8 reasons to hate cats

I love cats, but not everyone does: 8 Reasons to Hate Cats, 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats, Yet Another 8 Reasons to Hate Cats and finally Hey! There Are 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats. (Look At This…)

Since there are so many cat lovers around here, I thought I’d share this video of an adorable kitten who simply cannot stay awake…



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  1. Damn, wish I wasn’t so busy now! I’ve an idea in my brain for using quotes and charts from work in blogs (like Flickr I suppose) and it’s been rattling around in my head all day while I fuss over other things!
    “Look at this” listed all of the above links in one post so I didn’t have to spend time searching! 😛

    1. yeah, i agree about you said about cats……

      but i still love birds, especially chickens….

      they’re delicious….

  2. Gosh RICHSRD CAT HATER, you’re a bitch. I love cats and I think peopel who hate them should die. I mean cats are the best thing ever!! They are so cute and nice! and they don’t bite and kill people. If anyone says anything bad about cats, ohhh boy!!! You’re gonna get it!!!!!!! >:O

  3. cats have a use by date, just like food, when food goes bad you throw it out… when a cat grows bigger than the cuddly thing you bought becaus your four year old duaghter wouldn’t stop crying, you don’t throw them out like the out dated food… you just don’t slow down anymore when you drive in the driveway seeing it sleeping on the cool concrete in the hot summer afternoon… cough cough she’ll never notis

  4. I hate cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cat Pratrol are on alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. excuse me for asking, but is ‘cats are evil’ a pokemon? because I know the picachu just goes around sayin “picachu picachu picachu” and I thought that humans could be more inventive… I mean, I don’t just say “some guy some guy some guy” I use big intelegent words like euphoric, but thats not important. I’m just saying that if you can’t think of anything more to say than cats are evil, then don’t say anything.
    P.S. learn to spell aswell

  6. oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll say to Brandy, what did you think you were going to find when you clicked on the link to ‘8 more reasons to hate cats’? were you expecting to find a forum of people just like you? people who think cats are the icing on the cake of the world? cause if thats what you thought you’d find, then you’re an idiot… ok?
    or our option two for reasons why you would post what you did, was that you just wanted to pick a fight with someone that has different views to you… well something tells me that you might be out numbered here.
    and yes RICHSRD CAT HATER you are justifide in what you say, I think you are quite a chaming felow…
    P.s. cats are gay

    1. My boyfriend and I totally agree with Brandy. We couldn’t understand what was not to like about cats so we came on to see. That’s why we ended up here…in case you think we might have been wanting to pick a fight. I think someone like you could express your dislike without being that venomous. Goes to show humans could actually suck more than animals.


  7. I hate fucking cats. the only fun part about a cat is blasting the hell out of it with a .22 rifle. the sons of a bitches should all die. indpendant lil bastards, fuck them all!

  8. cats are evil how can u tell wen a cat is about to attack you how can u tell its happy i mean catz are good and evil they gaurds of the under world i hate cats EVILLLLLL! EVILLL!! THE LOOK IN THOSE WEIRD EYES EWWW CREEPY esspecially black cats

  9. To some guy, are you thick? you say other people should learn to spell, i think you should learn to spell yourself.(this is how you spell intelligent)not intelegent!!!Are you american by any chance?
    P.S. We eat cats in Scotland

  10. re: Jacky (smart scots girl)
    my most humble apologies Jacky
    I must say I am suprised that someone went through my post, just to pick out the typo…
    when really all I wanted to say is that “EvilCatCaCats” isn’t a word, and I was also just wanted to say that most people could think of a bit more to say that just “EvilCatCaCats” even if they can’t spell it.
    and no I’m not american, I’m australian, decendant from a convict and with no formal education to my name, I think I’m doing better than alot of people at this whole spelling business…
    hmm, you eat cats in scotland ey? I heard the men wear skirts in scotland too…
    but thats nothing to be ashamed of… is it now?

  11. Dear Jacky, piss off you nationalist cretin. But it’s always good to know your ignorant mind judges people based on where they live or come from.

  12. I have been personally attacked by cats. I wouldn’t kill em, I could just live without em. Well…I hate em and I’m afraid of em. Eh…go me? O_O Anyway, I like dogs better. 😀

  13. haha I like the way you think guy, but I am glad that Jacky had something to say…
    I’d hate to think that I can come on a website like this abusing people, without someone standing up to me…
    I’d almost come to beleave that there was no fighting spirit left in the human race…
    so thank you Jacky, the rest of you are just a bunch of pussies (no pun intended)

  14. I hate cats, they are disgusting, stupid all the time, they like to puke, shit, go on to garbage, leave fur where ever they go, they are worst than dogs(I don’t hate dogs, though, no reason to.). But cats are the nastiest creatures on Earth. There are two kinds of people in the world that likes cats ORSW(Old Rich Stupid Women) and fags, it’s proven fact.

  15. besides the obligatory hospital stay we encounter every time one of the dander tick kitty crew is about, i seem to notice a trend in overly critical people relating better to cats than with other human beings. save the, “people are scum, i’d rather eat people, i love my cat more than…blah blah blah.” cats are not your children. would you whip out your tit and breast feed it? can you leave a child in a launderette all day? BTW- cat people…when someone is allergic to them, it can be quite bad. don’t ask for someone to pop an allergy pill to put with your fur ball and don’t ever pop round my flat with one in a carrier, again. yeah, someone actually brought their fecking cat.
    -i feel cleansed. thank you.

  16. Cats serve no useful purpose, they crap in your garden, come indoors and jump up on the kitchen worktop then smooch up to you with their tail vertical showing their arse. What’s that all about?
    My son and daughter-in-law have moved in with us for a while and brought these ‘kin creatures…. this is one big favour. My advice, get yourself an electric fly swat, cats love them …… ;o)

  17. I am a kind of middle of the road cat hater. If they,re in the middle of the road I hit them. Really, should I risk my life and those with me over a stupid cat? My kids say, “Hey dad, why don’t we sell these new kittens?” Well the reason is because cats are free. Think about it, why are cats free? Because they are worthless. They do serve a purpose though. They make for good target practice for hunting season. And I guess in some countries they eat cats. Okay, I’m just kidding. I have never killed a cat, but I have a friend that got a cat for Christmas when we were teens. His dad had the cat tied out behind the shed. My friend knew what to do. He went out after he opened his other presents and lets just say that snow turned red.

    1. cats are the most selfish animal i know of! i have no use for them. When i was a kid i put my grandmother cat into the dryer to let it know who was the boss! That mug could not walk straight! lol

  18. Heh, I guess I’ll stop here. I’m gonna to watch El Topo, directed and staring Alejandro Jodorowsky. Or maybe keep on buyin’ Spaghetti Westerns.

  19. some cats are evil… especally the fat ones. why get a cat that looks down on you when you get a dog that looks up to you?

  20. *some cats are evil… especally the fat ones. why get a cat that looks down on you when you can get a dog that looks up to you?

  21. i fucking hate all cats, each one aughtta be tortured then murdered , they are fucking lazy pieces of shit that are stupid, atleast dogs are smarter, cats are fucking pathetic creatures that have only one purpose .. which is to be grabbed by the tail and swung around in circles in the air then thrown outta a six story window just to splat on the hard concrete below, kill all cats.

  22. i woke up this morning to find my lovely, innocent, funny, friendly parrot murdered in its own cage. A evil fucking twat of a cat came in my house in the night and went up on my window sill where my parots cage is and had pulled it through the bars and bit its body till it was dead 🙁 lulu my parrot wasnt scared of anything so i can imagine when the cat came up to the cage and started sticking its paws in or whatever she would of put up a fight too and the cat just got the better of her. my parot was meant to outlive me and i thought i was going to have her all my life and she was such a lovely friend and used to say hello to me in the morning when i sat down with toast and wouldnt stop saying it till i gave her some. I have so many memories of my parrot and i used to get her out all day she was part of the family. She was the loveliest creature ive ever met and shes just been murdered because of a stupid selfish evil fucking cat. i mean wot did my parrot ever do to her? if i ever see it outside my house again i wona kick it or something i hate cats so much now.

  23. Cats SUCK.
    My GF adopted a stray, paid for it to be spayed, loved it, spent money on it and loved it some more.
    It just killed her desert tortoises in what I can only imagine to be the cruelest areana of death possible. I want to break its neck or at the very least get rid of it. She wants to keep it :/

    CATS SUCK I HATE CATS, they suck.

    Mind you, we suck for introducing them into our lives and expecting them not to act like they are programmed to do.

  24. Cats – Sartre said that Hell is Other People – and I would add
    “Other people’s cats”. Existence is futile – let go of desire.
    Cats stink, are stupid, unpredictable, neurotic, and POOP

  25. I h8 cats they suk kok

    if u wanna discus how much you hate cats with me or make evil plots abou how 2 kill cats or mayB just chat about somtin else just add me on msn my addy is shopoholic-me@hotmail.com



  27. although this is opinion and I totally respect these opinions.. however here is mine.. Dogs are the worst peices of crap.. they gotta be taken outside and walked because they’d be to stupid to shit in a box.. Their filthy and the most foul smelling things.. do you ever see a dog clean itself? no you see it rolling around in its own shit and through dirt wich you also have to clean because the idiot dog is to stupid to clean itself.. not to mention the barking all day and night.. Cats keep to themselves.. they stay quiet.. they shit on their own and for gods sakes they clean themselves!

  28. How can anyone hate any animal? How can a cat lover respond to this with “I hate dogs they suck” and not feel retarded? Every animal is equal and deserves to be treated equally.

  29. people who torture animals should all be used for cosmetic testing pursposes to give the poor lab rats a break, If I want a new brand of lipstick I’d happily pay triple the price if I knew it had been force fed to some Cat hating wanker ..as for the cretin who thinks it’s funny to swing a cat around by the tail and shoot them lets see you try that on a lion or tiger…I’m sure you’d be soon ripped to shreds…tosser …lol gotta laugh at people who say dogs are smarter .. yeah cos cats sit there meowing at fuck all like most dogs do..I mean they bark at the wind for christs sake

    I don’t dislike dogs I just think the retard owners who thinks it’s ok for their dogs to shit all over the place and not clean it up should all be hung, drawn and quatered

  30. Dear some guy, obviously you are on this website to belittle the people on here maybe because of low self esteem. you are on here making fun of what people say and then make fun of someone who says they like cats, in reality you are contradicting yourself. Perhaps the best thing for you to do would be giving this ” writing your opinion and feelings” thing a miss as i doubt anyone really cares what you think let alone what you think of them.

    Perhaps you could write some poetry and make yourself cry thinking about how mych you hate cats, but in future do state your opinion but do not punish or raise untoward comments for those who oppose it. as i am sure u are aware there are alot of people who are bigger and better than you, i am not saying i am one of them, that is obvious, just watch what you say.

    think happy thoughts

  31. you guys are freakin stupid. animal cruelty shouldn’t be tolerated. i hope someone kidnaps your kids and tortures them. let’s see howyou feel about torturing animals then.

  32. I hate cats and most of my very large irish family hate them , we don’t want to harm them just can’t stand them , I wonder if it’s an Irish thing , because even distant cousins of mine can’t stand them. Fopr instance just the other night My Aunt and I and her 1st cousin went to the 7-11 convienient store, her cousin went in to get some beer and I noticed a cat I said Ewww look at that old cat my Aunt said yeah Eww , then her cousin gets in the car and saw the cat we didn’t mention it and he said ( Eww look at that ol cat)So I’m thinking maybe it’s an irish thing. Just wondering?

  33. Dam cats,they could all die,I could care less.Eight reson they are useless,bite you,throw up,scratch you,shit in your garden,kill wildlife(destroying the balance)throw up,on the table,shed,make fun of you.I hate them!Kill them all!I also hate big cats!Listen,the wolf was thought to have murdered,but it didn’t,the cat did.But,the wolf died,and the cats ran the place,till someone shot them with a hand pistol.Oh yeah,I was watching a snake show,and there was a deadly viper under the bed,and the cats ran under the bed!How stupid? Then a guy yanked him out by the tail.XD so funny!

  34. bridget page,it’s not only a irish thing,i hate them,but i don’t wan’t to hurt them even if they don’t deserve to live

    1. i believe in the saying,

      if you like dogs, youre smart….

      but if you like cats,………..

      youre something…………

      like retarded or something, i mean, how come some people love cats?!?
      all they know to do is lick, scratch, eat, piss, sh*t, and most important: they make you miserable!!!!!!!! they make you their servant, you know… cleaning their mess, feeding them, i mean ,,

      come on!!!!!!!! you waste thousands of dollars (or whatever currency you have) for these…. uhhh, things!!!!

      cat haters rule!!!!!!! woohoooo!!!!!

