RateMyTeachers.ie – Ireland Education and Teacher Ratings by Students and Parents

The ASTI wants to ban access to RateMyTeachers.ie and may even sue to have the site removed according to an interview I heard this morning.
I looked up a few of my teachers and comments were mostly positive.
However, the moderators must be doing their job as a number of comments were blank.
Strangely, the media report the site as ratemyteacher.ie but in fact it’s ratemyteachers.ie *shrug*


25 thoughts on “RateMyTeachers.ie – Ireland Education and Teacher Ratings by Students and Parents

  1. while there’s no way to sue the site out of existence, it’s an awful idea for a site. it’s only going to drive a wedge between teachers and students. and i don’t think anyone would find anonymous, public feedback on their job performance useful.

  2. i have this teacher and she is the biggest mupet. I am in —————– in ————–. I have her for irish and she teachers out of her hole! im not just saying it but like she just cant teach. Like i am in 2nd year ever since i had her i just cant do the langauge at all!!
    (Edited to remove names, sorry guys, don’t want to be sued – Donncha)

    1. Looks like you might not be the sharpest tool in the shed yourself. Please note rude language is NEVER acceptable. You have let yourself down. P.S. you might also considering brushing up on your English before attempting to master the Irish Language.John.

    2. Mabey you are not suited to the world of academia. Try a trade or perhaps a Fás Course. You probable would be more suited to that.

  3. I was in a school where all the teachers bar one absolutly rocked and it wasn’t like that one wasn’t kul she just didn’t have the same vibe………..man i wish i was back at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i think ms kenny foom st.davids in greystones is d biggest ledgend!n she got me a B in honors irish 4 d J.C

  5. my teacher is de biggest bitch der could eva be seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes de most stubburn teacher ive ever met in me life seriously !!!!!!!! no messin !!!! lol ……………….xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. RE: ratemy teacher.ie

    serves no useful purpose except to give a certain cohort of young people with too much time on their hands a forum to defame many hardworking indviduals. Am a occupational psychologist and am aware of a number of cases involving teachers who suffer from stress related depression as a consequence of this site. Department of Education take note …. the claims floodgate will open if action isn’t taken.

    1. As a parent i feel powerless to deal with difficult teachers. We have a principal in my childrens primary school who comments on childrens weight! who told a child before their entrance exam to a fee paying school that he would fail!! He is only interested in winning Sciath na Scoil competitions as PR for the school and abuses kids on the pitch so that they ended up relieved when they loose so the abuse from the side line would end. Going to the Board of Management means he knows you complained and your kids suffer! A parent has to take their kids out of the school to solve the problem and he keeps his job! Hurrah for this site!

      1. Agreed. I have finished with the school system myself but had similar experiences to yourself. Members of the parents council at my school were only interested in licking up to the Principal so they could secure jobs for their family members. Nobody who got elected to the Board of Management was willing to rock the boat. Indeed the election to the BOM was rigged in that the PP would not allow anybody with a tongue in their head to get past the preliminary round – actually took out the votes and challenged the Secretary not to tell. Imagine that – a man of the cloth!!

        There’s just no beating that system.

        1. In our primary school the parents representatives on the board of management were really vocal, as a result the principal gave their kids a bad time in the class room!! As a result those parents were silenced.Where do you go from their?

    2. Perhaps the teachers should look at their own performance. Have you ever heard of ongoing professional development? It’s something teachers should take note of.

      Teachers are an overprotected bunch. There are a lot of excellent teachers but unfortunately there are significant number of bad ones who are destroying childrens lives.

      These teachers do not see teaching as a vocation, as a medium to help young people and therefore society in general. They see it as somewhere they need to turn up to in the morning, leave in the evening, get paid for it and don’t care what happens in between. Who currently monitors teacher performance? I can answer that, no-one to any effective degree.

      Is teaching standing at a whiteboard repeating what’s in the book? That’s not teaching or creating an effecive child centred learning environment but unfortunately it’s most pupils experience of school.

      I think this is an excellent idea for a website and if it exposes bad practices then all the better. There is no other forum for pupils to voice their feelings as they wil not be listened to within the institution. All this crap about approaching someone in authority within the school to express concerns is rubbish. A 14 year old trying to articulate to a 40 year old (whose primary concern will be the protection of the school’s reputation) their concerns about teaching is at the very least imbalanced.

