I got this flyer in North Lancashire a week ago. The flyer didn’t have stickers, but requested the householder provide their own colection bag (“in an effort to keep costs down”) and attach the paper flyer to it.

Rang Trading Standards, but I can longer get through to my local Council office, instead I was relayed to a regional call centre who took details, and said they’d pass it on to the relevant department “who may ring you for more info”, which quite predictably never happened. They fobbed me off by suggesting I ring the Charities Commission, which I did, but they could only confirm that donotdelay.org is not a registered charity, although they did say “there was an appeal going through”.

I checked the registered collector, Intersecond Ltd, at Company House, and their registered address is on the third floor of a prestigious address – New Bond Street in the Mayfair district of London. Googling the address, 13/14, reveals that a couple of jewellers are also resident in that building. Somehow I cannot see a company registered as a Clothing Wholesalers needing to operate from such an expensive rental, but I’m sure they will think it sounds impressive.

Unfortunately I did not see any collector/vehicle while I was in, or I would have rang the Police with the reg number. The flyer must have been delivered late at night too, I’d picked up a freesheet out of my front porch at 10:30pm on a Friday night and the flyer wasn’t there then, but it was under Saturday morning’s newspaper delivery – I mention this because obviously it sugegsts they deliver the flyers after dark so there’s few witnesses/possible altercations.