I am aware this post is old, but I still HAVE to know…Mark, why aren’t YOU a teacher? You make it sound so easy. Why isn’t everyone trying to get into this blissful profession, where you may be told to ‘fuck off’ on a daily basis, yet must put aside any of your own personal problems to accomodate the problems students may or may not be facing? Where the pastoral care of the staff is non-existent and the principal is most likely an insensitive and egocentric prick? And the parents believe their child is the best thing that was ever created and it is your personal responsibility to make them a doctor / solicitor or suchlike despite the fact their lack of ability suggests they will be lucky to achieve pass grades at ordinary level at best, combined with the fact they are consistently cheeky and thrive on distracting others? Why, oh why isn’t everyone a teacher, Mark? Why?