Bad Company 2 “Map Pack 3”

Oh the consternation! Map Pack 3 for Bad Company 2 was announced and even the comments on the announcement are from a bunch of jaded gamers.

There are no new maps of course, just different modes for existing maps. Unfortunately this is a sign of things to come, especially as publishers try to combat the “evil” that is the second hand games market. I love the delicious irony that they have for most people stamped out illegal piracy on the consoles but now a legal method of purchasing games is a danger to the producers of the games we enjoy.

I honestly could never have imagined this happening. Publishers fighting the retail channel.

Oh yeah, as I mentioned on Dave’s Blog. I’d love to know if DLC purchased online from a company registered in the EU can be returned within 7 days and refunded, as per the Distance Selling Directive. After reading through the bullet points on that page I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t apply. The exceptions to the directive include the following:

  • for gaming and lottery services
  • for the provision of services if that service has already begun, with the consumer’s agreement, before the end of the seven working day period

“Gaming” referred to above is obviously gambling but in the hands of lawyer who knows where you might stand. The second point is more relevant. The DLC could be a service and since online play is always ongoing you probably won’t have a leg to stand on.

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  1. The provision of service is different to the supply of goods. The service is the network infrastructure, which you pay to access on XBL or currently get for free on PSN. Although DLC is an intangiable commodity it is separate to the service provision – a game, or a pair of fancy pants is not part of the network.

    But in legal terms, I’m fairly sure that gaming and lottery services specifically and implicitly relates to gambling. So they couldn’t claim that one either.

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