8 reasons to hate cats

I love cats, but not everyone does: 8 Reasons to Hate Cats, 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats, Yet Another 8 Reasons to Hate Cats and finally Hey! There Are 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats. (Look At This…)

Since there are so many cat lovers around here, I thought I’d share this video of an adorable kitten who simply cannot stay awake…

507 thoughts on “8 reasons to hate cats

  1. Damn, wish I wasn’t so busy now! I’ve an idea in my brain for using quotes and charts from work in blogs (like Flickr I suppose) and it’s been rattling around in my head all day while I fuss over other things!
    “Look at this” listed all of the above links in one post so I didn’t have to spend time searching! 😛

    1. yeah, i agree about you said about cats……

      but i still love birds, especially chickens….

      they’re delicious….

  2. Gosh RICHSRD CAT HATER, you’re a bitch. I love cats and I think peopel who hate them should die. I mean cats are the best thing ever!! They are so cute and nice! and they don’t bite and kill people. If anyone says anything bad about cats, ohhh boy!!! You’re gonna get it!!!!!!! >:O

  3. cats have a use by date, just like food, when food goes bad you throw it out… when a cat grows bigger than the cuddly thing you bought becaus your four year old duaghter wouldn’t stop crying, you don’t throw them out like the out dated food… you just don’t slow down anymore when you drive in the driveway seeing it sleeping on the cool concrete in the hot summer afternoon… cough cough she’ll never notis

  4. Cats are EvilCats are EvilCatCaCats are Evilts are Evils are Evil

  5. I hate cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cat Pratrol are on alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. excuse me for asking, but is ‘cats are evil’ a pokemon? because I know the picachu just goes around sayin “picachu picachu picachu” and I thought that humans could be more inventive… I mean, I don’t just say “some guy some guy some guy” I use big intelegent words like euphoric, but thats not important. I’m just saying that if you can’t think of anything more to say than cats are evil, then don’t say anything.
    P.S. learn to spell aswell

  7. oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll say to Brandy, what did you think you were going to find when you clicked on the link to ‘8 more reasons to hate cats’? were you expecting to find a forum of people just like you? people who think cats are the icing on the cake of the world? cause if thats what you thought you’d find, then you’re an idiot… ok?
    or our option two for reasons why you would post what you did, was that you just wanted to pick a fight with someone that has different views to you… well something tells me that you might be out numbered here.
    and yes RICHSRD CAT HATER you are justifide in what you say, I think you are quite a chaming felow…
    P.s. cats are gay

    1. My boyfriend and I totally agree with Brandy. We couldn’t understand what was not to like about cats so we came on to see. That’s why we ended up here…in case you think we might have been wanting to pick a fight. I think someone like you could express your dislike without being that venomous. Goes to show humans could actually suck more than animals.


  8. I hate fucking cats. the only fun part about a cat is blasting the hell out of it with a .22 rifle. the sons of a bitches should all die. indpendant lil bastards, fuck them all!

  9. cats are evil how can u tell wen a cat is about to attack you how can u tell its happy i mean catz are good and evil they gaurds of the under world i hate cats EVILLLLLL! EVILLL!! THE LOOK IN THOSE WEIRD EYES EWWW CREEPY esspecially black cats

  10. To some guy, are you thick? you say other people should learn to spell, i think you should learn to spell yourself.(this is how you spell intelligent)not intelegent!!!Are you american by any chance?
    P.S. We eat cats in Scotland

  11. re: Jacky (smart scots girl)
    my most humble apologies Jacky
    I must say I am suprised that someone went through my post, just to pick out the typo…
    when really all I wanted to say is that “EvilCatCaCats” isn’t a word, and I was also just wanted to say that most people could think of a bit more to say that just “EvilCatCaCats” even if they can’t spell it.
    and no I’m not american, I’m australian, decendant from a convict and with no formal education to my name, I think I’m doing better than alot of people at this whole spelling business…
    hmm, you eat cats in scotland ey? I heard the men wear skirts in scotland too…
    but thats nothing to be ashamed of… is it now?

  12. Dear Jacky, piss off you nationalist cretin. But it’s always good to know your ignorant mind judges people based on where they live or come from.

