Jesus… Are people really believing this?? I’ve never seen such ****** propaganda program before. Reminds me the nazi germany’s propaganda video’s where some mickey mouse was kicking jews.
People don’t get it how many Iraqi civilians (btw women and children too) are getting killed in there. Their homes destroyed and family members getting killed in front of their nose! Think if that would happen in your country! Americans are the invaders and people are just cheering… Do you really believe that their main obective was to take out saddam and bring democracy?? All those people getting killed just for that????
Many people are believing that iraqi fighters are crazy and warlovers. Well would you defend your own country if some other would attack on your’s? I definetly would… and if needed i would give my life for it.
This is how you make terrorists. Some iraqi children see’s how american missiler destoy’s his house and kill’s his family… And someone is actually wondering why there are terrorist’s that make strike’s in the Unidet States. If someone would kill my family i would definetly revenge it.

Don’t believe everything what you see in TV. Think it on the wiew of Iraqi people too. Iraq and US has good sides and bad sides on both of them.
nevertheless war is never a good thing to solve problems