I listened to one podcast

I listened to one podcast, no, maybe two podcasts in their entirety. One promised a keyword for a competition to win a camera or some prize, and the other was Mark and Ciaran’s Nightsight, a videocast which I enjoyed despite not mentioning Web 2.0 anywhere! Maybe that was a good thing, considering the objective of the movie..

In a similar vein, all the videos on blogs thanks to youtube are great! Even though Pomme and Kelly were among the most popular bloggers on WordPress.com for the past few weeks I only saw their version of Respect this morning. They are the very first Google Idols apparently. They’re a little mad aren’t they? 🙂

2 thoughts on “I listened to one podcast

  1. We tend not to mention Web 2.0 as that’s far too interesting and technical. I mean we only cover dull things like Tom Sizemore’s prosthetic penis, Paris Hilton’s lack of breasts, and Sam Jackson fighting snakes on a “mother fuckin’ plane”.

    We’re classy that way. 😉

  2. I cant remember for sure, but my understanding is that these people that call names that ARE on the list, can be charged a very hefty fine. One of the reasons that my brother in law does not want to do sales in the US, is because of this fact!!

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