  35. I hate those filthy little creatures. They do nothing but ruin things. My girlfriend has a cat who is to old to lift up his paws and piss in the litter box… so what does the little fuck do…..his pisses on the carpet. My dog pissed on the carpet once, off came the belt doe doesn’t piss on the carpet anymore. She hit it while it was pissing so it went over to her bed and pissed on the bottom of the blanket. not to mention no matter where he lays he leaves mucus (spelt wrong) all over the place. if it was my cat i would of spent the 38 cents and put it down with a .22 rim fire hollow point. but on the up and up when shes not looking i always give it a good fucking kick. On the up and up though I have hit with my car. but even in death the little bastard fucked me by scratching the valance in the front. they should all be given a bowl of anti-freeze.

  36. and by kick i mean tap… more like playing a game shuffle board. and i didn’t aim to hit the ones on the road. we have an abbundance of them.
    Ps. i didn’t really beat the dog that was an expression.

  37. I can’t come anymore,but I can only say this:CATS SHALL EAT CRUARD,DOGS SHALL BE THE BEST PET!Oh yeah I sending a bad reply to the maker of the site.

  38. Some famous auther once wrote:
    I man who hates cats and children can’t be all bad.
    I wonder who it was…..

  39. don’t say I’m stupid people, I’m not. YOUR stupid for thinking torturing animals and thinking it’s funny. And Cat Queen is right about what she said. And dogs are not the greatest to me, I just like cats batter.

    END OF STORY. Don’t reply saying, “Your stupid! Ect.” I don’t care, you are.

  40. Brandy , but … all you cat loveing scat freaks are stupid, besides that cats have absolutely no use at all (just like spicks and niggers) to people except to scratch, bite, and shit just to piss you off,dogs atleast can be used for things like in alaska the dogs are used to pull sleds, and right here in the USA
    we use dogs to scare out ducks so we can shoot the ducks and take home some nice duck meat which tastes like chicken but a lil more greasy, thats alot more than i can say for cats, if you let a cat out to scare a duck the cat would just look at you, flip you its middle finger and take off, and no Brandy you fucking stupid dike its not the end of the story, us Cat Haters will be around alot longer than you fudgepacking cat loveing pathetic imbociles, and how do i know this? because we own dogs who are actually loyal to us, rather than haveing cats who will most likely shit or piss on the floor and cause you to slip and fall and snap your neck,just because it didnt get enough fucking attension, or because you yelled at it.
    one more thing, to All of you cat loveing retarded fucktards, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out this is a cat hate group, if you dont like what us cat haters are saying then heres the reality of it, you shouldn’t be here in the first place.

  41. ALL OF YOU FUCKING PRICKS. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE CATS EVER DONE TO YOU? All cats should die and be tortured eh? TO HELL WITH THAT. If I had all of you in one fucking room right now I would cut off every part of you and stick matches up your butts and smoke the shit out of you.



  42. I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Cats they are evil, you never know what there scheming and it’s a fact babies cant be around the dirty things , if it’s dangerous for babies, then they shouldnt be pets!

  43. Some Guy, in scotland men wear KILTS, and only sometimes on special occasions like their wedding, it’s tradition. And Guy, I don’t have an ignorant mind and don’t judge people on where they come from. And just one other thing Guy I think you have kind of went off the whole point of this website…were supposed to be here to talk about how we hate cats! And just to say my uncle probably hates cats more than anyone in the world.

  44. JAKEY SOME SMART GIRL OR SOMTING YOU ARE SO DISCUSTING YOU EAT CATS I DO NOT KNOW WHATS worse eating vestibles or eating a cat BEFORE YOU CRiticize others you sould take a good look at yourself I HATE SCOTLIN

  45. Maria before YOU say anything learn to spell. Someting, Scotlin, VESTIBLES :S I don’t understand I am young, (i mean under 16) and i’m guessing you’re older and you can’t even spell Scotland!! And you should stop stereotyping against Scotland just because you don’t like me. And i only said we eat cats for a joke.

  46. pff ok “Jamie is so stupit”
    1st,you call me stupid? You should probably learn how to SPELL stupid before you call me stupid.
    2nd, you aren’t gonna be seein me walkin down the street considering how you have no idea what i look like eh?
    and “i will hid somewhere and blow up the cat”
    Idiot. you can’t HID somewhere. That’s past tense. You should probably stop fantasizing about blowing up one of God’s magnificent creatures and go back to elementary school.

  47. you threaten the dogs one bit, you are going to fucking get it! I will get a pistol and shoot all of your heads with the pistol! P.S. DOGS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Shut up Brandy! You think you’ve got a fucking smart mouth. like what someguy said, do you expect to have a bunch of cat lovers here? Noooooooooooooooo! You just want a fight, don’t you? Oh, and DOZ SUCK, you can’t spell shit! Call the dog lovers (and cat haters)bitches huh?! FUCK YOU!

  49. studid? Graziano, you are a fucking retard. Dogs must live.Death to cats! The cat lovers here just wanna pick a fight against the cat haters! You can do that, i’m with the cat haters. Hey, Cats are argghhh just dickheads, I know how it feels to lose a pet that has been eaten by a motherfucking selfish cat!!!!!!!!!! I feel very sorry for the loss of your parrot.

  50. all the cat lovers(dog haters) i need to ask 1 question: why the fuck are you here? I want to kill every cat in the world! Dogs rule……….

  51. Jamie you think you can do that (If I had you in one room, I would cut off…) shit in real life? Maybe you could, but you bastard, you have no right to threaten the cat haters like that. Those cat haters in the page, are my friends now. TO HELL WITH CATS! to heaven with dogs. All Dogs Go To Heaven, All Cats Burn In Hell!…

  52. hey someoneyournot,cats are the worst pieces of shit! If a cat lover thinks cats use less time and dogs use more time, it is because a nice, loyal dog that wants to see you keeps you active and other stuff. Cats use less time because they are fucking lazy and will want to turn you into a couch potato. Hey Cat Queen, if I had a gun and there was a lion or tiger running toward me to attack me, I would shoot it in the eye.

  53. Why are cat lovers even here? This is only supposed to be for the cat haters!!!Hey doz suck, dogs aren’t annoying. It’s the cats that are annoying: biting, scratching, doing no fucking thing but eat, shit, piss, and sleep. So don’t go saying anything about “all dogs should die!” It’s YOU that should die! Dogs are way better than those boring pieces of shit! I mean, look at the Realbone scores. Dogs are winning like 40-15. That proves that DOGS are WAY better than those cats from hell!

  54. Hey Cat Queen, you think cats are actually smart? Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Cats are ignorant little bastards that don’t do shit! I have to LAUGH at the people who think cats are better! I hope this pisses off all of you cat lovers here (even you Brandy), but cats are little fuckers that all should fucking go to hell! Cat lovers should die. Dog lovers should live forever! DEATH TO FUCKING CATS!!!

  55. Fuck you: Brandy, Graziano, doz suck…) cats:bastards, motherfuckers, bitches, dicks, asses, shitholes… DEATH TO MOTHERFUCKING FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING CATS. dogs rule.

  56. Graziano acn’t spell shit, he can’t speel shit, learn how to speak english you retard cat fucker lover! You think cats are so cool you think dogs suck, let me explain this to you: DOGS RULE CATS DROOL man i feel sorry for you for thinking that cats are better this isn’t only for him, for brandy, cat queen, doz suck, jamie, someoneyournot…

  57. Brian, we understand you don’t like cats but you are being EXTREMELY hypocritical here. You scream at the people who don’t like dogs. *i’m not saying I hate dogs because I dont. I LOVE dogs and every other animal on this earth* but anyways you yell and cuss out those people but then you scream and go on about how much you hate cats. It’s just a little hypocritical and very rude. Some people don’t like cats and some do. It’s a matter of opinion but no matter how much you don’t like something you should never wish death to it. And Brian, I’m truly very sorry if you’ve lost a pet to a cat but it’s honestly not the cats fault. It is just instinct to them. Dogs destroy animals too. I have proof of that because I saw two dogs sneak into my friends chicken coop and kill all the chickens and it’s not fair but I didn’t get mad at them because that’s how they were created. None of them can define right or wrong. You can’t blame them for these things.

  58. Well, “Some Guy” sure has proven his point about being an idiot. Well, anyway…

    I have a beautiful little cat, =] and he is one turning two in March. He’s SO cute and loving, and no matter what anyone has to say about cats, I will always love them, and that’s probably true for any pet owner. So, get to know cats before you decide to become inhuman and go on a torturing rampage of innocent little kittens. (Which I sincerely hope was a joke.)

    Well, that is all I wanted to say.

    P.S. “Some Guy,” you will find no spelling errors in this entire reply. 😛

  59. If anybody is still in this page, I’ll tell you a story of why i hate cats. Lets see, when I was 5 years old, I loved cats just as much as dogs. My aunt had a cat, and I wanted to pet it. When I petted it, it jumped on my face and scratched me. Then, I was crying and saying “I hate cats! I hate them!”. To this day, I really despise them. But the dogs don’t do anything to me. When I was 8, I touched a PITBULL’s face, and it didn’t bite me. Every dog I petted was nice. Every cat I petted bit me. I now have a nice, loving 3 year-old dog, turning 4 in May. And for that reason, I hate cats.

  60. Cats are freaks. My husband and I took in our first cat 3 years ago. I thought it would grow on me, but it didn’t, even though it’s really good cat. Every time I look at it, I shake my head. And the cat knows I don’t like it. Every time I take a minute to sit down and take a breather, there is the cat, pitching a tent up my ass and moving in. It’s like a spiritual rape. Every time a cat makes a noise, or jumps from one piece of furniture to the next, I want to flush it down the toilet. Sick I know.

  61. I don’t understand what you mean, Graziano. Are you from Italy or something? I have nothing against Italians — 3 of my great-grandparents were from The Boot. If your question is: If a dog bit me, will I also hate them? My answer is no. I have been bitten by dogs in the past, and I still love dogs. I don’t know what it is about dogs. They just put it out on the table and show their true colors. No games, no manipulative mind-fucking bullshit like cats pull. Leaving hairballs all over the place; puking in your shoes; shredding every vertical and horizontal surface they can find with their claws; whining at the top of their lungs 4 in the morning, but only when they know you are trying to sleep; bashing you in the face with their heads; jumping into bed with you and pounding your back with their paws until you wake up, and do what for them I have no idea?

    I have guinea pigs and love them to death. All the cat people I know ask me why I keep guinea pigs because they think guinea pigs are “useless,” but really are they any less useless than cats?

    On the other hand, I don’t wish harm or death to any creatures, except disease-carrying insects and people who intentionally wake me up with loud music at 3 a.m.

  62. And P.S. if cats were so great than how come so many women have miscarriages and deformed babies from having them in the house?

  63. Nicholle : Yes, im Italian, my question was for Brian, which has written that it only hates the cats because they have scratched.

  64. Graziano: Oh, okay. I gotcha. Well, some people are like that, I guess. One bad experience and it dictates their beliefs for once and for all. I’m not like that though. I believe in giving people and creatures a chance. I gave cats a chance (for 3 years in fact) and I still think they are weird and strange and perverted. If ours died tomorrow I don’t think I’d be very upset. My husband would be, though. Well, Ciao.

  65. What the fucking hell is your fucking problem, doz suck? Brian was right ! You Can’t spell anything!! How do you like that huh, DEATH TO CATZ DOGZ RULE. DOGS ARE ANDENTUROUS AND GO 2 PLACES ALL NIOTE. CATS ARE LAZY PIECES OF SHIT THAT HAVE TO ANOY U 24/7. DAETH TO CATS!!!!

  66. Brian: Actually, it wasn’t the cats I was talking about that have miscarriages and deformed babies. There is actually a disease called toxoplasmosis that HUMAN females get from cats, that causes THEM to have miscarrriages and deformed babies. Never heard of anyone catching something like that from a dog or a hamster. *hint, hint* Still, I don’t wish for all cats to die, just for all cats to leave me the fuck alone!!!! lol But they never seem to listen!!!
    Graziano: Thanks for your kind words. And don’t feel bad about the spelling….Practice makes perfect!!

  67. I cannot stand cats. Most, not all they go on the furniture including the kitchen table and counters where you eat and the couches and beds on which you keep clean blankets and sleep. They do this after they pee and crap and play with there poop and pee in a box that stinks horridly and then spread their filth around the house. They also have a fetish with rubbing their ass all over anything that will let them. I don’t myself or believe anyone should torture or kill them. I do think they are disgusting animals that trash your house and things, they think that all should kiss their asses and worship them and they can do whatever they feel. They do not have any concept of hierarchy or commands like a dog. Look at all dogs are used for, drugs, search, the blind, hunting. Cats are good for nothing and they are filthy animals that piss, mark and puke all over your house that you bust your ass to make and maintain nicely for your family. And they are mean. They will hurt a child by biting or clawing for no reason. You tell me this is a good useful animal, How?

  68. Graziano: No problem. I teach English to adults and I appreciate how hard it is to learn. One of the most difficult languages for a non-native speaker to learn, bar none.

    Ray: You are a man after my own heart!!! (my husband is first, of course, though he loves cats)

    yes, cats are disgusting animals, I agree with you totally, but I don’t believe in torturing or killing them, just banishing them from my sight. My hubby is like, “cat’s are so much cleaner than dogs,” but I don’t see where he gets this from. dogs don’t step in their own shit and then climb up on your kitchen table and counters. And dogs don’t have breath like a hippo’s yeast-infected vagina, for christ’s sake.

