I to agree that it was a great show and the one person who left a bad review has no clue what he is talking about! I actually thought that it was comming back 06! I am so pissed that its not comming back because its amazing that most of the crap people watch “American Idol” and other reality crap passes for TV these days. I also think that there is more to the cancellation then meets the eye maybe the bush admin had a say which is just such bull. I think that it was graphic but excelent like no other war series out there about time they came out with something like that. Like some one said the characters were just unfolding when they pulled the show. I would buy the dvd to watch all of them because i might have missed one or two but i know i would soon grow tired of it because i would know no new episods would be on the way.Best of luck to the actors.