Do not delay – how to spot a fake charity flyer

Update! (2009-10-28) 3 years later and the Do Not Delay website has been updated. Thanks to this comment for pointing it out. Their About the Project page gives a detailed account of what they do in Lithuania:

Six years ago, the Lithuanian rate of deaths caused by breast cancer was the highest in Europe.

DO NOT DELAY, a breast cancer awareness program, was initiated by Agnė Zuokienė in 2003. Today, the number of deaths is significantly lower.

The Do Not Delay team includes professional doctors – specialists of their field who face breast cancer cases on a daily basis.

The Pink Bus travels to the most remote locations in Lithuania to deliver the message to all women – “Take care of your health, pay more attention to yourselves for your own sake and for the sake of those who love you!”

It would appear from this that “Do Not Delay” are in fact a charity in Lithuania. They’re not registered as one in Ireland or the UK however. This report by the Fermanagh Herald covers some of the same concerns I have and I will repeat my advice below. You’re better off handing your clothes in to a local second hand shop. At least then you’ll be certain the proceeds from the sale of those items will go to registered charities in your locality.

The original post continues below:

Do not delay! It’s not unusual for junk mail to be delivered to my door. Thankfully there’s a lot less of it than the electronic equivalent. Over the summer a number of flyers made their way to my doorstep, supposedly from charities looking for old clothes to sell to raise funds. Unfortunately only one of those was from an actual charity and they collected the clothes at a local carpark.

The latest one is from I was going to let it pass but my neighbour had a bag out for collection this morning which prompted me to grab the laptop and show them this page on letterbox spam. That page points out that redirects to, which asks for donations to be sent to this bank account in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Azzara VšĮ
Enterprise code 124013046
Account no. LT267044060001204079
SEB Vilniaus Bankas
Bank code 70440

There’s a phone number too, 0044-28-3084-9971, which is a UK number and not exactly encouraging for an Irish person.

How do you spot the fake charity flyers?

  • It will have a contact number but it’s more than likely a mobile number. In Ireland, that’s an 085, 086, 087 number. A landline number means that they at least have a base or premises in the country.
  • The flyer should have a registered charity number. A registered business number is not the same.
  • Ring your local authority and ask if the “charity” is licensed to make door-to-door collections.
  • Use the Google search engine to find out about them. Use any registration numbers you find, an identifying website address, even search for text from the flyer. Any charity with the resources to organise a door-to-door clothes collection will have at least some presence on the Internet.

If you do have old clothes to give away, pop them into a bag and bring them into one of the charity shops in your local town or city. They’re always looking for quality saleable items. Here’s a list of Irish charities if you want to donate money. Some well known and reputable charities include Trocaire (they even have an rss feed!), Bothair and Simon Community.

If you live in the UK, this page has some useful information including how to report a fake charity.

“Do Not Delay” collect money for breast cancer research but you would be better off making a donation to The Irish Cancer Society who will put your donation to good use.

I’ll update this post from time to time with thumbnails and summaries of flyers that hit my door. Check back often!

Just as I was wondering when donotdelay would collect their clothes I spotted an old blue van parked outside. It’s a Dublin reg vehicle and quite old, given that it’s a van and presumably used for business. The reg is “97 D 45516”. I spotted a man in denims walking down the road. He ducked into a house at a corner for a moment then walked up a hill out of sight. I waited a few minutes and he returned with a woman. Both got into the van, drove down to the end of the cul-de-sac and about 5 minutes later drove past again. On closer examination of the photos below I recognised the top of the heart shaped flyer they had in their hands. One was delivered here a few weeks back. I might have it arond here somewhere.

More flyers being handed out

Update: Another blogger received the same flyer. Hopefully someone will search online for “Clothing Collection For Breast Cancer Prevention Programm”.

2006-11-21 – a new leaflet was dropped in the door a few minutes ago. It has an Irish mobile number, 0876815133, and reg. no. 382101. No sign of a charity number.

Not every family in developing countries can afford to buy new, often expensive clothes, footwear and household things.

If you search for their reg no. the first link is a pdf file (view as HTML) from Dublin City Council. Councillor Naoise O’Muiri asked, in a question to the City Manager, if he can

confirm that the following agencies currently engaged in collections in the City Area have all applied for and received Permits: …
“Unwanted Clothing Collection”, no Reg No given, 087 0552513

He replied:

The Collectors referred to by the Councillor do not have a waste collection permit from Dublin City Council.

Chances are they’re collecting ilegally in Cork too.

2006-11-29 – “Thank you for help” – another flyer appeared this morning before 8am, they’re out early! Identifying text includes the above badly constructed sentence and: “we urgently need clothing that you and your family may never wear again” and “Company Reg. Nr. 5655565A”, “Phone: +353851670878” – another mobile number. No landline, address or charity number.