    And most of them are useless, though I’ll say in our Desiree’s defense that she helps me take care of my guinea pigs. When she sees they are not feeling well or that they are not acting right, she comes over and paws at my arm and leads me to them so that I can take care of them. So, Desiree is not a useless cat, but she is special. I still love my guinea pigs more, though!!!!

    My mother in law’s cat, Graycie, is a useless fucking waste of a life. My mother in law kisses its ass like its some kind of Zen god. The cat, in return, shreds her walls, shreds her furniture, shreds her rug, insists that every door in the house be wide open or forbid something will get shredded in retribution, swipes at anything that walks by, bites my mother in law every time she goes to feed it, bites my mother in law right after she gives it a treat (I call it “it” because giving it a gender would mean giving it a soul and it has none). And it wasn’t abused either; she’s had it since she it was a brand-new kitten, socialized it any everything. IT has these empty eyes like a fucking shark. Jaws 13 or something like that. But everyone in the house thinks its the greatest thing since sliced bread. (Yea, sure, maybe sliced moldy bread with blue & brown fuzz growing out of it The type that sends you into anaphlactic shock) Most cat people think like this and I don’t get it.

    I feel that way about most cats.

  69. Most of yall hate cats here, but what no one seems to understand is that it’s not their fault. That is the way they were created. People are FAR more destructive than cats. Any animal can be destructive than any animal. Man is the most dangerous animal in the world. Animals kill out of instinct and hunger for food. Man kills because he can. Animals can’t understand right from wrong. We can. And we take advantage of it.
    Some just have more of an instinct than others. It is our faults for thinking some of these animals can be housepets. And now, we are stupid enough to be breeding housecats with tigers. If a tiger came through our house and tore everything up, we wouldnt be surprised because we know that is the kind of things they do. Cats are basically a mini version of their bigger relatives, yet we seem so shocked when they tear something up. Thats just the way they were made.
    and “fuckcats” that was very uncalled for. Try to me a little more mature, mk? You can’t seem to grasp the concept that all animals deserve a chance, and if they blow that chance, who cares. it is the way they are made, and they can’t help it.

  70. Jaime: Point well made; Even though I think cats make suck-ass pets I agree with you totally. Kudos!

    Graziano: Yes, you are right, Italian is a tough language to learn. I took it my last semester in college, as an elective. To tell the truth, I found French, Spanish and German put together easier to learn. Beautiful language, though. I used to love listening to my great-grandparents speak it to one another.

  71. It’s easier for English speakers to learn German b/c English and German have the same roots — Sorry to disappoint all you GREEKS, but English is neither a Greek-nor a Latin-based language. Please don’t embarrass yourselves by trying to argue with me about this; it’s a matter of fact, not opinion.

    This is hilarious…we started this string talking about how much we dislike cats, and now we are spending more time talking about langauges that anything else!!!

    Let’s see, then, what annoying things I have seen my cat do in the last day or so. Well, she jumped from the endtable to the couch and knocked all the remotes off the table and sent them crashing to the floor. Then she climbed out of her litterbox last night and wiped her ass on the carpet. Gross.

  72. LOL….

    Actually, my cat speaks. She says, “doint,” “eeeew,”
    “MAUUUUU,” “ffffffffffff,” and “AINNNNN?”

    I still don’t understand what she means. I usually just tell her to shut up – but I do it out of love …. lol

    Just now, my cat was staring at me and it gave me the creeps, so I asked her to leave.

    Does anyone else get the creeps when their cat or their friend’s cat stares at them?

  73. Nichole : She says, “doint,” “eeeew,”
    “MAUUUUU,” “ffffffffffff,” and “AINNNNN”???
    LOL my cat says only mauu, is not student!!

  74. (Nicholle’s last question) Yes, I get the creeps when a cat stares at me. I just say “what the hell are you looking at?”

  75. (graziano’s feb. 22 question) i hate cats because Graziano, cats have attacked me, scratched me, peed on my leg and bit me. I have no idea how cats can’t do anything to you.

  76. lol cats have attacked me..scratched me..peed on me..and bit me and i still lovee the lil boy to death. you just gotta have patience and understanding.

  77. Graziano & Brian: Yes, my cat says,“doint,” “eeeew,”
    “MAUUUUU,” “ffffffffffff,” and “AINNNNN”??? She sounds like a frigging pinball machine.

    Brian: German hurts a lot of brains, throats, too. When my cat stares at me, I ask “What the fuck are you looking at?” She never answers, though.

    A few nights ago, I woke up at like 2 am and I found my cat sitting right next to me, not on me, just next to me, and watching me sleep. Creepy as hell.

    So I grabbed a stuffed animal and threw it at her and she ran away. I swear its like some soul-sucking shit going on there. Sick.

  78. Graziano: No, my cat is definitely not a student. If I had students like that in my class, I’d have given up on teaching long ago…or wound up in an insane asylum..I’m halfway there already…..lol

    Earlier this afternoon, I was putting something together for my guinea pigs, and my cat was climbing all over it, you know, the usual, spiteful “If I Can’t Have It For Myself Then I’ll Fuck With It,” Cat Bullshit…

    So I shooed her away with my slipper, and she got right back on it again, then zipped in front of me and I yelled, and my husband calls from the other room, “what got up your ass today???”

    And I’m like, “The cat!” And he starts complaining that I don’t love the cat like I love the guinea pigs and it’s not right and at the point I just tuned out.

    I tell him it’s his job to love the cat, but he says the cat thinks she’s mine. He says the cat owns me whether I like it or not.

    Great, so now I’m in servitude. Just what I always dreamed of. Maybe I should try to escape…..LOL

  79. Brian, you are right. Cats are creepy things…I love show people who think their cats are so beautiful…I just want to vomit.. They treat their cats like kings and the cats shit all over them.

    They all look like fucking aliens. Their eyes look like dilating vaginas and they have these weird flat faces.

    I swear I think my cat is trying to invade my brain ;0

  80. Brian : have written badly, do not love the cats but for me better the cats than the dogs.

  81. Nicholle – aw, you need to login to myspace to view it. Can you upload it to http://tinypic.com/ ?

    You should use your email address too when you leave a comment so you’re comment will appear immediately once validated once. Otherwise there’s a delay while I moderate it.

  82. Sorry, guys, I didn’t realize you needed to have a myspace account to view that site…

    Here is another site… I think you will all find it funny, though my mother-in-law didn’t get it!!!


  83. Donncha: I almost forgot to wish you Happy Saint Paddy’s Day!!!

    Erin Go Bragh!!!! (Or in my case, Alba Go Bragh)…lol

    No offense intended, I love both countries 🙂

  84. Brian: Egyptians worshipped cats, true.

    But in order to put things into perspective and gain a better understanding of Egyptian philosophy (albiet via a fictionalized story) , watch “Stargate.”

    The old saying, “Take it from where it comes from” really applies in a big way here… 😉

  85. Graziano: Actually, her name is Desiree, and she lives in my house!!!

    Brian: Sick or what?

  86. The picture on the link is actually a pretty good likeness of my cat, size multiplied by about 10 of course. (as if she’s not enough of a nightmare the size she is)

    The running woman is supposed to be a depiction of me, but I am a tad better looking in person…lol 😉

  87. Nicholle, it’s pretty gross hearing you describe the cats appearence as a “dilating vagina”.

    Not only cats have slit looking things in their eyes. I know you only have the cat because of your husband, but at least show respect that HE loves the animal. He probably doesn’t appreciate you talking so horribly about it.

  88. Jamie: Thanks for your clean and honest opinion, but won’t you at the very least admit that really my choice of words is tame compared to that of many others on this bulletin, don’t you think?!?!

    And yes, I realize that cats are not the only things that have slit looking things in their eyes. So do snakes, and lizards and some other mammals.

    Of course, I show my husband the respect that he loves Desiree! I would never hurt her; mind you, I am rather indifferent to her, but I would never hurt her. I take care of her when he is away and give her whatever she needs. And he knows that! He and I are of similar senses of humor, and he has never indicated to me that he is anything other than amused by my crass remarks. Even he was amused by picture.

    A sense of humor (albeit a crass one) makes a big difference in how you perceive such a comment.

    If I had any inclination to think he felt slighted by my indifference to the cat, or by my off-color remarks, I would stop. Disrespect a person means intentionally hurting a person or disregarding their feelings. I make it a point not to do that.

  89. P.S. if you are really offended by the material, you are always free to skip over it!!!!

    That is the wonder of living in a democracy, the freedom to say what you please and the freedom not to listen!

  90. Alright, no problem. As long as you dont hurt the poor thing, its all good =]

    God Bless Yall

  91. Jamie: Thank you for the acknowledgement 🙂 Christ no, I would never hurt the poor cat!! What do you think I am??? Well, I guess you don’t know, because you have never met me….but everyone who knows me knows I would never hurt an animal! Slit-pupils or not!

    Graziano: You are funny! Porn star, lol. I guess to some people she might be, but not to us!! Even we are not quite that twisted.

  92. Graziano: I’ll have to ask my grandparents if they watched any of her movies the last time they were in Italy…

    Brian: The fact that you feel I’m weird and sick makes me feel accomplished. But what was weird and sick? My drawing, or the comment about Desiree the porn star.

    We don’t use the cat as a porn toy, if that is what you are thinking. We are not like that. It’s no accident, though, that our last name is …….

  93. Brian: Laughing my ass off!!!! I know the drawing is sick and weird, and I am quite proud of that!!!

    Thanks for clarifying, though. But even if you *did* think I was sick and weird, I wouldn’t mind. That is part of my charm!!!

    Graziano: Thanks for the link!!!

  94. I have had a cat for 1 month now and cant stand him. Does anyone in Auckland NZ want a cat? I googlized selfish cat and found this site. You people are my support group right now.

  95. Hi Aucklander: No I don’t live in New Zealand, but there are times in which I wish I did. About Toxoplasmosis, there is a posting a put up a few weeks ago about it; See my February 25 posting….

    Graziano: Yes, Toxoplasmosis *is* carried by cat. Meat can be infected (as you affirmed) if a cat has his teeth in it, but cats are the carriers, not meat.

    I don’t like cats much, but…

    Aucklander, toxoplasmosis will only be a problem if you have a pregnant female or a female who is intending to get pregnant in your household. To my knowledge, it is not harmful to males or non-pregnant females, only unborn fetuses. And even if that is the case, as long as the woman has no physical contact with the cat or doesn’t clean out the cat’s box, she is in no danger.

    I believe that vets have a test to check for the protozoa. You may want to take yours to be checked to put your mind at ease.

    So unless you have people living in your house that can be harmed by TP, I would not get rid of the cat just for that reason. Especially if there are other household members who care about the cat.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  96. Oh, and this is a good one, for those of you who still think lions are “The Kings of The Jungle.”

    If anyone of you lives in NJ, USA, and caught the Nature special on lions on NJN, you will agree with me that they are among the most nauseating and pathetic members of the order mammmalia (not far behind certain humans):

    People think theyre great hunters….80% of hunts are failures, and only lionesses are fast enough to catch even the smallest of prey. The males survive by stealing their food from lionessses (big men) or chasing away smaller carnivorous mammals and birds for scavenging carrion.

    Devoted parents, nope….even after giving birth, the lionesses could care less if their cubs are receiving proper nourishment. The only nurse when they feel like it, not when the cubs are hungry, and once the cubs are able to eat solids, they lionesses beat them away until *they* are done eating what they want, annd if theres nothing left for the cubs, too bad….Male lions take over prides and kill any cubs that they haven’t fathered. For these reasons, less than half of cubs live to be 1 year old (but I guess that can be a good thing)

    Then to make it even more interesting, the mothers of the cubs that have been slaughtered screw the male lions that killed them and have *their* babies….sick

    Sounds like a lot of people I’ve met over the years.

    Maybe instead of “King of the Jungle,” we should all call them “Welfare Queen of the Jungle.” LOL

    And no, I am not trying to start a campaign to wipe lions off of the face of the map, so don’t get you nose hairs in an uproar…

    If you care to reply to this, please don’t do so by telling me that all mammals are like this. Besides lions and many humans, the majority of mammals will fight and die to protect their babies. Even the smallest creepy crawlies like guinea pigs and hamsters. And even most hunting mammmals have enough decency to find their own food….Hm, maybe my parents were really lions…..

  97. Nicholle: Was your feb.25 post the one where i put in the wrong words? P.S. Oops, I was trying to say “If cats are great why do they GIVE miscarriages and deformed babies?”

  98. Brian: Yep, that was the one. I figured that was what you were trying to say, but I just wanted to make sure everyone else knew. I am a teacher, so it’s a habit with me.

    Aucklander: Just so you know, Wikipedia has lots of good information on it, but it is not officially regulated and sanctioned by any publishers or researchers. So it is not always up to date and/or accurate. Most of the info on toxoplasmosis from what I can tell is legitimate, but really anyone can put information they want to in any Wikipedia entry, so you have to be careful and take any info from Wikipedia with a grain of salt.

