Hi all, I came across this site whilst entering a search for authentic registered Irish charities. I felt compelled to write with the following.Im based in Co.Meath and every single week, sometimes daily, I receive stickers through the door soliciting clothes etc for charities, despite having a clear sign on my leterbox stating “Post Only,no flyiers”. We left a bag of clothes out once or twice and noticed it was the same person collecting despite the flyiers supposedly being from different charities. We stopped donating shortly afterwards. The following are the most recent list of stickers/leaflets Ive received:
1. CLOTHING COLLECTION (Export Clothes Collection Reg no.292007. Clothescollection@gmail.com. Organization no.195220531. “We support childrens sheltered housing”)
2. CLOTHES COLLECTION (Export Clothes Collection Reg no. 292007.) This time they’ve changed from charity to sporting a recycling logo instead of citing charity and the sticker has been laid out differently. Same company as no.1 above.
3. UKRAINIAN APPEAL (C-Y Reg No.391493 (R.o.I) SC 309637. second-life@mail.org.”Help us to provide aid and affordable clothing for a sustainable future”)
4. CLOTHING COLLECTION (All clothing Reg No.4922754G, Tel No.085 1097153. “Your unwanted used clothes could really be benefit to someone.All clothing is a collection firm who prowide people in Eastern Countries with clothes for their families they can afford we provide business for transport companies. We provide.”)
5. THIRD WORLD CLOTHING COLLECTION (Export Clothes Collection Reg No.292007. ) This is the same reg no as Nos. 1+2 above.
6. EXPORT CLOTHES COLLECTION (Reg No. 292007. “We support Childrens foster home.Organisation No.195220531. A real Christian indeed will share with those who are in need.”)Same reg as above.
7. BELARUSSIAN CHERNOBYL CHILDRENS CHARITY (Charity Ref No. XR36584. Ph 01 45878948 or 028 90 826075. “BCCC is a voluntary HANDS ON CHARITY which work includes an Annual Childresn Recuperative Holiday Programme as well as sending humanitarian aid to the village of Babunishi”.)
8. BELARUSSIAN CHERNOBYL CHILDRENS CHARITY & JSD LIMITED (JSD Contact No. 028 90826075. JSD (NI) Ltd. ROI 045 878948. Charity Ref No.XR36584. “Door to door collection appeal on behalf of Belarussian Chernobyl Childrens Charity”.) This sticker had a recycling logo in addition to the charities logo. Apparently JSD are based in Co.Down and recycle old clothing.
9. AFRICAN CHILDREN IN NEED (Ph 0851 700 057. “We urgently need your help to support children. Please help to save a life today”.) This sticker had no reg charity no at all.
10. AFRICAN CLOTHING PROGRAMME FOR PROJECT AFRICA (Tel 0145878948. “Project AFRICA is at the moment working in Rwanda and depends on charitable donations from householders like yourself. We wish to ease the burdon of life for people of undeveloped countries of Africa. our longterm objectives include setting up SELF HELP stations to educate the people of Africa in farming and self trading.”
11. CANCER CURE-CONTROL-CARE (“All clothing donated will be sent to undeveloped countries.”) No other info on the leaflet.

And thats it so far. Im guessing most of the above are not charities at all or that they even help with any of the crap written on their stickers.