Free groom for Maebh!

“Scrubs”, “Naked Camera”, “How Low Can You Go?” and “Podge and Rodge”. 3 out of 4 home grown. That’s great!

If you’ve ever watched Maebh look for a boyfriend or a husband on Naked Camera, you may have wondered where they got the idea for that.. I snapped this poster outside of the men’s clothes shop the first episode featured. (You know the one, where the poor lad was single, but then magically was engaged when Maebh freaked him out! Oh, that would apply to any episode!)

No wonder she was confused with a headline like that!



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  1. Hey Donncha & Jess!
    Was just having a quick glance at your weblog and some photos. Has me all excited about returning to the motherland, will be seeing ye very soon!
    Lots of love, Suzanne.

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