Hi! I'm Linux!


Apple advertisments become cliches within a short space of time which is a testament to how good they are, or perhaps how often the fanboys go on about them in online forums…

Unfortunately Linux is still regarded as being a geeky system only and spoofs of the current Apple advert feature a guy dressed in a Tron costume look ridiculous and certainly won’t help. This advert from Novell may help change that. If it doesn’t, well it might pique the interest of some guys who will try Linux and like it. Even though the advert is sponsored by Novell, I recommend you try Ubuntu Linux. You can download and try it without installing and it’s super easy to use!

Read all about it on Reverend Ted’s site and download the first advert.

All in all, it’s a balance that we hope to have struck right: representing Linux as sexy and confident, while avoiding sexual cliches that are degrading to women. While there may be some flaws in our execution (particularly how the third video throws out the people as computers metaphor altogether), overall I really hope that we managed to create a playful spoof that effectively subverts the “Mac vs Windows” framework that Apple has established with the “Get a Mac” campaign.

Ted updated his post with the second and third videos. I’ve included them here for your blogging pleasure.

4 thoughts on “Hi! I'm Linux!

  1. Man, Linux is HOT!! I don’t know about them avoiding sexual cliches with this one.

    It is nice to see the Linux community hitting back a little with this one though. I’ve been using different distros on and off for the last few years.

    I actually have new iMac on the way this week, which will free up my pc to permanantly run a linux distro, maybe Suse or Ubuntu, havn’t decided yet.

  2. I like Linux . . . I REALLY like Linux. Guess, I fit the demographic 😉 Somehow, I missed seeing those ads on TV. It’s a great way to use someone else’s advertising budget against them though. Thanks for the idea Mr. Jobs.

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