      Why are they worried about this website? Probably because it exposes them for the charaltans they are.

      Its the pupils who are the customers, not their parents, not the educational authorities, not the employers. It’s the Children and their voices must be heard.

      Teachers are stressed? Try working 12 hour shifts at the end of a manufacturing line while being bullied by some sociopathic line manager. Try working in in a corporate where you go in dreading very day wondering how else your humanity can be stripped away.

      I realise that the primary problem affecting education today is class sizes which do not facilitate effective learning environments away from the traditional transmission approach but that does not excuse teachers for treating thier very priviliged job as something that just needs to be done in the day, rather like doing the shopping. Very little effort needs to go into it.

      Get off your high horses teachers and do something in your secure pensionable job to earn your money/long holidays/short working days ec etc etc.

      1. I am aware this post is old, but I still HAVE to know…Mark, why aren’t YOU a teacher? You make it sound so easy. Why isn’t everyone trying to get into this blissful profession, where you may be told to ‘fuck off’ on a daily basis, yet must put aside any of your own personal problems to accomodate the problems students may or may not be facing? Where the pastoral care of the staff is non-existent and the principal is most likely an insensitive and egocentric prick? And the parents believe their child is the best thing that was ever created and it is your personal responsibility to make them a doctor / solicitor or suchlike despite the fact their lack of ability suggests they will be lucky to achieve pass grades at ordinary level at best, combined with the fact they are consistently cheeky and thrive on distracting others? Why, oh why isn’t everyone a teacher, Mark? Why?

  7. Rate my teacher is the most ridiculous excuse for a website. If a parent or child has a valid problem with a teacher there are proper channels. I have heard parents, students and even other teachers commenting on posts from rate my teachers, students do not always appreciate what is done for them (neither do people in general)and a forum like that website only serves as a form of cyber bullying.

    1. please tell me what the proper channels are? In a small rural school where everone knows everyone, it is impossible to go to the board of management and sign your name to a specific problem, your letter will be read at the board meeting in front of the teacher with whom you have difficulty! of course they will know who wrote the letter even if your name is with held! your child will suffer and the only alternative is to take your child from the school . If you complain you have to be prepared to do this. We have some truly great teachers in our school but our principal makes personal comments about kids appearance , about their families and whose only concern is winning Sciath na Schoil, and God help the kid with two left feet.

  8. what comment would u make if 38 years work was assassinated on the www which some of my past pupils actually gave me printouts of including 44 p-ositive ratings which you allowed to be deleted . I fought all my life for accountabilty , whether it was teachers or students.I would like to know where is your accountability?I am now retired and in a position to pursue redress. .

    1. Thank you so much to all the dedicated teachers who never get any credit, i know i could not do their job. it is bad enough trying to get the home work done every evening with my own children!! Thank you to my own primary school teacher who knew i was scared in my new school and did so much to help me fit in, thank you to the teachers who do sport and musicals giving every child the chance to shine.The problem is with the bad teachers who through a sarcastic personal comment can destroy a child, make them hate school and as a result will do no work!! Teenagers are impossible in lots of ways and it cannot be fun trying to maintain control with big numbers but we must remember who is the adult in the room and who has the training to deal with these kids. Parents have no power to deal with bad teachers other than to take their kids out of the school, surely this isnt right?

  9. @Tom Delaney: Dear Tom, your comments are a thinly veiled attack on those outside the world of academia. In truth your own inadequacies scream off the page to me. Were you hugged enough as a child or have a small penis? “Mabey” you can get counselling?

  10. @A:you still havent told us what the correct channels are? please give me an example where a teacher was complained for a valid reason , where they were monitored correctly and as a consequence were removed? without the child who instigated the complaint being taken from the school.

  11. I have a teacher who goes on and on and on and on… and about nothing! She tells us the same stories again and again and she is alway teaching us boring little “life lessons” God I hate her!

  12. hi donncha teachers put a man from earth to sky so they are great.some persons does not mean that all teachers are bad

  13. whatever school you went to must not have taught you english grammer?is that a reflection on the teachers in your school?

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