Unbelievable – I have been getting these through the door for ages and in the beginning actually left some clothes out. I am so angry that these people are operating like this. I received a Second Hand Rose label today and did some research. The company has two directors, both Lithuanian with an address in Clonsilla. I think that the only way to stop these guys is to beat them at their own game.

I guarantee if you printed up a simple flyer – saying “DO NOT PUT OUT CLOTHES IN ANY BAGS HANDED THROUGH YOUR DOOR UNLESS THEY ARE A CHARITY YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH AND HAVE A CHARITY SHOP ADDRESS. This is a scam and nearly all of these bags are being delivered by Eastern European fraudsters, who are actually selling your clothes both here and abroad. None of these clothes are being donated to underprivileged children.”

and put this in every door in your neighbourhood, this would completely eradicate this criminal activity. No matter how many of these bags came in afterwards, I bet you noone would donate to them (unless they were a charity they were familiar with).

If everyone did this in their own area, I guarantee you this practice could be wiped out in nearly no time.

Thoughts anyone?