Thanks for your very clear post on this subject, I’ve added a link to it on a much less coherent post of my own.

We received flyers earlier this week (N15, north London). A friend of mine has been corresponding with the “” jokers by email, and they are quite intent upon giving him the runaround when it comes to the question of why they are not registered as a charity in the UK. As we expected, really: “We are a registred company (reg. no. 5713257). We work on behalf of Breast Cancer Prevention Charity ‘Azzara’ and donate money to then on regular basis…. If you require any more information,please go to our website“. Even if this website did refer to a real Lithuanian charity, we have no proof that these collectors are associated in any way with them. Anyone could create a website which redirects to the site, and claim to be operating on their behalf.

An interesting follow-up: yesterday was the scheduled collection day by “” in my neighbourhood. We donated nothing (of course!) but instead received a new flyer (same style/size and semi-glossy paper stock) from the “gentlemen” cruising the street for collections, purporting to be from a different organisation: Orellana Ltd. (a quick google reveals that this name has been associated with the same sort of faux-charitable collections a few months back). Same scam, different flyer.