2006-12-05 – “We support Orphanages.” just fell in the door. Here are their details: Reg. no. 9027839, phone 085-1337528. That’s a mobile phone number.

Update! I have set up a new site, where I post details about all the fake charity leaflets I get. I’m sure you’ll recognise a few of them!

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Just received a flyer entitled “Breast Cancer Awareness, Clothing Appeal, European Bridge of Health Alliance” no name or charity reg number. I googled all text on the flyer but found no references at all on the Internet.
On the flyer is a UK telephone number : 0044 7731579127. Collection in the Athlone area (Westmeath) is supposedly on Wednesday 20 June 2007. The flyer was wrapped around two pink collection bags. Printed on these bags it said “Collected by I.C.C. Irish Clothing Collection.

I saw a white van with (what I think was a Northern Ireland reg).

Received the same flyer and pink bag as the fellow above — I’m in Rathgar, where pickup is to be Thursday, i.e., tomorrow. Was going to donate something to them until I googled ‘European Bridge of Health Alliance’ and found this blog. Thanks for the info. They’ll get nothing from me now.

hi i`ve spent all day yeasterday collecting clothes and find stuff to be able to give to charity,haing a a new born is not a easy task.
I`ve waited all day for the bags to be collected and nothing happened.Only now I`ve realised is a scum!!
Now I`m left with bags of clothes and no car to take it to a charity shops


Emanuela, if you can find time while you are out shopping, take a few of your items at a time in a plastic carrier bag to the charity shop.

This news needs to be spread on a broader scale and promote more awareness. This sort of information and research is relatively inaccesible to those without the internet etc.
The convenience of these operations to people without cars for example, overides second thought to the background of such organisations.
Can anyone tell me if anything has actually been done against these companies? articles in local newspapers etc? it cant be stopped if people dont know about it.

Holly asks if warnings can be spread wider. I have posted a note in our local parish magazine and asked the publishers of a free magazine to put in a warning.

I have also put up a poster in the local shop window.

It may not have a very wide impact on its own but collectievly the message will get through.

Several County Council websites also have warnings – a Google search on “clothing collectionn scams” bring up items such as.

Don’t rely on the authorities to do anything – they are unlikely to get any convictions even after a lot of effort in catching them.

Blogs like these I think are surprisingly effective.


“Unwanted Clothing Collection” bags.

Another bogus scam being run by Lituainians in a Renualt Master van reg no BHH 637

Have reported them to our local Bobby.

I’ve got the same registered company number for donotdelay, this time under the name of ‘Intersecond Ltd.’ A so-called, authorised stock collector – blimey, they’re cheeky!

wandsworth oasis trading company limited, what has happened to it. have they been caught out for the scamming, it seems so…

Clondalkin area – spotted a battered white van reg V516 LOW driving around suspiciously this morning. Stopped to watch them. They stopped suddenly – a guy jumped out and ran into the front garden of a house grabbed a bag and ran back out to the van. This does not strike me as the behaviour of someone collecting legitimately. I think a flyer came in a couple of days ago so I must check what it was for. I glanced at it briefly and noted that it had a telephone number starting with 077, so assumed that it was a fake.

Received the Do Not Delay leaflet today in Lisburn, near Belfast. Phone number quoted is 02830849971, company name Intersecond Ltd, quoting a Donotdelay e-mail address. Just started to fill the bag and then got a bit suspicious so checked it out on-line and found this site. Now I’ll look to see what alternatives I can put in there instead. Thanks.

[…] August 2nd, 2007 at 12:35 pm (clothes collection, African Children in Need, charity scam, scam) This morning, through my letter box, I received a leaflet asking me for donations of unwanted clothes to support children in Africa. This is a well-known scam that has been operating under various guises in Britain and Ireland (and undoubtedly other countries) for a while now. The internet is full of articles detailing this despicable crime, here are just three: Consumer rights, Hounslow Council, and a blog site in Ireland. […]

A lot of there scammers in ireland take the clothes and will ship them to poland to sell. usually dey will say collection starts at 8 and the numbers are always dead ends! DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!!!!!!!!

i think if people want to donate so who metter where clothing goes, me myself when my house clean of old ones im much more happy


John, your breeding is showing, be careful your thoughtless stupid remarks leave you exposed as dumb and uncaring.

every second week these leaflets are dropped off in Mullingar , no bags anymore . The collectors never come back on the allocated day so whoever calls first could get 2 or 3 bags regardless of sticker, at the mo the most pop sticker is just a red one with pic of red jacket on it and heading unwanted clothes collection.

do not delay have hit scotland ,flyer arrived tue for collection thur.the wife had a bag filled with newish clothes as the mother in law had just recovered from breast cancer but i thought i better check it out first .total scumbags .keep up the good work

Dear Good Friend.