    If I wanted to, I could log onto Wikipedia, pull up an entry on guinea pigs, and then add into the entry myself that humans and guinea pigs can mate and have children together. And there it would be for all cyber-eternity.

  99. Thanks for all the kind words, you people are good folks. TP or not, its just his bum in your face, ignore when you attend to him, thankless, I’m the boss personality that grinds me down. I don’t like him. He’s 3 yrs old, comes from a much larger household where he was dominated by a larger cat and in turn dominated his smaller brother. Who I liked, but escaped out of a window on day 3 of 1st week locked in the house and who only appears briefly from the scrub land near my home, and disappears again. He’s half wild anyways, and according to the woman who I received them from, only comes to the sound of biscuits rattled in a box and be gone again. Sigh, shame, I liked him. But am stuck with bossy big brother. Regarding TP. Asians, indians, polynesians in fact just about all non western cultures abhor the idea of cuddling cats, cats on beds etc. I also think as an abberation to western isolationist distant awkward family relations the cat has become a perverse second place to the real joy of intimacy. Gross generalisation. Actually, George was a wonderful cat. A persian with a fantastic personality owned by a girl couple who lived up the road. Gregarious and well loved by all, everyone fed him…Cats are probably just like people, good and bad in everyone. Everything in their place. Cats have served mankind for millenia, controlling vermin and consoling the lonely. What about that thing whereas if you had cats you could be a witch! They are tactile and soft, slow down your heart, ease your troubles, greet your return. Only thing is, I got given someones unwanted asshole. TP again. Seems compromised immunity and TP dont mix. Aids sufferers are wary. Me thinks, compromised immunity is bigger than most would like to admit nowadays, not only wikipedia, but many studies seem to postulate grumpiness in men and promiscuity in women (amongst a myriad other bizarre ‘facts’) are caused by TP. My very healthy physically and emotionally chinese friends would never dream of touching a cat let alone handling one. YUK! I feel better now. Thank you. Anyone want a nice cat?

  100. Aucklander: Well, sounds like you know a tad more than you let on!!!! You seem like quite the well-educated bloke!

    Since you asked, I still don’t want your cat! Sorry. But it is hard enough wishing that the one I have would just evaporate into the atmosphere. Were it not for my husband, I would have surrendered her to a rescue 3 years ago.

    VERY Perceptive observation about the “western isolationist distant awkward family relations” of western culture. Couldn’t agree with you more on that one. Western society has its priorities ass backwards.

    See, that’s why I like Australians (or in your case, New Zealanders). You can always count on them to point out the obvious fucked-up things about the world that everyone else *should* notice but pretends not to!

    Well put and well done, Aucklander 😉

  101. P.S. I can relate on the compromised immunity thing, too. I have Epstein-Barr, and it kicks the shit out of me. Debilitating fatigue, depression, muscle & joint pain, agressiveness, all kinds of wonderful things.

    You gotta love it.

  102. Hello, I dont and have never had any blogs that I’m a part of, until now maybe, however, my cat hate support group seems to comprise non haters with a curiosity for haters…its sometimes a strange world! Graziano, you have an interesting site! I really wish I could read Italian? Mystisism, is a bit of a favorite topic with me…My least favourite cats would be english blues, siamese, white cats and tourtose shells. I usually like seal point, burman, grey and ginger tabbys. The turkish strain are quite pleasant, though I cant recall their breed. If your wondering about New Zealand, its a great place if you like the outdoors, temperate, not too hot or cold, very green in color, though in an urban sense just like any where nowadays with fat kids in front of flickering screens, battery chicken like humans abound. I checked Epstein-Barr in wikipedia Nicolle, must be awful having to wait for better days. I’m of a recent mind that immunity, is a precious jewel that must be given far more attention in todays chemical and stress filled life. Not that I want to appear overly pragmatic or push the personal responsibility barrow, however, I have suffered cfs and liver related low levels of life quality personally myself, and generally see correlations between these times and my own habits, whether diet, emotional, or anything else that may induce stress within myself. In others I know with ms or cfs type issues I see highly charged intelligent individuals struggling with a world less ideal than they would like. I believe the ongoing, oh god not again, day in day out STRESS, of this unfortunate reality to be a HUGE contributing factor to these deseases. Its always there…I had a fun night yesterday, meet some good people, had some beers and lots of laughs. For me letting off a bit of steam increases my wellbeing. Even my cat ‘Tiddles’ seems less obnoxious…where was I? Regards Frank

  103. Frank: Thanks for your words of understanding 🙂 So glad to hear you had a fun night!

    Keep on posting, you’re an interesting dude 🙂

  104. Graziano: What do you mean by the worst cats race? I was not aware that cats raced! Do you mean “breed” or “type” of cat?

    If that is your question, there is no worst; I think they all suck….lol

    You know something, I think I caught fleas from my cat.

  105. Graziano: That’s what I thought; thanks for clarifying.

    As I said, I think they all suck 😉

  106. I think all dam cats should go to hell, i hate them , they piss on everything, and fuck your yard up by shitting in crap and digging up the garden:twisted: whenever im driving and i see a cat trying to cross the road, i floor it and try to hit it. And i usualy win, thats why i bought a sports car, to run over dam cats!!. If people want to have fucking cats, keep them INSIDE, and dont let them out, because they deserve to die!:grin::grin:

  107. My b.f. has a 10 year old cat. I fucking hate this little evil bitch more than anything. She doesn’t come near me or him until she needs food, then she’s “reearr rearr” outside our bedroom door and pawing at it at 2 a.m. until she gets her way. She moans evilly when anyone tries to pick her up, and she even bites people in the fucking face when they try to pet her. To those who say “cats don’t kill people, dogs do” Do you honestly think that if your cat were big & strong enough & had a large enough mouth that it wouldn’t run straight up to you and take a chunk out of your neck in the middle of the night? These fucking mangy discusting ass lickers are worthless & evil as hell. They remind me of satan’s spawn. Yes you may have to take your dog outside to go to the bathroom, just as wolves and other large cats do in the wild. It’s natural. At least they don’t shit & piss in your house. Litter boxes are fucking foul & stink. It really pisses me off when I’m eating & I hear a licking noise & I look over & the gross bitch has her head half-way up her ass. I then have to throw a remote control at her. I really want to snap her neck off. She sheds everywhere, she constantly licks herself. I see goobers all over her fur. She stinks, her litter stinks, she leaves poop dreadlocks all over the house INCLUDING in my baby’s bassinet. I am due in 8 days to have a baby. I want to get rid of this dumb cat but my b.f. won’t let me unless I can find her a home. Do you think anyone wants her?? FUCK NO!! Not even the people in his family who “love” cats & are acting like assholes toward me b/c I am looking out for my baby & want to get rid of her…they won’t even take her. My friend’s two year old daughter comes over and tries petting the cat & she hisses, tries biting, and bats at the little girl. I mean what the fuck is wrong with people when they won’t put their own babie’s safety before some old evil mangy gross unsanitary cat? And what the fuck is wrong with my b.f.’s family for giving 2 shits that I am having a baby & don’t want that cat around? Why the fuck don’t they take her then?? FUCK Them. Did I mention that the whore of a cat climbs & hides in my cupboards? She goes in her litter box, shits, pisses, and then climbs all over my dishes..Sick mother fucking evil cunt. I hate cats. And I hate people that like cats. They’re all lazy asses too fucking lazy to get a real pet (a dog) b/c a dog you have to invest some time in. Dogs will kill someone who harms their family. It is the pack instinct. Dogs are useful, they sniff out drugs, they do all kinds of helpful things to us. They want to please us. If you had a heart attack & died in front of your dog, your dog would mourn for you & stay by your side. Cats don’t need people. If you died in front of your cat, all it would do is cry at you when it was hungry, then it would eventually take bites out of you. Cats should never have been house pets. My entire family doesn’t like cats & we think people that like cats are fucked up in the head. Think about it..what good do they serve? For those cat lovers out there, try getting a pet dog & you’ll be amazed at what great companions they are compared to cats. I have a recurring dream that a cat is trying to kill me, and I have to strangle it to death, but when I think it’s dead, it comes back to life & tries killing me again. They are evil. If I weren’t such a nice person, I would take my .22 rifle and kill her. Believe me, I fantasize all the time about killing her.

  108. Word on that, IQA…..

    The people who owned our house before we bought it were cat freaks. The place didn’t smell when we decided to buy it or we would not have even considered buying it.

    The day we moved in, the place smelled like a fucking litterbox. Our allergies went haywire. I had two severe sinus infections in 3 months and spent a total of a month on antibiotics.

    When we finally got the time & money to start replacing stuff, we ripped up the carpets and reupholstered the kitchen bench seating. The plywood floors were completely stained brown and stinking of cat piss, and so was the cushioning in the bench seating. The shit was actually crytallized in the seat cushions. We had to replace it all.

    All of the floor vents for the central climate control were stuffed with kibble and cat litter. THese fucking cats used the entire house as a litterbox, and the owners just let them.

    I don’t know how the hell people can live like that. I don’t like cats anyway, but I only hated them more after moving in here. Dogs don’t do shit like that unless they are old and senile, and most people realize that that is when it’s time to help them over the bridge.

    Thank goodness, though, most of the crap has been torn out of here. THat’s to say nothing of the time and money we spent replacing it for the sake our health and the health of *our* pets.

    Fucking STANK.

  109. Ok does anyone have any ideas on how I can shorten the life span of this cat? She’s 10, but I know she will live to be 25 just to piss me off. I don’t want to poison her, as my b.f will know I did that. Something to maybe make her get diabetes or raise her chances of a heart attack? i can’t just let her outside either b/c she just comes back with fleas. I was thinking maybe buy some butter spray & put on all of her meals. Maybe she’d die of hypertension or something…I need something not obvious.

  110. FUCK CATS: You are sick, but I like you anyway!!!

    Sorry, but I don’t know of any insidious ways to end a cat’s life. Even if I did, I don’t think I could bring myself to do it.

    There are websites out there, I am sure, that have lists of things that are not good for cats. I am sure you can find something that might work on one of them. The thing is, though, that you will have to go looking for them on a website that is about how to care for cats. A website like that would have things that you should not do if you want to keep a healthy cat.

    Hope this helps.

    I have a feeling our cat is going to live to be 25 just to piss me off, too. Ironic that my guinea pigs only live to be 4 or 5, and I would give anything to make them live longer.

  111. FUCK CATS: You are not the only person in this page that has a whole family that hates cats and loves dogs. My family in Peru (yes, I speak Spanish and I am Hispanic) they absolutely despise cats. I do too. And you were right about “cat lovers should get a dog to compare how good they are compared to cats”.

  112. Brian: You are Peruvian? I never would have guessed. Brian is not a typical Hispanic name.

    I speak some Spanish, and many of my students come from Peru.

    Yes, you are right, people need a real pet like a dog to realize how much cats suck. I think cats are the poorest excuses for a pet that ever existed.

    They say you don’t own cats; they own you. And that is the truth. They could give a shit about their “owners.” They want what they want when they want it. Fuck everything else. Even our cat is a “good” cat, but she doesn’t care about pleasing us, just about pleasing herself. SHe shoves herself in your face whehter you like it or not, and she doesn’t care if she’s bothering you. And if she doesn’t get what she wants, she starts doing obnoxious shit like running at your feet or scratchign the couch. Or she breaks out of the house and runs away for the night. That’s a pet? Please. I wish the fuck she would run away for good.

    When a person acts that way, they call them a psychopath. Or a three-year old spoiled brat who needs her SPOILED BRAT FUCKING ASS BEAT.

  113. A lot of people on this blog have a cat…why?? The only reason I have one is b/c my b.f. has had the bitch for 10 yrs..and I came along later so I’m stuck with her b/c no one wants her. And he doesn’t want her put down…how tragically sad would our lives be without her dumb ass sitting on our couch 24/7?? She hides until she wants something anyways so tell me what is the point of having her around? Why care if this personality less lump of fur isn’t on the couch anymore? When she bats her paws at my puppy and hisses just for him coming near her, I want to kick her like a football. He is a 4 month old pit bull. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. I wish I could get him to hurt her. Why oh why do I have to live with this cat?? It’s seriously a problem. I am actually thinking about leaving my b.f. because I just don’t understand what kind of person prefers a pet that just sits around all day & glares at you with discust. If I were in a position to leave, I would tell him to go fuck the cat b/c he obviously cares more about her than me & his soon to be baby. I found a lump of her shit on a couch pillow today. Gross waste of life.

  114. Fuck Cats: Yes, Cats are a waste of a life.

    But I wouldn’t leave your boyfriend and the father of your unborn child over a fucking cat. That is letting the cat win… Do you really want to to that? That is what the cat wants. Why give it the satisfaction?

    Since you are wondering, the *only* reason I have a cat is because at our last apartment, the thing magically appeared and begged to come in one winter. It was all skinnny and disheveled. I had never had a cat before, and I figured it would be cool because my mother-in–law talks about cats like their the second best thing to having an orgasm or something. Me, I didn’t know any better. I had only had guinea pigs, dogs, hamsters and chinchillas.

