Well spotted Donncha!

This subject was featured in the Irish Times a fortnight ago – I suspect it was the same member of Enable staff referenced by Daniel, above, who was interviewed. He mentioned the same experiences; threaths, intimidation, tires slashed….

Apparently there are a number of criminal gangs at work in Ireland alone (so prsumably a factor of ten again for the UK), and there are more all the time. Competition means violent behaviour towards each other, and legitimate charities get caught in the crossfire. As the lads commented above, the clothes get filtered for locally resaleable, while a lot is ferried and driven to eastern europe, or chucked in a bargain bin. Oddly, they seem to make good money!

It’s not unheard of for them to use fake charity registration, so it’s worth chasing up, and if possible, get the reg for the gardai if proven false. Does anyone have a link for checking charities Reg numbers? An online resource would be handy for filtering the real from the many fakes.