Over There in Iraq

Does anyone watch Over There? It’s finished up in the US and Canada, but Sky are currently showing it and I’m hooked.
Unfortunately only 13 episodes were made before “declining ratings” prompted FX to cancel the project.
Check the above link for an episode guide and more.

26 thoughts on “Over There in Iraq

  1. That’s the sure fire sign of a kick ass show… if it was canceled before it made even one season. Firefly was the same.

    Sad to see ‘Over There’ go.

    1. Cancelled after only 13 episodes is “the sure fire sign of a kick ass show?”

      Hate to break the reality to ya bubba but unlike some real gem hits out there that just weren’t advertised well (reason hardly anyone saw them any they were cancelled)
      OVER THERE was advertised to the shit hilt, it was just a crap show that wanted to bash bush and left a bad taste in most viewers mouths after a few episodes as it really only portrayed military people as at best dysfunctional and their families even worse.

      Brannagh was the only save on the show and mostly with here slut casting and those huge assets!
      She would have been better off doing Playboy. Now she’s drumming away in another military run with Army Wives but at least that series doesn’t completely denegrate the military and their families at every drop in ratings.

  2. It was a really interesting show to watch. They were just starting to develop the characters when the show was pulled.

    Since then CBS has come out with a show called “The Unit”. It deals with a group of ‘special ops’ soldiers, their families, and some very possible missions that come right out of today’s headlines.

  3. Over There was one of the best shows i have seen and i am 15. i have the DVD and was sad to see the last episode. i hope FX would sometimes think and let a show that shows what is actually happening in Iraq air and not be cut off because of ” Declining Ratings ”

    Thank you to Chris Gerolmo and Greg Yaitanes (The Directors)


    Josh Hendorson “Bo”
    Luke MacFarlane “Dim”
    Erik Palladino “Scream”
    Keith Robinson “Angel”
    Sticky Fingaz “Smoke”
    Nicki Aycox “Mrs.B”
    Omid Abtahi “Tariq”
    Brigid Brannagh “Vanessa”
    Lombardo Boyar “Sergio”
    Lizette Carrion “Doublewide”
    Sprague Grayden “Terry” (Bo’s Wife)

    Luv the show!!

  4. Sucks they cancelled the show. FX made such a big deal before it came out then they cancelled it, sort of like what fox did to family guy. Sort of makes ya mad they tease you then yank the show. Stupid

  5. I saw one episode (via Bittorrent) and I thought it sucked.

    During a firefight sequence, the infantry were arguing with their commanding officer(!!!) , as if the U.S. military doesnt know how to take orders?

    no wonder it was cancelled.

  6. Over There was a really good show. For the life of me I cannot understand why good shows like this get cancelled, yet you have any number of smut-filled reality TV crap everywhere. It makes me wonder where we are headed as a society, in some ways. Good grief! I’m about to give up on my DirectTV altogether, since every show I ever like gets canceled. The amount of BAD television shows is truly sad.

    My only good option now is to say screw tv and expand my mind by reading books; something which cannot be canceled or taken away without my consent!

    Woot to all of the other Over There fans. At least Lost is still on. Btw, whatever happened to Invasion (another kick-butt show)?

  7. it is a awfull pity that tv makers always look at the money side of things OVER THERE was a show like tour of duty and china beach which gave an insight into what soldiers have to do in their jobs.but enough about tv makers what i really have to say is that im going to miss the show and the characters and the actors who were great good luck to you all.

  8. I was talking to an Iranian a couple days ago, his name is Hamid. He said that he does not know what is going on over there, he gets his info from his friends, HERE, in Yucca Valley Ca,. I guess WE All can see whats going on.

  9. It was a kick ass show….maybe it was too much of an eye opener for many in the US government. It might have been regarded as counter productive to the US efforts in Iraq. There’s more to the cancellation than meets the eye.

  10. This show is too real for the majority of the American public to emotionally handle or so many would think, although I love this show depicting today’s war in Iraq (song sure is an unknown hit ballad). I would not doubt if big politicians are persuading OUR media through pay-offs, favors, and perks to refrain from producing material that is heavy weighted emotionally when it comes to war and economics as OUR media is very censured as compared to European media like BBC world news. Excellent show that simply did not come through the right TV network such as ABC, NBC, or FOX.

  11. My coworkers and I used to look forward to watching OVER THERE every week. I was sad to here that it was not returning to FX, it was quite an powerful, (sometimes too graphic, perhaps reality?!!) of an show. But I was hooked! I am glad to know that it will be out on DVD soon, I quess I will just have to watch those dvd’s over and over again.

  12. just watched all 13 episodes on dvd and they rocked! as many ppl hav already said i cant understand why tv companies ex good shows, eg over there and fire fly. i personnally reckon if they released it on UK tv it wud of prob gotten alot better ratings as its better than the recent crap we got ie lost season 2!