  13. I have been personally attacked by cats. I wouldn’t kill em, I could just live without em. Well…I hate em and I’m afraid of em. Eh…go me? O_O Anyway, I like dogs better. 😀

  14. haha I like the way you think guy, but I am glad that Jacky had something to say…
    I’d hate to think that I can come on a website like this abusing people, without someone standing up to me…
    I’d almost come to beleave that there was no fighting spirit left in the human race…
    so thank you Jacky, the rest of you are just a bunch of pussies (no pun intended)

  15. I hate cats, they are disgusting, stupid all the time, they like to puke, shit, go on to garbage, leave fur where ever they go, they are worst than dogs(I don’t hate dogs, though, no reason to.). But cats are the nastiest creatures on Earth. There are two kinds of people in the world that likes cats ORSW(Old Rich Stupid Women) and fags, it’s proven fact.

  16. besides the obligatory hospital stay we encounter every time one of the dander tick kitty crew is about, i seem to notice a trend in overly critical people relating better to cats than with other human beings. save the, “people are scum, i’d rather eat people, i love my cat more than…blah blah blah.” cats are not your children. would you whip out your tit and breast feed it? can you leave a child in a launderette all day? BTW- cat people…when someone is allergic to them, it can be quite bad. don’t ask for someone to pop an allergy pill to put with your fur ball and don’t ever pop round my flat with one in a carrier, again. yeah, someone actually brought their fecking cat.
    -i feel cleansed. thank you.

  17. Cats serve no useful purpose, they crap in your garden, come indoors and jump up on the kitchen worktop then smooch up to you with their tail vertical showing their arse. What’s that all about?
    My son and daughter-in-law have moved in with us for a while and brought these ‘kin creatures…. this is one big favour. My advice, get yourself an electric fly swat, cats love them …… ;o)

  18. I am a kind of middle of the road cat hater. If they,re in the middle of the road I hit them. Really, should I risk my life and those with me over a stupid cat? My kids say, “Hey dad, why don’t we sell these new kittens?” Well the reason is because cats are free. Think about it, why are cats free? Because they are worthless. They do serve a purpose though. They make for good target practice for hunting season. And I guess in some countries they eat cats. Okay, I’m just kidding. I have never killed a cat, but I have a friend that got a cat for Christmas when we were teens. His dad had the cat tied out behind the shed. My friend knew what to do. He went out after he opened his other presents and lets just say that snow turned red.

    1. cats are the most selfish animal i know of! i have no use for them. When i was a kid i put my grandmother cat into the dryer to let it know who was the boss! That mug could not walk straight! lol

  19. Heh, I guess I’ll stop here. I’m gonna to watch El Topo, directed and staring Alejandro Jodorowsky. Or maybe keep on buyin’ Spaghetti Westerns.

  20. some cats are evil… especally the fat ones. why get a cat that looks down on you when you get a dog that looks up to you?

  21. *some cats are evil… especally the fat ones. why get a cat that looks down on you when you can get a dog that looks up to you?

  22. i fucking hate all cats, each one aughtta be tortured then murdered , they are fucking lazy pieces of shit that are stupid, atleast dogs are smarter, cats are fucking pathetic creatures that have only one purpose .. which is to be grabbed by the tail and swung around in circles in the air then thrown outta a six story window just to splat on the hard concrete below, kill all cats.

  23. i woke up this morning to find my lovely, innocent, funny, friendly parrot murdered in its own cage. A evil fucking twat of a cat came in my house in the night and went up on my window sill where my parots cage is and had pulled it through the bars and bit its body till it was dead 🙁 lulu my parrot wasnt scared of anything so i can imagine when the cat came up to the cage and started sticking its paws in or whatever she would of put up a fight too and the cat just got the better of her. my parot was meant to outlive me and i thought i was going to have her all my life and she was such a lovely friend and used to say hello to me in the morning when i sat down with toast and wouldnt stop saying it till i gave her some. I have so many memories of my parrot and i used to get her out all day she was part of the family. She was the loveliest creature ive ever met and shes just been murdered because of a stupid selfish evil fucking cat. i mean wot did my parrot ever do to her? if i ever see it outside my house again i wona kick it or something i hate cats so much now.

