I also received a “breast cancer” leaflet from Intersecond Limited (phone 07983 018041). I reported it to Camden Council, so let’s see what happens.

Interestingly, most of the locations listed above are from quite affluent areas, which fits with the explanation that these people are going after good quality clothes.

But the idea of leaving bags of clothes on the doorstep in an inner city area seems daft, and invites theft. We have a very good and well run Oxfam shop in the Kilburn High Road, which is even open on Sunday, so it’s easy enough to take clothes to a charity shop direct.

We have another organisation that regularly puts out plastic bags for clothes, which is a registered charity – Evergreen Trust reg no 1004289. However, its accounts on the Charity Commission website don’t show much money going to its good causes, and it’s hard to see how a small charity could afford to put out and collect so many plastic bags. I’ve reported them to the Charity Commission but they were not interested.