21 thoughts on “Knock! Knock! Hallloooooo?

  1. Hi Donnacha,
    it’s true it is very difficult to keep updating your blog if you don’t know who is reading it.

    Brian Corcoran left a post on my blog recently πŸ˜€

  2. I hit that link five times and four of them took more than five seconds to load; most of them hanging on spa.snap.com. FYI.

  3. Hello Donncha,

    Do you know why sun dried tomatoes look like grannies?

    Its because they both have wrinkly skin and are usually sweet on the inside! πŸ˜‰

  4. John – very cool (although I admit I had to look up his name, it was familiar, but I couldn’t remember why πŸ™‚

    Adam – snap sucks doesn’t it? The rest of the guys are looking into it, but thanks for trying!

    Grannymar – and I’m so looking forward to introducing our baby to his or her granny! My wife is due in 3 weeks so we’re just counting down the days!

  5. Well enjoy the last few weeks alone because life will never be the same again. Different but better!

    Whatever you do, DON’t blink – or you will open your eyes and see someone as big, bold & bossy as my Elly and wonder where the time went! πŸ˜‰

  6. I didn’t even realise what it was until I looked for a second time there; yes, majorly. Don’t mind the inefficiencies, it’s just plain a bad idea.

  7. best of luck on the new arrival, you may think it’s coming to the end of the pregnancy, and it is, but you won’t have time to reflect upon that, when the new baby arrives get ready to shift up a gear, and thats it mate, hang on in there, cheers Tim

  8. I can’t believe you don’t know who Brian Corcoran is. That’s a very poor show from a fellow Cork man. Met him once at a Divine Comedy concert, lovely guy.

  9. Yeah but it’s stuff like the person you are writing about leaving a message that makes it all worth while, you know?

  10. Leaving a message. Kids are great and pregnany is just a small hurdle compared to parenting.

  11. I have been doing that all the day and night. It is going to be my time spending nightmare. I think this is the best consumption of time.

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