Are Eircom calling you?

I just got off the phone with a man named Brendan saying he wasn’t from Eircom tele-sales who proceeded to say, “You aren’t a customer of Eircom’s any more” or something similar. Before he could say anything else I informed him that I was fairly certain this was an illegal act ringing me because we’d signed up to the National Do Not Call Registry National Directory Database (thanks Adam!). He quickly apologised but I’m still angry. We signed up to that list way back in November 2005 and despite some delay by UTV I know we’re on it now.

If I remember correctly, this was the second time he rang. The last time being several months ago. It’s not often you get a sales-pitch from someone with a country accent! Unfortunately I don’t remember his surname or his company.

The list hasn’t stopped the recorded message scams however. As soon as I hear that recorded voice or a ringing phone line I hang up.
The Data Protection Commission has a useful faq too.

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  1. It should be noted that although there are failings in the NDD, it does appear to work for honest players (probably a misnomer in Ireland). I added myself to the NDD a couple months ago and I haven’t had a single marketing call since, including the showers mentioned on Tuppenceworth. Before that, Eircom had the DPA quoted at them /very/ loudly at least once a month, and I’d have to shout at least two other times each month.

    Of course dealing with abuse is all about making an example of the current bold boys with massive fines and follow-throughs on court actions, and unfortunately Billy Hawkes is unproven in this regard; and as we all know ComReg are proven failures.

    Another interesting point that deserves attention is Eircom’s seeming inability to implement the NDD. This isn’t the first time they’ve fallen down on technical matters in recent years — they used to be the best, technically speaking, have they lost their edge?

  2. I’m too lazy to look it up 🙂 but I’m pretty sure there are some serious fines for repeated infractions in the US version. Have you looked into reporting them to the NDD?

  3. There was a feature on the Last Word on Today FM about this, two days ago, following the release of the annual report. The Data Protection Commissioner spoke in explicit terms, and said to contact their office when this happens, and they will prosecute. He mentioned the two companies named in the tuppenceworth blog, as they were both taken to court following the complaints. One of them has stopped entirely, while the other doesn’t do it much anymore, although they still get some complaints he said.

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