    We didn’t have the thing three weeks before I wanted to drop kick it through the fucking ceiling. Mind you I never would, but the thought crosses my mind from time to time. Now my husband is attached to the thing, thats the only reason she is still living in my house.

    Last summer, our neighbors threw out a cat that came beggin to us for help. And sucker that I am, again, I let it in. It was in our house 3 hours and it was attacking our cat, stalking my guinea pigs and running up from behind me and shredding my bare legs and tearing my hair out. I told my hub I was putting it back out, and he’s like, “You can’t do that! We have a responsibility.” And I was like, “What fucking responsiblity? The white trash next door dumps their cat, so it becomes our responsibility?”

    So I put up with it for one more day, and then finally the next morning the cat attacked me from behind and I flew into this black rage and hurled it across the living room. Then the thing had the nerve, after hitting the wall, to attack me again. My husband had to stop me from stomping on it. I was so mad I couldn’t even think.

    We got into this huge, pointless bullshit argument over a fucking piece of shit cat and finally he put it out when he realized that if he didn’t I was going to find an extended stay hotel somewhere and let him live with the fucking monster until he got his priorities straight. I actually told him to “fuck the cat,” too. I wonder how many other people have actually said that. I have a feeling many.

    Anyway, a few weeks later, I found the lowlife neighbors’ cat convulsing on my porch from starvation and heat stroke, and I took it to a rescue/emergency clinic and surrendered it for adoption. I think it found a good home.

    So, FUCK CATS, I know how you feel about this shit with your boyfriend and his cat. But it’s not worth destroying your relationship over. And your boyfriend and you should know that it is unhealthy for pregnant women and babies to live with a cat. Very unhealthy. See Aucklander’s post on Toxoplasmosis a few blogs up.

  115. Hi again! Hey FUCK CATS, Nicolle may have just found the way to ditch that asshole moggy for good. Cats ARE bad for babies and pregnancy. You could start with the guilt trip: ‘do you realize the risk to the unborn child we have been ignorant of…” show some info from the net, then, after a while of working him with that, find some more scathing evidence of the risk to babies…however, he may come back with the pit bull argument…Anyways, can anyone say why the egyptians revered these things? Were they satanists or was it cause they protected the grain from vermin. I think cats are okay to keep for vermin, rats chew electric cables and cause fires, my fireman buddy says around 3-5% of fires are due to this gnawing. Mice urinating on plates, chewing food boxes and kitchens. Keep the cat outside, let it do its job. HEY! A fucking stick insect 6 ” just landed on my hand! Fell from the ceiling! I suppose if there was a cat inside it would have been wasted. Just put it outside on the banana trees, man they are wierd! Feels real creepy when they walk on you. I wonder if that is good luck or bad luck? Graziano, your the mystic, any ideas?…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stick_insect ….finding a spider on your clothing when you dress in the morning means coming into money… funnily enough I did find $45 on the beach 1 week later. So dont tell me stick insects mean I’m dying or shit like that, please.

  116. I have tried that toxoplasmosis thing, as well as the cat suffocating the baby, or biting it. Luckily she is declawed, or it would be a bigger problem. All he says is “Kitty wouldn’t do that” or “the puppy is more likely to hurt the baby” which is bullshit because this dog is going to protect the baby, not hurt it. He’s loyal to us, and protective. We actually do have mice in the house, I actually heard them & saw them in my bedroom. The cat was in the bedroom at the time they were squeaking & she sat there like an asshole with a stupid glare on her face. So she literally is fucking useless. I have no big problem with her when she’s keeping to herself. But when my puppy comes near her & tries being nice or laying beside her, she fucking hisses and screams and bats at him like she’s going to fucking die that he’s in the same room as her. That’s what pisses me off, her meanness. And she never gets the fucking point b/c when she does this to him, I throw a remote at her face or kick her, and she just runs & hides for like 5 hrs. then she’s back on that couch being the same old bitch & crying for food. You’d think she’d get that I hate her by now. She probably just doesn’t care b/c cats have no compassion or feelings other than to please themselves. My b.f. told me if I could find her a home, I could get rid of her, so I was looking, and posting ads, but then his mom & sister chimed in all stupid like “you can’t get rid of Kitty, she’s been your little sidekick for 10 yrs. she’s your baby”!! Lets get something straight people, his ex girlfriend talked him into adopting this cat, then she left him (for a gay man) shortly after, abandoning him with the cat. He had been single for 10 yrs. until he met me. I can see why he kept the cat around then, but now he has a fucking life. He’s having a baby and we have a real pet now, we don’t need her around. I guess he just feels a responsibility to her. But she seriously makes me pissed off as all hell. Even when he picks her up to pet her, she moans angrily. She doesn’t even like him. I told my b.f. that if that bitch cat does one fucking thing to the baby she’s out whether he likes it or not, & I’m not taking the time to find her a home b/c no one wants a 10 year old anti-social mean cat. And her skin is saggy and gross. Her stomach skin hangs to the ground. Her elbow skin sags half way down her arms. She is one ugly waste of life.

  117. Aucklander: You are funnier than shit!!!! I am laughing my ass off right now!! I thought you said you weren’t coming back!!!

    FUCK CATS: Well, one thing I can say about your Boyfriend is that he sounds like someone who has a *heart* and a strong sense of obligation to own up to his responsibilities (or at least what he perceives to be his responsibilities). There is a saying in New Jersey, U.S., where I live that “People who are cruel to animals are cruel to people too.” Sounds like your boyfriend, as annoying as his stubbornness to keep this animal is, has a strong want to look out for things he considers in need of help. Consider that a virtue, rather than a flaw on his part. And at least he is giving you the option of finding it another home.

    As far as his mom & sister go, what you and your b.f. decide to do in your own house is *none of their fucking business* If *they* care about the cat so much, tell *them* to take it home.

    Do you live in the U.S.? If you do, there is a site called http://www.petfinder.org. If you go on that site, you will find an endless list of rescues in your area and all over the country that specialize in taking in surrendered pets and finding them good homes. You might want to check it out.

    Best of luck to you, FUCK CATS. I hope you find a practical solution that works for you, your baby and your boyfriend–and no one else.

    Aucklander, glad to see you back, even if only for one last time ;0

  118. Nicholle: you are funny. I read your post about you telling your husband to go fuck the cat…I say that all the time to my b.f. I laughed b.c. it sounds just like us arguing…however mine didn’t give in. I know if it weren’t for his family, I could have gotten rid of the cat by now. I honestly don’t want them to think I’m an evil bitch, I don’t know them that well. I tried putting myself in their shoes. They actually like cats. If my brother or son had a dog (I love dogs) for 10 yrs. then he gets a g.f. who makes him get rid of the dog…I would think she was kind of a bitch..And as far as petfinder.com…there are cute little kittens on there…hundreds of kittens without homes in shelters. Who’s gonna want a 10 year old saggy wrinkly gross mean cat? No one. The other thing that sux is she’s totally healthy at 10 years old. So it makes me wonder how long she’ll be around for. Probably longer than me.

  119. Tiddles sneaked in last night, jumped on me in my sleep (wanting to be fed) then, after I told him to ‘get of’ he started scratching the carpet. 1st time I let him stay inside for weeks, and last. Hes such a uncaring thankless assehole, I’m thankful for the support I’ve had here, otherwise those cat loving gymps out there would have done my head in by now.

  120. FUCK CATS: FYI Rescues take in adult cats all the time, regardless of their temprament or age. That’s why they are called rescues; because they take in animals no one else wants.

    I get all my guinea pigs from rescues. Most of them are older and they are all wonderful.

    It is good that you are trying to “put yourself in their shoes.” I don’t know how old you are – I’m 30 – but that demonstrates a whole lot of maturity and empathy on your part. Kudos to you on that!!!

    But still, your bf’s family should not be pulling the strings in your relationship with him. That is unhealthy and can potentially be destructive, for reasons that have nothing to do with the cat.

    And this is for everyone: Wanna know how fucked up cats are? Here is a sampling of what my cat did in the last 36 hours….

    1. Yesterday afternoon my hubby and I were fulfilling our conjugal desires and out of nowhere I felt a breeze on my tush. I turned around to look behind me and there was the cat, sitting nonchalantly between our legs watching the action. FUCKED UP. I kicked her the fuck out.

    2. Then last night I was trying to sleep while my hubby was at graduate school. I was not feeling well, and I went to bed early. And the cat stood outside my bedroom door for 1/2 hour meowing under the crack because she was pissed off that I wouldn’t let her come in the room. She comes in the room and fucks around when I am trying to sleep and keeps me up. Finally I went into the hall and shoved her into the laundry room with her litterbox and food and locked her in there.

    3. Then, just 3 hours ago, I was clipping my toenails on the living room couch. And the cat runs over while I am clipping my toenails and devours the nail clippings that are on the rug.

    Um, the only words that come to mind for me here are *What* *The* *Fuck*

    By the way, I was just looking at her while I was watching television, and she was staring blankly at some nothing that isn’t even fucking there. And I realize that cats are the ugliest fucking things walking the planet.

    Aucklander: You won’t find a cat loving gymp here 🙂

  121. I don’t know where you live, but in Michigan where I am, all the shelters are always full. I did call a few not too long ago, & they weren’t accepting any animals. This cat used to do that too, stare at nothing & fallow it with her eyes, then run & pounce on nothing…she hasn’t done that in a couple months though, I wonder why she stopped. I was actually happy when she did it, I was thinking she was losing her marbles & that death may be around the corner. But, I was wrong. I am 25 by the way. That’s really disturbing about the toenails. My b.f. said his cat used to eat mice, & then throw them back up. And she would carry dead moles, mice & birds onto his bed…why the fuck would you keep such a discusting creature in your house? They are really gross. I don’t understand people. When we were doing it one time, she was sitting right at the end of the bed on the floor, just staring at us. It creeped me out.

  122. You aint gonna beleive this shit, but about 22 years ago my g/f moved in with her young female ginger cat. Soon we got another, a grey male kitten, who we called Fast Eddie, after the general store dude. We were living in a rural/beach village 1hour from Auckland, a was on a mining construction site. One day during some fun times, we both see on our bed the girl cat on her back, Fast Eddie licking her out like theres no tomorrow, hes like going to town and shes fully head back and loving it. She was real young and hes only 4/5 months? The visual moment is burned into my memory, so amazed at what happened. Our pussy cats had joined us for a foursome. Some time later the cats had shit somewhere, couldnt find it, looked for days. Finally, we had the sofa chairs on their side, looking to find this smelly cat shit. Fast Eddie had ripped a hole under one of the chairs base cover, got INSIDE the chair had done a crap. We changed his name to Gross Eddie after that, though cant put the chair thing down to monkey see, monkey do.

  123. What about kittens then? They’re so cute and cuddly, how could you not love them? Check out the video above for a kitten who can’t stay awake. So cute!

  124. Kittens are one thing, they grow up fast though. I only hate cats b/c they are mean..anti-social & think they run the place. I have the personality type where I run things..So cats & I do not mix. If it were a cat that acted like a dog, I would like it. I’m sitting here right now listening to this cat hiss & moan b/c my puppy is within 5 feet of her. She’s hateful!!

  125. Donncha: You are right, kittens can be cute, but they can be annoying, too. That cat I was telling everyone about a few blogs up, the one that was attacking us after we took it in and that I was about stomp to death with my steel-tipped boots, was a kitten.

    Then they grow up to be cats…lol

    Aucklander: Love your cat foursome story…lol

    FUCK CATS: I still don’t understand why people find such disgusting animals so amusing. It’s like the more disguting things they do, the more people who love them are amused!

  126. Arnt they sweet? I feel so guilty for everything I’ve said and felt against cats and their owners. I must be difficient in some way, maybe unable to give, mean and selfish. The loving warmth in Jeffs words, the images of family bliss exuding from the cats photos, only makes my own words seem angry, disturbed and typical of one who must have suffered bad parenting. ANYONE WHO LETS A CAT RUB ITS ASSHOLE ALL OVER HIS PILLOW MUST BE SO UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTING, FORGIVING. The cats attentions must mean a great deal. If I can show unconditional love to a cat, I will be a good parent. So, when my kids rub their assholes all over my pillow, I can look at them in denial, admire how cute, soft, nice they are, and lay my head down to sleep…Good parenting is the gift of consciousness, just ask the pharisees. I have resued/fostered/rehomed over a dozen dogs, put insects outside, catch and call bird rescue for sick ducks/seagulls blah de blah de blah, and I still dont like cats attitude. But then, I’m a victim of bad parenting

  127. Yes what a sweet video of the cat using his owner just to get pet while his owner is trying to get work done. I’d rather have a dog lay at my feet than a cat jump up on my keyboard and stick it’s ass in my face to use me…I’ll pass on the cat thanks.

