kinsale Art Gallery

Haydn’s Gallery in Kinsale is now showing my work and Ryan’s as of this week. I visited the framer on Monday where I signed a number of prints and I have to say I’m very impressed with the prints made by those Hewlett Packard Z3100 and Z6100 printers. I wish I could print all my stuff on them!

If you’re in the area, call in, say hi to Haydn and browse around. The gallery is open every day but Monday and is situated on the quayside in Kinsale. Here’s a map of Kinsale courtesy of Yahoo. The cross-hairs mark approximately where the gallery is.

Try and spot the slight mispeling on one of the images I signed. Oops!

3 thoughts on “Kinsale Art Gallery

  1. Great stuff. well done and congratulations.

    Unfortunatly I won’t be able to head to Kinsale to check it out but best of luck and hope it all goes well.

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