I received a pink breast cancer through my door on Monday. I went through my kids wardrobe and put really expensive clothing (practically new which they had grown out of) in the bag thinking they were genuine. How stupid are these idiots who actually put contact details of your site on the envelope. When I read this page, I went straight out the door and brought the bag in and seen my neighbour had the pink bag out also and told her they were scams. I also rang a few friends to warn them. We have an awful lot of families in Ireland who cannot afford new clothes etc. When the other bags come through the door, I always ring the telephone number to see if they are genuine and the number is always engaged or not answered. I don’t even trust the local charity shops in the area which i won’t name!!! I brought a bag to the local charity shop and watched the staff put the cheapest clothes on hangers but did’nt put the really good clothes on display. I’m keeping any charity clothes now and then pass them on to friends to keep for their kids when they are older. I don’t trust any of them. Scum, most of them (except SVP and Bernados). Lucan.Co. Dublin