Must be the rain in Cork

Rain spattered onto the windscreen in drops and a light drizzle sprinkled the car as we drove through town on our way home. It was warm today and I was looking forward to getting home, putting the baby to bed and relaxing for the evening. The windows were half down to let the air circulate in the car and traffic was going nowhere fast.

As we waited I heard the slowly increasing beat and volume of loud music from behind. A car drew alongside us and the cheering and laughing faces of the guys in it were clearly visible and their music blared into the evening. Their exuberance was catching and we were soon smiling and laughing with them! I think God must have heard their music, because suddenly the heavens opened and the car almost shook with a torrential shower of rain. We all looked at each other and laughed again. Why? Click play and you’ll find out!

ACDC’s Thunderstruck. Brought the heavens down!

3 thoughts on “Must be the rain in Cork

  1. Weird! I was just in the city tonight and slipped into the Mutton Lane Inn for a quick pint and that song just started as soon as I ordered.

  2. That is an awesome coincidence!

    True story: One time, many years ago, I was pulled over by a cop for speeding and Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55” came on just as I was pulling over.

    I thought about turning up the radio as the cop came to the window, but then I remembered what happened to Sammy and decided against it. 🙂

    John P.

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