what a week…

Kicked off last week jet lagged by 8 or 9 hours in a plane… gah! Hostel was very nice, although I was glad when we got accomodation later in the week.
On Monday I think we went up The Sears Tower. The sky was overcast but it was still an amazing view – Mairead, sorry for ringing you from there, I know it was very later back home!
We spent Tuesday looking for an appartment. I called into the office, met Ed, Jim and others. We got to use a PC to browse appartments.com and found a few nice ones – we arranged an appointment with Carrie in Printers Square for 3pm. Unfortunately all their appartments were simply way beond our budget however.
While we mulled over our accomodation options (live in a cardboard box or an expensive studio!) back at the hostel that night we were given tickets to a baseball game that night. It was on at 7pm, we had 30 minutes to get to Wrigglyville so we rushed! I thought the tickets would be among the cheaper seats, but no, they were for a suite! We joined a line of well dressed people, and stopped outside the Fox Corporate Suite. 🙂 Opening the door, I asked, “Are we in the right place?” We were, and Brett, a marketing executive for Fox made us feel very welcome! It was the first baseball game I’ve been to, and it was brilliant! It’s the infamous one where Sammy Sousa used a corked bat and was discovered when the bat split. It’s been all over the news the past few days. I’ll post pics here tomorrow!
The John Hancock Center is amazing too, although the elevator up hurt my ears no end, and swallowing or breathing deeply never helped. Does the elevator in that building go faster than in Sears?
Finally we managed to find an appartment. It’s up north between Irving Park and Montrose and we’re sharing with 2 Irish girls and an English girl. Thankfully, they aren’t TV Soap fans!
First impressions of Chicago? It’s a great city, and I think I’m going to enjoy my time here! I’m not looking forward to the summer heat and humidity, but as long as I’m in an air conditioned office or appartment I won’t mind too much!
Oh yeah, Owen – Dream Theatre are playing here on July 19th AFAIR, I’ll let you know for sure by email!

2 thoughts on “what a week…

  1. I had NO idea you were going ot be in “the windy city”….is owen coming out to meet up with you? are you here permanently, just the summer? What’s going on!!!!!

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