Perhaps the teachers should look at their own performance. Have you ever heard of ongoing professional development? It’s something teachers should take note of.

Teachers are an overprotected bunch. There are a lot of excellent teachers but unfortunately there are significant number of bad ones who are destroying childrens lives.

These teachers do not see teaching as a vocation, as a medium to help young people and therefore society in general. They see it as somewhere they need to turn up to in the morning, leave in the evening, get paid for it and don’t care what happens in between. Who currently monitors teacher performance? I can answer that, no-one to any effective degree.

Is teaching standing at a whiteboard repeating what’s in the book? That’s not teaching or creating an effecive child centred learning environment but unfortunately it’s most pupils experience of school.

I think this is an excellent idea for a website and if it exposes bad practices then all the better. There is no other forum for pupils to voice their feelings as they wil not be listened to within the institution. All this crap about approaching someone in authority within the school to express concerns is rubbish. A 14 year old trying to articulate to a 40 year old (whose primary concern will be the protection of the school’s reputation) their concerns about teaching is at the very least imbalanced.

Why are they worried about this website? Probably because it exposes them for the charaltans they are.

Its the pupils who are the customers, not their parents, not the educational authorities, not the employers. It’s the Children and their voices must be heard.

Teachers are stressed? Try working 12 hour shifts at the end of a manufacturing line while being bullied by some sociopathic line manager. Try working in in a corporate where you go in dreading very day wondering how else your humanity can be stripped away.

I realise that the primary problem affecting education today is class sizes which do not facilitate effective learning environments away from the traditional transmission approach but that does not excuse teachers for treating thier very priviliged job as something that just needs to be done in the day, rather like doing the shopping. Very little effort needs to go into it.

Get off your high horses teachers and do something in your secure pensionable job to earn your money/long holidays/short working days ec etc etc.