  128. I’m pissed now (american for angry, nz kiwi for drunk, irish I’m not sure), I’m feeling that cats themselves dont mean a rats ass to me, (unless I have to care for one, while it grinds me down with excessive self interest), but the overt ‘I love my cat’ shit, which really gets up my nose. I’m starting to see some wierd abberations of self image psychology coming up around this, and its actually more disturbing than one would first imagine. Freud said neuroticism is part of modern existance, so thats my excuse. I’m just glad westerners are in the minority of 10%, and that the 90% rest of the world living in ‘poverty’, will excuse our wierd preoccupations.

  129. Donncha: The cats are beautiful, I must admit. But I still don’t want anymore 😉

    Aucklander: I just spent the last 15 minutes laughing my ass off over your last two blogs…but then again, I am not your typical westerner, I guess!

    I have better things to do than spend my time servicing and satisfying some self-absorbed, anal-erotic, whining, flea-bitten pulsating speck of life that threatens to destroy my house if I don’t do its bidding.

    I’ve been accused of being “bad parent” material, too, because I don’t love my husband’s cat. My emotional health has been put into question due to my indifference to this animal, as both of my parents were alcoholicsBut I guess my dedicated, unwavering care and tenderness toward my extremely grateful, intelligent and affectionate guinea pigs–not to mention my husband, who has just admitted to occassionally rubbing his asshole on my pillow–does not earn me any points as a good parent. You fucking figure that one out.

    FUCK CATS: Yes, they grind us down, that is for sure, and use us mercilessly. It seems as though the angrier a cat can make you by forcing itself on you the more excited it gets. Have any of you read “Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe? If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you do. It is Gothic American Literature’s greatest tribute to cat haters. I think it’s most powerful message, though, is not so much that you should hate cats, but that you should not hate them so much that that hate consumes you to the point that there is no turning back. Read the story and you will know what I mean. It changed my life, absolute truth-telling there.

  130. When a bed mat is rolled in asia, the head end of the mat is always rolled first. This way, the head end is always kept clean, rolled in the center. The user of the mat always places his head at this correct head end. Shoes are removed at the door, and hairly smelly brutes like myself are dangerous and to be avoided. Eating cats is okay…

  131. I wonder what would happen to a cat that had Jay and Silent Bob to look after it. Or that character from the movie American Splendor… Nicolle, you and your husband are from New Jersey, I unfortunately think of these films when I think of New Jersey, but thats just ignorance on my part

  132. Apart from mice and rats, I’m really struggling to find a suitable use for cats, and I work in design. Some seal point siamese get taken around the rest homes to sooth the aged who have found themselves in these places. Dogs: police, drug detection, herding, mushing, hunting, seeing eye for blind, butlers for wheelchair quads, security, true companionship. Cats: rats and mice, the possiblity of training to hunt game, such as rats and mice… Had a read at wikipedia re Jersey. Sounds like my side of town, Grey Lynn, in Auckland. Didnt realize New Jersey had so much cool with education, womens issues, art and culture. The Black Cat: Exposure to black cats will turn you into a nasty drunkard. Slowly but surely your life will degenerate to the point that you kill your spouse. Then the cat will inform the cops. I like it, supports my view of cat lovers being satanists, posing as fine citizenry, and cats being truly evil servants of saturn. Wikipedia has this regarding cats: Some cats can be toilet trained, eliminating the litterbox and its attendant expense and smell. Training involves two or three weeks of incremental moves, such as moving and elevating the litterbox until it is near the toilet. For a short time, an adapter, such as a bowl or small box, may be used to suspend the litter above the toilet bowl; numerous kits and other aids are marketed to help toilet-train cats. When training is complete, the cat uses the toilet by perching over the bowl.[41] Occasional accidental dunkings, which can traumatize the cat to the point of its avoidance of the toilet, can lead to urinating and defecating in undesirable locations around the house. This can be avoided by use of a simple insert of one or two crossbars or a widely spaced grid to prevent falling in but allow feces to pass; such safety devices have recently become commercially available. Otherwise, if a cat is not trained to use the toilet, it is wise to keep the lid shut to prevent thirsty or curious cats from falling in

  133. My boyfriend’s cat prefers to drink out of the toilet. It’s a discusting sight to see her hunched over it, plus she’s ugly anyways. She also won’t drink from a regular bowl of water. If the toilet lid is down and there is a bowl of water near her food, she will just moan and whine until we put the bowl up. I have also witnessed several instances of her drinking from the toilet when there is urine in it. proves that cats aren’t as clean as some people like to claim they are.

  134. Oh ya, and the person who said that cats are clean & smart enough to clean themselves, and dogs are too stupid to learn to clean themselves…I really don’t want my dog licking it’s asshole, and crotch then licking the rest of it’s body..that to me is even worse than doing no self cleaning & just getting a bath every couple weeks. I would never kiss my dog, or hold him, or let him sleep with me if he did that. He doesn’t go outside but just to go to the bathroom, so he does not roll around in shit or dead animals. When I see that stupid cat licking herself, it makes me cringe to think she does that then lays around on all the furniture, and tries getting into my baby’s bassinet & stroller. Why can’t cat lovers see how truly dirty and unsanitary it is to own a cat?

  135. fuck cats: word!!! (that is an 80’s term from inner-city New Jersey that basically means “I agree with you totally on that.”)

    Aucklander: You are so fucking cool!

    New Jersey is all right. Lots of radical political stuff going on, and yes, you are absolutely right, we are toward the top in education, both elementary, secondary and post-secondary. We have some of the most prestigious colleges and Universities in the world…I graduated from two of them; my husband from one and hopefully soon from another.

    Yes, there is lots of culture here. It’s one of the original 13 colonies. Many important events took place here. The demographics are extremely ethincally diverse, which is part of why I have my job! And we are very close to New York City: I love the Met, the Cloisters and the Museum of Natural History.

    No need to apologize about the Jay and Silent Bob comment. Believe it or not, we love their movies. Actually they came to Red Bank, NJ for a live show last summer, and Craig and I stood with about 50,000 other mindless Jerseyans…lol…just to get a glimpse of them. Unfortunately, because of gates, guards and police barriers, we were barely able to make out their images from a half-mile and about the extent of the comic enjoyment was occassionally being able to hear one of them roar “FUCK YEAH!” We left after a half hour and spent the rest of the evening wandering Red Bank! Still, not all our pursuits are so mindless, even though we live in New Jersey…lol

    In any event, I love your interpretation of “The Black Cat.” Had you read it before, or did you manage to root it out online at my suggestion?

    Everyone: This morning, my husband was getting ready to leave for work, and he was gushing over how “smart” the cat was for “waking him up at 4 in the morning to be let out of the bedroom because she had to use her litterbox.” My response, “Why the fuck was she in the bedroom to begin with?” His response, “You just don’t like her! How would you feel if I locked your guinea pigs out of the bedroom?” My response, “You don’t have to…I don’t let them sleep with us.” His response, “Why do you hate her so much.” My response “Love you sweetie, have a good day at work. Close the bedroom door on your way out” *yawn* *roll* *ZZZZZZZZZ*

  136. P.S. Aucklander, my husband is big and hairy, too.

    And what are “servants of saturn?” 😉

  137. I can’t believe those people that like cats for their independence. Why are cats independent? :because they are a waste of time and life, and they only give a shit about themselves. They’re worthless too! Some people sell cats out in the street for free, but what about the dogs? You gotta buy ’em with money!DINERO! Cats are worthless, that’s why they’re free. They have no value in life , but at least dogs do!

  138. Brian: Yes, I know what dinero is, and you are right, cats are usesless.

    Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting on my couch waiting for a cake to bake. I don’t feel good, and it is spring break for the New Jersey schools, so I am home from work today, sniffling and sleeping and baking cakes.

    And my fucking cat starts running around the house after nothing that isn’t there like a fucking retard and making idiotic noises. Running from room to room, in front of me in back of me, going “OW! OH! UH!” She sounds like a whore getting it up the front and the back at the same time.

    And finally I can’t take any more of this shit, so when she goes into the laundry room to use her litter box or eat something, I follow her in there to lock her in because I dont’ want to deal with this shit today. And I look in there and she’s not even using her litterbox or eating . She’s spinning around in circles like a fucking whirling dirvish making ruidios estupidos (stupid noises)with a fucking stupid smirk on her idiotic face. So I go to lock her and in and all the sudden she runs toward the door and I almost slam her in it by accident.

    So she runs under the bed and watches me for five minutes. And then I go to check on the cake and she darts out from under the bed and runs and hides under the guinea pig enclosure. Fucking creep.

    God help me find a way to teach this animal to stay the fuck out of my way.

  139. Lets eat them, imagine how good it would feel. That little fucker wont put his arse in your face no more. Actually, things are going ok with the cat. I have woodland next door full of rodents, we are 2 miles from downtown, so now Tiddles only comes inside for about 10 mins a day. Then after eating, I say ‘get out’ and look menacing. Actually I look menacing a lot, only for his benefit, coming home down the street, passing him in the yard. I hiss, star into his eyes, hiss some more, stomp the ground. Now, hes like, I’m sorry, why cant we be friends. When he sneaks in, I intimidate him out. Probably wont work for everyone, I live alone, and a cat loving enabler will just reinforce the cats shit behavior. I trully sympathize with those who must share an apartment with a spouses cat, pur hell. But yeah it okay, 10 mins a day. The word satan comes from the planet saturn which influences capricorn amongst other things. The devil with horns was the churches way of fillifying (gotta learn to spell) this dark side of humanity, the shadow self. You know, the side that kinda would like to eat their partners cat while their away… Pan, the debauched party animal dude with the wine, chicks and music was also a slur against capricorn. I think the bull was revered in pre christian times, which was a horned beast too. But yeah, influence of saturn is blamed for all sorts of stuff. Its a fucken huge planet, so the way the church would use existing pagan sites and piggy back on earlier mythology, like easter and xmas used to be pagan days for a party, is also continuing the pre christian tradition of blaming the influence of saturn, but we dont wont the flock thinking astrology no more so we’ll call in satan. Sort of like ‘new speak’ in george orwells 1984, but occuring not long after Jesus rocked out some cool shit and blew some peoples minds. I wonder if there are any references to cats in the bible? I know theres something about not lying down with dogs. No, I think eating cats is okay, according to the book.

  140. All you have to do is keep a spray bottle full of water handy. When the bitch comes near you, spray her. They hate water, and she should learn to stay the hell away from you. Although, you may not want to do it when your husband is near b/c just like my boyfriend, he will probably get all uppity & stupid about it, “why do you hate her so much?” Sounds just like my boyfriend.

  141. Nicolle: The Black Cat. Found it online and read this morning. I felt the interpretation was open, were his drinking problems due to the intense relationship with the cat itself, or did his cruelty toward the cat/other pets caused his problems. Dunno. He seemed okay, good marriage, started drinking while having a close relationship with his cat. The cause of his drinking was not really alluded to, wife was without depth, I feel a superstitious reader would outright blame the black cat for being a witch in disguise, and another would refrain from blaming the cat and say his drinking was the down fall. However what caused his drinking? Poe earlier praised the loyalty of a dog, then his tone slides in mentioning the cat. Dunno. He maltreated all the pets, but the cat bit him back, he got mad, cut out its eye then killed it. I feel Poe fed off suspicion regarding cats. Has anyone read a review? Probably someone very bright has written a paper on this story. Bottom line, he became a drunk, took it out on his pets, cat didnt take shit from him, cat got wasted, cat got revenge though magic. Why did he drink? Why did he have intense cat relationships who got under his feet?

  142. Aucklander: Oh, all right. I have heard of a servant of satan, just never a servant of saturn! You do a sublime job of explaining. I see you have a strong bent toward philosophical/religious analysis and criticism. So do my husband and I.

    We would love to get you in a room in person; I think the three of us we’d have a grand old philosophy-bashing time. When we were in England two summers ago, we couldn’t get enough of the Australian/New Zealander toursists.

    You are right, though. I would never get away with chasing the cat out of the house with my husband around. He’s a cat enabler; he gets it from his mom.

    fuck cats: good idea about the spray gun. I used to have an extra somewhere, but it wound up being requisitioned for another use. I guess I can get another one. a water gun maybe, so I can hide it when my husband gets home. Of course if he ever found it, as he tends to strangely stumble upon things i hide, he would know what it was for and i’d get no end of hell for it…lol. A spray bottle will do just fine; I can just tell him it is an extra for my hair (I have natural curls and need to spray them down every morning)

    Last night I went to bed at like 10, and my hubby comes in 1/2 hour later, and I am pretty much asleep. I just feel him crawl into bed. And then I start having this weird dream and all the sudden at 11:30 i jolt awake and the cat is sitting on my ass pounding away with her front paws. I slapped her off of me, too tired to get up and close the door behind her, but figuring that she would not be stupid enough to come back. 12:30 I am awakened suddenly again, and there is the cat, on the back of my thighs, treading away. I turned sideways and punted her off the bed, in a just-been-woken-up-for-the-second-time-for-a-fucking-no-good-reason rage, and stumbled over to the bedroom door and hurled it shut behind her, waking my husband with a reverberating slam that shook the whole house. If I am going to be awakened the night before a work day by this idiotic waste of life, so is he.