  13. I can’t believe this incredible show was cancelled….maybe the Bush administration pulled strings to kill it. I can’t get these guys out of my mind…….if the series can’t be brought back, will somebody please write books like the Star Trek books fans wrote after the series was cancelled?

  14. hi! “over there” is aired here in France and I always look forward to watching the program indeed. But “the unit” sucks a lot! The french are bashed a lot and the show is a mere blast of testosterone… It’s dumb, and my brother who lives and works in Kosovo with the american army knows it’s bullshit too.

  15. I to agree that it was a great show and the one person who left a bad review has no clue what he is talking about! I actually thought that it was comming back 06! I am so pissed that its not comming back because its amazing that most of the crap people watch “American Idol” and other reality crap passes for TV these days. I also think that there is more to the cancellation then meets the eye maybe the bush admin had a say which is just such bull. I think that it was graphic but excelent like no other war series out there about time they came out with something like that. Like some one said the characters were just unfolding when they pulled the show. I would buy the dvd to watch all of them because i might have missed one or two but i know i would soon grow tired of it because i would know no new episods would be on the way.Best of luck to the actors.

  16. That show seems cool unless you’re in the military and have actually been over there, then you realize how stupid the show is.
    Operation Iraqi Freedom Oct 04′ – Oct 05′

  17. I have to agree with chris. if you were ever in the military you would think this show is stupied. ask any iraq vet if thats what it was like.

  18. Hi, I’m french and my husband and I have looked forward each thursday for a new episode. We just loved it. Beautifully filmed, heartbreaking music, great actors, big scenario, even if we can wonder if in the heart of action you are able to tell your captain he’s numb; the point is they showed that american soldiers are not all stupid and crazy for blood. In France the image the medias give of the US army is insane and ithink very unfair. French people can’t imagine wat it is to be in a foreign country with people all around you potentially wanting your death, even a kid or a woman. They can’t imagine how stressfull and frustrating it is for guys who thought they where leaving to achieve good things about freedom and democracy. It doesn’t matter if Bush lied and it’s all about oil or money or whatever. The point is those guys are there to fight for something trur and big, they’re giving their lives and that needs to be respected. Nobody can judge them. Nobody staying in his confortable life anyway. Talking about the serie itself, we loved the capacity of american people to take a step back and do their self auto criticism. In france we still can’t do it about things that happened 50 years ago in Algeria or in our in our former colonial “empire”. Thank you Chris Gerolmo and all the staff.

  19. I was there with 3rd Infatry Division in 2003. I dont have a problem with the show. I thought it was pretty accurate. I really enjoyed it. Remember its Hollywood it’s not going to be 100% accurate but over all I enjoyed it greatly.

  20. Jesus… Are people really believing this?? I’ve never seen such ****** propaganda program before. Reminds me the nazi germany’s propaganda video’s where some mickey mouse was kicking jews.
    People don’t get it how many Iraqi civilians (btw women and children too) are getting killed in there. Their homes destroyed and family members getting killed in front of their nose! Think if that would happen in your country! Americans are the invaders and people are just cheering… Do you really believe that their main obective was to take out saddam and bring democracy?? All those people getting killed just for that????
    Many people are believing that iraqi fighters are crazy and warlovers. Well would you defend your own country if some other would attack on your’s? I definetly would… and if needed i would give my life for it.
    This is how you make terrorists. Some iraqi children see’s how american missiler destoy’s his house and kill’s his family… And someone is actually wondering why there are terrorist’s that make strike’s in the Unidet States. If someone would kill my family i would definetly revenge it.

    Don’t believe everything what you see in TV. Think it on the wiew of Iraqi people too. Iraq and US has good sides and bad sides on both of them.
    nevertheless war is never a good thing to solve problems

  21. yeah. ive got the dvds. and man do i love it or what. sad to see it go. anyone know what the name of the sound track is? i like the song.

  22. I am a Chinese.For people here,we have been away from war for many years.So I have no idea of how cruel the war in Iraq is and will be.I just wonder when I was always facing death everyday what I would do and so do others. Anyhow I still appreciate the teleplay very much since the actors(actresses)played so well in this show that it seems so lifelike or realistic.It really makes me moved.The war brings sufferings not only to Iraqis but also to Americans.The war is just a trick of those so-called politicians.I believe no one wants wars except these crazy guys.That’s it.

  23. i say screw fx. im only 16 and I didnt see any problem with this show. its the only decent show on tv, there are so many dumb things on tv these days that its nice to finally see a “great” show. its nice to see a tv show that let the people see what its like over there in iraq. i think that the creator should talk to ABC or NBC about airing a second season. i really want “over there” to come back. you should really rethink it!!!

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