I greet you in the name of the Lord.

I am Mrs.Gloria Joseph from Solomon Islands. I am married to Mr. Prince Joseph who worked with our Embassy in Ivory Coast for nine years before he died on the 15th August 2006. We were married for eleven years without a child.

gloria joseph.

These guys are at it now in Dun Laoghaire and all round Dublin, Ireland. They are members of the travelling community and Polish or other accent of eastern europeans.( i am not pre judging…i deal with both on a nearly day to day basis) I have reported them but the police have to catch them then they can only warn them… What is wrong with society? The leaflet says christian charities and has a charity number. I checked it and it is fake….it even has a prayer on the leaflet. These guys are pros and they make tens of thousand of euros/ pounds by selling these brand names on ebay and exporting the rest for sale in poorer countries. Do your bit and spread the word.

Just received two different sticker leaflets in the door, interestingly enough although it looks like two different charities looking for clothes, the Reg. No. is 292007 on both stickers and the email address is also on both. One sticker advises that they support Children’s Foster home Organization No. 195220531 and the other states that the clothes “will be sent to the Ukraine, Africa and some other countries…”. Surely a real charity would not have two different leaflets?

As a rule, I normally throw these stickers in the bin if I don’t recognise the charity and especially if there is no landline on the sticker. In my area, (Dublin 13) we seem to get these stickers in every week!

Kingsize, a friendly warning, these scumbags are violent criminals and have slashed the tyres of genuine charity collectors. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were to tip the trash you left them over your front garden in revenge.

With the 70s and 80s back in style, I just loving vintage clothing from the thrift shops. You can find designers like Chanel and Armani for cheap there. Ebay is great too!

Just to let you know got one in the door Sunday 3rd Feb 2008 for collection Tuesday. Why are the Guards not on this if they collect on specific day ????? makes me wonder how I keep from going under.

Thanks! Just got a flyer through the letterbox, the grammar was dodgy, so I thought, let’s Googgle them. Thanks for your work on this issue.

Dirty Red LDV transit registration number: BX51 TOJ delivering pink ‘Do Not Delay’ fliers from a company called ‘intersecond’ in Lisburn area, County Down. There was half a dozen travellers in this vehicle and I believe your home may at risk of theft/burglary when these people are looking in through windows and around your property.

Just recieved a flyer UGANDAN CLOTHING COLLECTION. Its bigger than usual ones and is pink. There is no phone number, no charity number or registartion number of any description so I guess it’s yet another fake. I recieve a few fylyers every weeks but what I have also noticed is that it is the same white van with small sign on the sign that collects no matter how different the flyers may seem.

I gave a bag of used clothes away, but the company didn’t even claim to be a charity. No problem with me – they’re recyling and employing people.

It’s not expensive for anyone to print their own leaflets though…

do not delay came to Nelson and Colne areas of lancashire a couple of months ago,and they keep coming every three to four weeks.
i have notified the police to the scam and still waiting for something to be done about these scumbags.
dont leave any bags out for them and dont let them near your house,these people are travellers
(gypsies)and given half a chance would rob you and think nothing of it.
its about time these lowlives got prosecuted.

They’re in South Dublin today – white van, northern reg. 3 lads posting leaflets. Text reads:
“Please donate for breast cancer prevenstion. If we are able to diagnose breast cancer early enough, we may be able to save women’s lives, Please help by donating any type of ladies, gents and childrens clothes & shoes.”

That is really sick, to think that they are selling them on ebay instead.

This phone is 086 326 8717

What really amuses me is that several of these scam flyers actually ask for donations of cosmetics!!! Do people on starvation diets really use second-hand lipsticks and perfumes??

This alone highlights the fact that they are bogus scammers. are distributing bags in Barnstaple, supposedly for breast cancer prevention program. Glad I googled them first and found this site

hi,yuo think that yuo know abaut this job somethink,yuo dont know.its a hard job,its helps people in lithuania and ukrain.these contrys haves so much second hand shops that yuo cant imagine.people need these clothes,and you have it,please help them.nometter what they writting in leaflets but these clothes do good for more people.i know becouse i am from lithuania.


You have missed the point. Our charities are being robbed of two million pounds a year, because the cash is being siphoned off into the pockets of organised criminal gangs who use violence to thwart well-meaning GENUINE charity collectors.
So your cheap coat is depriving the NHS of funds to pay the wages of nurses caring for terminally ill patients.

