SDM on Laguna Presa with a Saiga 20k

Phoar! 12/8 in a game of squad deathmatch on Laguna Presa! I jumped into a game of SDM to practise with the Saiga 20k and had a pretty good game. Sure, I died 8 times but I did get 12 kills, the most on my team!

If you’re interested, I used the Saiga mostly with body armour because of this review by Swordsmanx75. I also used the M93R handgun which is very handy when you’ve taken 90% of an enemy’s health with the shotgun!

C4 on this map is very useful. At the beginning of the match I spawned next to an enemy tank and spent 10 seconds running after it, through open water with C4 in my hand. Luckily he stopped by a barricade, slap on 3 sticks, run and BOOM!

I almost got the last kill too, my knife was in mid air when the game ended. Boohoo!

I don’t think using the Saiga on this level is that popular however, this is the only gameplay video I could find on Youtube. Video quality isn’t great but I love the commentary!

0 thoughts on “SDM on Laguna Presa with a Saiga 20k

  1. Meant to post on this when you published it. The guy in the video could have been much more effective if he’d been a bit more reserved in his engagements – he was shooting at people when they were too far away, even when they didn’t know he was there. He should have closed the distance a bit first before opening fire and he’d have had a much more impressive game. I’m such an armchair expert LOL

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