    And she had the nerve to pull this shit after I had almost slammed her in the laundry room yesterday afternoon. See, dogs will learn from stuff like that, even guinea pigs (though I don’t punish my pigs and despite most people’s beliefs that they are stupid). Cats, no way.

    I swear to god it’s like living day in and day out in a fucking stalker movie. “Play Misty for Me.” Has anyone ever seen it? If you haven’t and want to know what I mean, watch it. To get an idea of what I deal with, imagine the character Evelyn Draper as my cat. “I can make you love me..I can make you love me..I can make you love me….”

  143. I must assume you’re not being mean enough to the cat, if she continues to come around & bother you. My boyfriend’s cat now only stays in the living room, and she will stand by the entrance to the kitchen, but she won’t come in because she knows I hate her. I don’t feed her, she used to moan & whine when I used to feed her, but now that I’ve quit, she got the picture that she’s not getting shit from me & she keeps her mouth shut until my boyfriend gets up for work & she whines at him. She actually will try to hide when me & my puppy come in the livingroom. My puppy when he’s hyper, pounces on her & sits on her, etc. which she doesn’t like, but she’s learned that she has no claws, so batting at him and hissing doesn’t deter him, so now she just runs away & hides behind the hot water heater. She thought she was hot shit too when he was really little but he’s growing up fast. Stupid cat…she can’t be happy here, I open the door for her to run out, and she does but only for a second, she runs out then rolls around on the porch like a jack ass then she runs back inside. She probably knows I will lock her out. Haha my puppy is outside in the back yard, and the cat just came out of the living room and hunched over his food and tried eating some, so I clapped my hands to startle her, she ran away & I gave her a little push with my foot. So I guess it is the puppy she is in fear of, not so much me. I must not be doing a good enough job. I just told my boyfriend he might want to feed his cat. What’s the name of that cat food that was recalled again?? Just kidding..

  144. Brian: This “I can make you love me” isn’t just weird, it’s true in this house. This fucking cat actually believes she can make me love her…fucking demented.

    fuck cats: I am as mean as I can be to this thing without being abusive. I don’t feed her, don’t water her, don’t give her a lick of attention except to kick her off of me when she wakes me up at night, or to tell her to fuck off when she comes sniffing around during the day when I am grading papers or listening to music and my husband is at work, demanding love that isn’t even there. It’s like the less I give the more she expects. I throw pillows at her, dump cups of water on her, lock her in rooms to keep her out of my way, whatever I can do to make her hate me without hurting her and subsequently devastating my husband. She just keeps coming back for more. It’s as if she likes to be humiliated like some fucking S&M freak. I call her the maso-pusst.

    Just a minute ago while I was sitting here, the cat comes over to me and starts rubbing her head on my knee and whining and I told her to fuck off and my husband is like, “Oh leave her alone.” What was that? Leave HER alone? I didn’t ask her to come over..why the hell doesn’t she leave me alone. We were eating dinner before and she goes up to my husband at the kitchen table and digs her front claws into the crotch of his pants and smacks him in the nads with her paws and he’s like, “aw, how cute. she’s showing her love for me.” Is this what cat people consider love? In that case the next time I pass by a Cat Adoption event in the area I will make it a point go inside, this way I can run around the premises smashing volunteers and adopters in the genitals with a claw hammer yelling, “don’t mind me i’m just showing my love!” Does this sound irrational to y’all or is it just my narrow mind limiting me?

  145. This is so healing. We can vent our frustrations in a healthy, safe way. Thankyou holy shmoly. I think the girls next door are going to start looking after Tiddles, yay!

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  147. You lucky s.o.b. you get to get rid of the cat?? I’m so jealous. I just tormented her with the water bottle b/c she was under the bathroom sink when I went to get a roll of toilet paper. There’s literally no space under there, I don’t know why she feels the need to go under there. There is also toilet bowl cleaner under there…hmm…Do you guys think that me & the dog tormenting her will wear her down enough to the point where her health will start to suffer? I am being serious. I don’t see how any animal could be happy knowing that they have to hide almost 24/7. The only time she’s safe is when my boyfriend is home, b/c she knows I can’t do anything in front of him. Well, last night, we were watching t.v. and the cat was on a seat by the couch where we were sitting, and I hear a licking noise (cringe) so I look at her and she has her back foot all the way up in the air, totally stretched up as far as it can go, and she’s spreading her toes out while she’s licking her ass, as to show off. Nasty bitch. I can’t hold back, I hurl the remote at her, she runs away, & my boyfriend gets pissed off.

  148. In other words, cat people are insane. They just can’t find amusement, so they’ve gotta use their damn cat!

  149. We found a stray cat at our backyard and we fed it. My sister and I feed it whenever it comes. Soon we let it in since it kinda wants to get in but i noticed a pattern. Cats have favoritism. It will only like one person the most and will be like saying “screw off” to you when it does not need something in you. Now its me that hate cats. my sister btw felt sorry for the cat but she hate cats. So its like a switch. because the cat is a stray, i often wash my hands when i touch it and we dont want to bathe it since it might scratch though i think someone use to own her because she knows some house rules. Soon my sister let it sleep in her room and i was like eww, you let that thing in your bed. she shrugs. i was like dont let that thing on my bed. thing is sometimes my dad and i were like idiots trying to get the cats attention and pet her and i think the cat thinks shes the master. I caught this cat inside my room several times and i give it a good kick on the face on the fourth time i see and yes on the face when she is running (im that good :D) anyways the fact that she runs whenever i see her in my room is a sign of disrespect. I mean if she runs when i see her in my room then she knows shes not supposed to be there. One day I saw her in my bed. I beat the shit out of this cat and even chase her under the table kick the table so she gets out and throw sandals on her. Now shes scared of me but heres the thing. My sister let her out from time to time when she wants to come in and saw me she was not like scared. But after I let her in she is scared again. Like wtf. I used to beat up my dogs when we used to have one and they learn good but these cat is very unforgiving and is only sweet to me when shes outside trying to get in

  150. Theory is that i think cats are like this is because they do not live on groups. dogs on the other hand live in packs and they have been domesticated for quite a long time so they are highly adopted to rules of humans.

  151. Jesus, if i was beaten all the fucken time I’d do a shit on your bed, you fucken loser. Just because you dont like an animals qualities doesnt mean it doesnt have any rights, and you can beat it. Get a life you dickhead, your not that good at all, hope someone kicks you in the head one day soon

  152. lol why you talking dirty on internet? Do not act tough on internet because it doesnt make you any tougher. Ok? Say it nicely ok?

    Anyways its a stray cat and we were nice enough to let it in. It can always not come back when we let it out. As long as it stays on our house it follows house rules. And btw how do you intend to discipline animals? talk to them? they dont understand you. rules of the wild. The roar is a treat. I used it when she was trying to get in my room. Scared her. but i think she doesnt think i mean it. next the attack. i think she learns good but still a little confuse. next time i really beat her up good. i think she learns good. she doesnt come near my room again but also scared of me lol. And animal rights? im not animal abuser. There is a line between discipline and abuse.

    i did get beaten up as a kid. i think its a good technique. As far as im concerned, i have more values than the average north american. there has to be balance. i know talking is good discipline but sometimes you just have to show that you mean it. Some Kids in north america are like “WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?” Grounding kids is not effective if they not gonna agree that they are grounded.

    Kick in the head. Yes i did get kicked in the head on sparring. I got his head too. But someone randomly kicking me on the head. well i dont know what i might do but chances are he’ll be lying on ground trying to breathe because i bust his adams apple. or prolly screaming because i completely destroy his nose, break his bones, or his eyes completely jacked up.

  153. You dont understand i cuddle with my pillow(yes im a guy). seeing cat on my pillow is very annoying especially if its a stray cat that is not bathe and was found with its own dropping on his body for some reason it only deserve some beating. And yes if someone beat me or “kick me in the head” because i was a dirty man lying on someones bed i will not retaliate because first it was not my bed and i soiled it and i have no freaking permission to do that. Remember i warned the cat, first a grrrr then next one kick on head. last flying sandals and chase her some more for more flying sandals that is when she got scared.

    Im not an animal abuser. If you think that I am how bout those people who throw a remote on a cat. i believe that hurts more since a remote is more solid. i might be wrong because im a strong guy but dude im not alone. dont pick on me

  154. USED TO BE OKAY WITH CATS: You have no right to beat any animal, regardless of whether you “like” it or not.

    You need to do some serious soul-searching if you think this is an okay thing to do.

  155. That is bad. I have been feeling a little bad about being so mean to the cat lately, and about talking so much shit on her. It is my boyfriend’s cat, & I would never have one in the house if it were my choice. Yes I think they are disrespectful & don’t give a shit about humans, as a matter of fact, this cat only comes to me when I pour food in her bowl. She won’t even come near me otherwise, even when I’m calling her & trying to pet her. So I think they are useless & definitely not meant to be companions. But on the other hand, the cat had been here 10 yrs. with my boyfriend before I came along, and then I got the puppy. The cat is old, and it doesn’t like other animals, or strangers. So now all she does is hide all day. I feel bad for making her feel so unwanted in her own home. I mean it was her home before me & the dog came along. My boyfriend was talking about getting rid of her last night b/c she hides all day & can’t be happy, & is always in fear that the puppy is going to terrorize her. So, I said no , you care for her & you know they will just put her to sleep if you take her to a shelter. So the past few days I have been making a big effort to feed her, pet her, and not talk badly about her to my boyfriend. I hope it helps. I realize I can’t change the cat no matter what I do. She is not trainable. So I just try to respect her more, and my boyfriend too.

  156. FUCK CATS: “If things aren’t the way you like, like them the way they are.”///////used to be ok with cats: Yes I’m sorry for using bad words, and acting tough, sometimes deep disappointment affects me. Such as your disappointment, when the cat shows you no respect. And this blog, dedicated to this lack of respect from cats…And the anger cats generate by their thankless controlling behavior. However, you did come across like a cruel person…”Judge a man only by his own deeds and words; the opinions of others can be false.” So, I may be wrong…I hope…”The test of good manners is to be patient with bad ones.” “When a man is unable to understand a thing, he ridicules it.” “The chief superiority of man over animals lies in his power of speech; but if we speak folly, we are no better than animals.” “Expunge from yourself anything which interferes with your feeling of a special connection between yourself and all living creatures. “Perhaps the most hateful of all qualities is cruelty” and most importantly, free your mind and your ass will follow

  157. actually i was also frustrated before i beat the cat because i have to keep closing the door in my room and it is such a burden since i dont normally close it till she came along. I am trying to reconnect to cat. The reason that i start posting here is because i was mad and at the same time guilty and in need of advice. Maybe i was wrong, maybe cats can forgive. anyone can advice me on this one?
    I got a simple but effective solution to my problem. I drill a screw into the wall of my room. Connect rubber bands to make a long one. attach one of its end to my door hanger and the other end to the screw i made. Now everytime i open the door and leave, it automatically close on its own. This should save me some trouble and frustrations.

  158. I too have felt a little guilty for being mean to my cat. So, recently I made an effort to be nice, showing good manners, patience, leaving the cat door open again, and performing my unique brand of cat cranial massage… From Tiddles time in exile, when his manners toward me became respectful, he has now reverted to his previous obnoxious self, responding to my greetings with a tail flick and look away, running through the cat door at moments of attention from me to him, harrassing for food when I’m busy, bad vibes and dirty looks. His efforts to keep me down, supplant himself as boss, have once again been his undoing. He is now in exile once more and I imagine will become nice again as winter rain and storms are here, and his time with me and the house will be limited to 10 minutes over 1 meal then out. Showing love and kindness is wasted on this beast, who rewards ones goodwill with an unkind response. Begone, symbol of satan, guard the grain and fuck off. Sadly, this final experience has polarized me once again. But I challenge someone who loves cats to shine some light… maybe I’m just being too sensitive and similar to overconnecting on a first date, just need to get a life in the real world instead of the ivory tower I have retreated to. I often get bullied… then end relationships. Oscar Wilde said ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. Maybe I should ‘treat them mean and keep them keen’. Seemed to work with the cat called Tiddles. Nicolle: who is Sam Hill?

  159. Aucklander: Sam Hill is no one in particular! It’s just a nice way of saying “hell.” For example, “What in Sam Hill are you doing here?”, instead of “What the hell are you doing here?”

    Kind of like, Gary doesn’t know jack shit. Jack shit means “nothing.” He is not a person, just a state of mind, …

    I am sure, oh philisophical one, that you know what I mean!

    Did you read, “The Portrait of Dorian Gray?”

