Hi, I’m french and my husband and I have looked forward each thursday for a new episode. We just loved it. Beautifully filmed, heartbreaking music, great actors, big scenario, even if we can wonder if in the heart of action you are able to tell your captain he’s numb; the point is they showed that american soldiers are not all stupid and crazy for blood. In France the image the medias give of the US army is insane and ithink very unfair. French people can’t imagine wat it is to be in a foreign country with people all around you potentially wanting your death, even a kid or a woman. They can’t imagine how stressfull and frustrating it is for guys who thought they where leaving to achieve good things about freedom and democracy. It doesn’t matter if Bush lied and it’s all about oil or money or whatever. The point is those guys are there to fight for something trur and big, they’re giving their lives and that needs to be respected. Nobody can judge them. Nobody staying in his confortable life anyway. Talking about the serie itself, we loved the capacity of american people to take a step back and do their self auto criticism. In france we still can’t do it about things that happened 50 years ago in Algeria or in our in our former colonial “empire”. Thank you Chris Gerolmo and all the staff.