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Several articles and sites, found by me, and (most of them) by Mark. With or without silly comments from me. (yes, yes, shut up! give us the links will ya!)

Proposed ban on photography on New York City Transit – Articles have been doing the rounds about this ban. I should probably post my one or two photos I took on the New York MTA last August. There’s a couple I like out of the bunch!
Blur to reduce size? – I dunno, it’s not a technique you should use simply to get smaller image sizes but it could be handy. Plenty of other speed tweaks on that site too for website writers.
Do you like beautiful photos? I do. I don’t pretend to be amazingly good at it or whatever but I like what I like. So does Mike Johnston in his latest article. No doubt he’d have a few words to say about my photos! Read the article, he has a lot to share!
I wouldn’t mind reviewing several cameras if I could travel to China and do so! Actually, i’d love to do either of the above so if anyone wants to send me to China leave me a comment below! heh.
What’s Next for Digital Photography? – ooh, I like the idea of putting several CCDs into a camera!
I hadn’t come across Outdoor Eyes before. Looks good! Good info on selling and getting your photos displayed!
Several tips on composition here. I might even get around to reading some of the stuff linked here!
Photo links has some great tips linked to from their site!

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