  24. Cats SUCK.
    My GF adopted a stray, paid for it to be spayed, loved it, spent money on it and loved it some more.
    It just killed her desert tortoises in what I can only imagine to be the cruelest areana of death possible. I want to break its neck or at the very least get rid of it. She wants to keep it :/

    CATS SUCK I HATE CATS, they suck.

    Mind you, we suck for introducing them into our lives and expecting them not to act like they are programmed to do.

  25. Cats – Sartre said that Hell is Other People – and I would add
    “Other people’s cats”. Existence is futile – let go of desire.
    Cats stink, are stupid, unpredictable, neurotic, and POOP

  26. I h8 cats they suk kok

    if u wanna discus how much you hate cats with me or make evil plots abou how 2 kill cats or mayB just chat about somtin else just add me on msn my addy is shopoholic-me@hotmail.com




  29. although this is opinion and I totally respect these opinions.. however here is mine.. Dogs are the worst peices of crap.. they gotta be taken outside and walked because they’d be to stupid to shit in a box.. Their filthy and the most foul smelling things.. do you ever see a dog clean itself? no you see it rolling around in its own shit and through dirt wich you also have to clean because the idiot dog is to stupid to clean itself.. not to mention the barking all day and night.. Cats keep to themselves.. they stay quiet.. they shit on their own and for gods sakes they clean themselves!

  30. How can anyone hate any animal? How can a cat lover respond to this with “I hate dogs they suck” and not feel retarded? Every animal is equal and deserves to be treated equally.

  31. people who torture animals should all be used for cosmetic testing pursposes to give the poor lab rats a break, If I want a new brand of lipstick I’d happily pay triple the price if I knew it had been force fed to some Cat hating wanker ..as for the cretin who thinks it’s funny to swing a cat around by the tail and shoot them lets see you try that on a lion or tiger…I’m sure you’d be soon ripped to shreds…tosser …lol gotta laugh at people who say dogs are smarter .. yeah cos cats sit there meowing at fuck all like most dogs do..I mean they bark at the wind for christs sake

    I don’t dislike dogs I just think the retard owners who thinks it’s ok for their dogs to shit all over the place and not clean it up should all be hung, drawn and quatered

  32. Dear some guy, obviously you are on this website to belittle the people on here maybe because of low self esteem. you are on here making fun of what people say and then make fun of someone who says they like cats, in reality you are contradicting yourself. Perhaps the best thing for you to do would be giving this ” writing your opinion and feelings” thing a miss as i doubt anyone really cares what you think let alone what you think of them.

    Perhaps you could write some poetry and make yourself cry thinking about how mych you hate cats, but in future do state your opinion but do not punish or raise untoward comments for those who oppose it. as i am sure u are aware there are alot of people who are bigger and better than you, i am not saying i am one of them, that is obvious, just watch what you say.

    think happy thoughts

  33. you guys are freakin stupid. animal cruelty shouldn’t be tolerated. i hope someone kidnaps your kids and tortures them. let’s see howyou feel about torturing animals then.

  34. I hate cats and most of my very large irish family hate them , we don’t want to harm them just can’t stand them , I wonder if it’s an Irish thing , because even distant cousins of mine can’t stand them. Fopr instance just the other night My Aunt and I and her 1st cousin went to the 7-11 convienient store, her cousin went in to get some beer and I noticed a cat I said Ewww look at that old cat my Aunt said yeah Eww , then her cousin gets in the car and saw the cat we didn’t mention it and he said ( Eww look at that ol cat)So I’m thinking maybe it’s an irish thing. Just wondering?

  35. Dam cats,they could all die,I could care less.Eight reson they are useless,bite you,throw up,scratch you,shit in your garden,kill wildlife(destroying the balance)throw up,on the table,shed,make fun of you.I hate them!Kill them all!I also hate big cats!Listen,the wolf was thought to have murdered,but it didn’t,the cat did.But,the wolf died,and the cats ran the place,till someone shot them with a hand pistol.Oh yeah,I was watching a snake show,and there was a deadly viper under the bed,and the cats ran under the bed!How stupid? Then a guy yanked him out by the tail.XD so funny!

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