Now do you get it?

hi nesta,re your comment,yes the clothes are needed in some of these countries,but the bottom line is that the irish travellers and lithuanian mobsters are the criminals behind
the do not delay organisation.
the clothes they collect end up in car boot sales or sold on ebay for profit,very large profit i might add,they keep the money for themselves.
what i find even more offensive and digusting is
the fact they use breast cancer as the selling factor of this SCAM,i lost my mother to breast cancer.
these scumbags dont give a damn about the people in need in any country,all they care about is making money,tax free money,they make no
contribution to society at all, they are total parasites.

Hi tony,i agry with yuo that they lieing abaut the cancer, or for chernobyl charity,that they bring here children.I know that some people who collecting clothes are not bad,a lot off clothes goses to lores and going to ukraina and lithuania,here they sold clothes for second hand shops.Its the job like every jobs.People paying for vans,diesel,leaflets,paying money for people who working,they rent the houses,buing food,they clean yuor houses,and everything doing in yuor lithuania nobady collecting,people is too por.they going to second hand shops to buy clothes.just go to deveti and you will see how much companys in lihuania bying clothes from ireland and another countrys.

Hi There.

I just have got this leaflet through my letterbox and I know its a scam. I tried searching for the Reg No 4922754G but of course it was not found on the search sites.
Also there are some spelling mistakes on the sticker…”all clothing is a collection firm who prowide people in eastern european countries with clothes for their families they can afford…!!! well then why are they collecting??? I have have advised my generous neighbours not to leave out any bags for collection.
We have to be wise to these scammers who are robbing us of our trust and generosity in society.

We got a leaflet and bag through our door early this morning (Dublin 17) from “Irish Clothing Collection Progamme”, allegedly collectiong for “poor people in Africa” Company reg number on the end is 385362 and mobile number is 085 120 4935. They even ask on the leaflet “Please try and fill your bag”. Needless to say, I don’t believe it to be a real collection and it’s going straight into the green bin for recycling.

Today, 16.05.2019, I received a sticker in the letter box with the exact same “Reg. NO. 385362, Mobile ph. 085 120 4935”. This time they call themselves “Irish Christianity Programme. Africa Appeal”. Ennis, Co. Clare.

they now have a new leaflet calling themselves sch collections,third world clothing collection,company reg no,’s the same scumbags as before.
i believe they are about to hit scotland once again.

Ormeau Road area, Belfast
DO NOT DELAY flyer came through letterbox at 6:30AM today, Mon 18th August.
Collection day: Wednesday.

Company No. 01 646 1625
T: 0863 268717

Yes I received a plastic bag with DO NOT DELAY! in large font. delivered to me on Monday for Tuesday collection. Thanks for your help, I found this page very informative and will fill this bag and bring it down to the local irish wheelchair charity shop.

Irish christianity programme for africa dropping leaflets in south county carlow. Collecting on mon 24th aug. No charity reg no or authorisiation on tag. Phone no’s 9am to 12pm 01 443742 086 5521496.

United Kingdom
BT35 8SU

is another address for the Donotdelay crowd. Thats right on the border in the countryside, sounds about right.
I got a flyer that gave the compnay name Athlaimhe Ltd with a fake company reg no. they have an address ATHLAIMHE LIMITED
Interestingly Intersecon and Athlaimhe ltd have a guy called RAIMONDAS BIGUZAS or BIQUZAS as a director/owner. For Athlaimhe he has a home address as Drogheda co Louth but for Intersecond he has an address in Essex, but its the same date of birth for both companies, so def the same bloke. Their website admits theyre not a charity but htat they are linked to Azzara who are a reg charity in Lithuania, but not sure how to verify that tho.

Recieved a sticker today in Hillsborough outside Lisburn – same outfit – I now only give in at charity shops where i know that most of funds raised will go where its needed – these people are nothing short of criminals , stealing from those in greatest of need

Is “African Children in Need” “For beg (stet) collection information call us on 0871 700 057” another bogus charity. (Delivered Terenure Dublin 6W Friday ? Saturday 5 or 6th Sept 2008?

Hi there,

am glad I googled and found this site. I got a pink bag from the European Bridge of Health Alliance just this morning and was going to get rid of two or three bags of clothes that we had got ready for charity shops. That’s handy I thought. I decided to google as it wasn’t the Irish Cancer Society which I would have expected. So thanks for posting about this. I would have been disgusted to give clothes to a bunch of thieves and crooks. I lost my mother to breast cancer too and it is actually Breast Cancer Awareness later this month so it’s particularly disgusting to have crooks going around on the grab, using Breast Cancer as a tool of making more money for themselves instead of earning much needed funds for St Lukes and other cancer hospices and hospitals. How low can people go…

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