    P.S. My name is spelled NicHolle! 😉

  160. Sorry NicHolle, but with 32 variant names for ‘victorious people’, I’m sure you get misspelled lot! When I say my name ‘Frank’, its amazing how many people hear Craig or Grant. Grace and Lance people and I get along well too, similar names must create a similar edge to ones life. Instead of saying ‘good god’ some say ‘gorden bennett’, I have no idea who he is either. Good to see you back Nicholle. Have not read Wilde, just viewed wiki re Dorian Gray. Why do you ask? Is there something for me, now, in one of my darker moments? Are you suggesting I move from the tower to the bar, and seek the pleasure of the flesh? Beastiality with Tiddles? Hedonistic oblivion is a good replacement for the retreat of the ivory tower, but I used to practice it much and decided to save the body as I’m now 43 years old and didnt want to end up haggard like many of the older Grey Lynn muso’s, artists, junkies and such. I broke with 20 year younger hedonistic heroin girl last year and the ugliness of her inner landscape, her family dynamics, suicide, anxiety, dishonesty, though interesting and voyeuristic to me at first, ended with me swearing off that kind of life, and avoiding it practisioners like the proverbial plague. So I got a cat. Fuck. Two actually, one brow beaten by big brother who hides in the garden and big brother who now works on my brow. Your not suggesting I may prefer dirt track racing to the pleasures of the magic sandwich?

  161. Frank: Yes, you are right, my name is *often* misspellled, regardless of the educational level or ethnic background of the person who is writing it, or of how slowly and carefully I spell it for them. It used to be spelled “Nicole” but I changed it legally when I was 15, because I love my name but hated the trite, jaded “common” spelling. Cool of you to know its meaning; most people don’t! Don’t tell me you found it on Wiki!!!

    My husband’s name is Craig, but I usually call him Fart.

    No, I am certainly not suggesting you trade your Ivory Tower for a hedonistic life! I, too, swore off a similar lifestyle, but at a much younger age…My parents were the town smack freaks (Northeastern US slang for “junkies”), and I spent most nights and weekends of the first 18 years of my life in taverns and crackhouses, not by choice. When I was 14 and one of my mother’s “friends” try to kill me while he was under the influence of some mind-altering substance, I wound up with my grandparents (who had their own issues), and a year later I swore to myself that when I was able to make my own life it would be the complete opposite of the one I had been born into.

    No particular reason I asked about “Dorian Gray.” Just when you mentioned Oscar Wilde and that is probably his most well known work. No, I am not suggesting you explore bestiality with Tiddles! Though I have on more than one occassion told my Fart to “fuck the cat.” And he has accused me of being in love with my guinea pigs. The truth is I am, but not in a bestial way 😉 But hey, to each their own, I always say.

    “The Magic Sandwich?” Now that is one I *haven’t* heard before. Does it mean what I think it means? If it does, I’ll have to tell Fart. I think he’ll appreciate it…lol

  162. hey a lil help here these cat wont freaking snap the hell out. I fed her let her out and pet her although after cornering her. This is just stupid. Chances are ill get violent to her if she dont snap out of it because honestly this is frustrating me. Reminds me of a person who would say “No i wont forgive you” even if it was his fault in the first place.

  163. Heard it on the radio from a New York city correspondent. We are not that avante garde here in nz. Good. I’m happy with my heterosexuality. Surrounded by gays and lesbos does make one think heterosexuality to not be the norm.

  164. Used to be okay with cats: dont be too kind, dont be mean, ignore it, let the cat get a little hungry, wait for the cat to realize that good behavior is rewarded with food, bad behavior means put outside and hungry. Tiddles is amazing today… dont be too nice! The little fuckers will walk all over you!

  165. Word.

    Cats are manipulative, self-centered cocksuckers. Their only purpose in life is to serve themselves, so if being nice to you in order to get food serves their purpose of fulfilling their hunger, then that is what you are going to have to do in order to keep them humble…. Manipulate them right back. That is the only thing they understand, the mindless, robotic pieces of shit.

  166. Yes, its true. Selfcentered, cruel, nonsocial, probably similar in mind to a serial killer. Tiddles is in asshole mode again, his natural state…How do you manipulate them back Nicholle? Like serviving the food but placing it so they cant reach it, driving them wild? Set up the cat door so it closes on their head? Make a glove with pins in it, so when you pat them they get pricked…What about guinea pigs? (love that sound they make) Do you have more than one? Are yours reproducing? Doesnt the cat attack them? Do they roam around at all? Do they shit in the wrong places when let out? I saw a show on Peru, all the households had them… they ate them! Some have cool eighties hairdo’s. The old girlfriend (fast eddies mum) had one and a rabbit in the same cage, but they didnt get on.

  167. Aucklander: I like your ideas on how to manipulate cats…but I would never get away with it with my husband..lol. But he just put a surgical hairnet over the cats head and now she is writhing around the living room trying to get it off. But he just took mercy on her and took it off after she crashed into the couch.

    I have two female guinea pigs, Aquinnah & Ryvvir, living in the same cage. No, the cat does not bother much with them. She is more curious about them than anything, and they about her. I don’t believe in breeding them. Or rather, should I say, I have no desire to breed them. Guinea pigs are wonderful animals and I would be tickled pink at the prospect of adding more to the Universe, but the fact is that there are too many without homes out there, many of whom are euthanized days after arriving in shelters or live out unfulfilled lives waiting in well-meaning guinea pig rescues for a forver home that never comes to fruition. I only keep same-sex pairs, or neutered-male/female pairs, and I only adopt from shelters or rescues. Yes, I realize that all guinea pigs were bred somewhere, but I would rather be part of the solution (however small) than part of the problem, which is overpopuluation, mistreatment and abandonment due to irresponsible breeding and misinformed owners. To answer your questions, they usually hang out on the couch with me when they are out, sometimes I let them roam around but they tend to find tight spaces and wedge themselves there, so not as much. They know where their bathroom is (in designated corners of their enclosure), and usually don’t relieve themselves when they are out unless I keep them out for longer than they can hold it. They usually signal to me when they need to go back and do their business, but sometimes my attention is on other things. I know they eat guinea pigs in Peru and in other countries in South America. My English as a Second Language students and I love busting each others balls about this, as they all come from South America and know I keep guinea pigs as pets. God, they are so much fucking better than cats.

    But thank you for asking about them. I love to talk about my baby girls. Used to have big hair, but threw out the hairspray about 16 years ago….

    Of courses, as my husband, who is standing behind me at this moment reading over my shoulder, affirmed, because I am of partially Italian ethnic background, I have big hair regardless of if I use hairspray or not 😉

  168. Cute as! Its sad about abandoned animals. I gave up rescueing, fostering, rehoming dogs. I beleive now the keeping of pets to be an obsolete leftover of our past. Like having green lawn to show you can afford to not till the land you own. All cats and dogs had a purpose… Anyways, dont want to rain on your parade. I also have little purpose, so the little critters may as well join us on the way

  169. Aucklander: Don’t be so hard on yourself. I believe we are *all* here for a reason, even though it may not be clear to us (or others) at a given time. We all have some higher purpose for existing. Even my parents: they were put on this earth to make me 😉 I am not religious or anything, but my life experiences have led me to discover–and invent–many interesting philosophies.

    And no, you didn’t “rain on my parade.” I have a healthy self-esteem (most of the time, anyway). To each his or her own opinion! Most people don’t understand my love for guinea pigs, and scratch their heads at the prospect of my advocating so strongly for them. But most people’s heads are of little concern to me. I am doing what I feel is the right thing, and it is a good feeling to make a difference–however small–to such wonderfully intelligent and emotionally complex creatures. They do appreciate it and they do reciprocate quite warmly. Even though they don’t live for as many years as I would like, the time I get to share my life with them is exponentially worth it.

    So, bottom line, your beliefs are fine with me. Most of us walk to our own tune; my tune just happens to be “wheek, wheek, wheek.”

  170. I wonder when a cat lover will reappear. Would be quite good to have a: yes they are, no their not, debate. I bought a live trap recently. I’ve been planning to catch Peeps, Tiddles brow beaten brother. Not sure if he wants to be part of the family…reintroduced in to the fold…not sure if I want him around! His eyes have gone wierd since hes gone wild. If I set the trap will probably catch some strays too… what to do with them. The girls next door decided against Tiddles, thought he was too wierd, they are getting a kitten instead. He has really responded to the cold shoulder treatment. He is much nicer overall. Should do the same with my girlfriend. Oops, not very politically correct am I? Kiwi (nz) woman/women are quite well up here on the world stage. First to get the vote globally?. Doing better than boys at school, much better representated in the media (all men are potential abusers and/or rapists), less prone to abusing drugs/food and overall emotionally, mentally and physically fitter. Kiwi guys have a football and beer thing going, but the word redneck, is not in our vocabluary. See, I cant even spell.

  171. Nicholle & Aucklander: Since when do you know stuff about Peru? Aucklander, tell me what show it is that you’ve seen (in Peru) P.S. Cats are cunts.

  172. I visited family in Peru, and they eat conejo (rabbit). Its better to have guinea pigs and dogs as pets instead of cat pissants.

  173. Peru’s a famous country (if you know what Machu Picchu is
    ) Maybe that’s why??????? Or just simple research? Just to stay on topic: I hate cats, they treat me like a pinche jugete (damn toy). If only I was allergic to them.

  174. Brian: I began learning about Peru about 8 years ago, my sophomore year in College. A close friend of mine, who helped me through a difficult time, was from Peru, and I became essentially part of her family. Since then I became interested in learning more about it and the groups that make it up – the Quechua, the Maya, Macchu Picchu. alpacas. Also, about 1/4 of my ESL students are from Peru. I am no expert, but know more about it than most “non-Peruvians.”

    Unfortunately, my friend and I drifted apart when she began having trouble with her family and moved far away. I have attempted to contact her but she has not reciprocated. Some people just choose to move on, I guess.

    Just to stay on topic: yes, cats are cunts. I hate that word but it’s true. My husband thinks they are cute, but yo pienso mi gatita es una cosa fea (I think my cat is an ugly thing.) LOL

  175. Twas a travel show “No Reservations”, a New York chef drinking his way round the world. Saw some Guinea Pigs on TV last night, havn’t watched them in ages. I used to have mice when I was a child, and have forgotten how endearing and earnest these creatures appear. Very very social, sort of opposite to snooty cats. Tiddles is a dickhead again. Found this site on guinea pig noises http://jackiesguineapiggies.com/guineapigsounds.html

  176. Aucklander: Cool of you to post that link. I wasn’t able to open any of the wave files for some reason, but I know what they sound like 😉 Yes, guinea pigs are much better pets than cats, very social and sincere. What you see is what you get with them. But I do agree that the discussion would be much more intriguing if a few more cat lovers were to join the fray to tell us how benighted, unfulfilled and empty-headed we all are…lol

    Brian: Funny story about my friend from Peru (Mitsy) since we are on the subject. About 8 years ago, I arrived at her home to take her out for her birthday. Her grandparents were up on a visit from Peru. Well, as soon as I opened her front door, there the folks were, and up until this moment I had never met them, in their multicolored alpaca garb. And before I can introduce myself they start chattering in Quechua and hijack me to the kitchen, and demand something from me using sounds I have never knew existed. Mitsy quickly explained to me that she had told them about my pet guinea pigs, sure that they would understand that I don’t raise them for food. They expected that I was going to bring them as a gift to Mitsy and them so that they could cook them for her birthday. I was part horrified, part amused, but ultimately I wound up on the floor trying my damdest to control my laughter. I didn’t know how else to react, and it seems that they found humor in it too, because they laughed also. However I did manage to explain to them, in Spanish, that my guinea pigs were pets, not dinner.

    Figured it was worth sharing, as most people get a kick out of it, whether they are into guinea pigs or not.

  177. I don’t know shit about Quechua, Nicholle. I’m sorry that I used the word “cunt” it is especially bad to say it in front of women. Well its still true though that cats are pissants!

  178. Nicholle: I swear, los gringos aqui no puede hablar nada, ni de espanol! todos son de europa, o otro lugar, y son racistas tambien contra los negros y los hispanos! Pinche Don Imus. ( The Americans here cannot speak spanish. They’re either from europe or another place. They’re racist also! I mean, who would judge people by the color or skin, or the language they speak? God, theyre fucking stupid! Goddamn Don Imus.

  179. Aucklander: No offense taken, but your apology is accepted and appreciated nonetheless.

    Brian: In what place do you live where there is so much racism againsnt Peruvians?

    There is racism everywhere; I am beginning to believe that it is an unfortunate part of human nature, to fear what is not familiar. But where I live, those of South American ancestry are quite accepted and assimilated into the community.

    No, what Don Imus said was not very nice, but I would consider him and those like him more a symptom of the racist issue rather than a catalyst.

    But also remember, Brian, what we have been trying to tell the cat-loving freaks on this board… We are all free to disregard that with which we do not agree, and subsequently walk away from it. Sometimes, that is the most powerful statement we can make 😉

  180. How do search engines work? If we put stuff like cat love, cats are the best, love my cat, beautiful cats, cats rock, stuff like that, will that bring them here? Nicholle: your a strong woman, this is on tv here tonighthttp://www.tv3.co.nz/Programmes/InsideNewZealand/tabid/86/Default.aspx?listingID=715129

  181. Seems like the Virginia killer thought he was a victim of bullying. I suppose we all are. I mean even bullies get bullied, right? That tape was kinda like ‘you made me do it’. I was at a mens meeting last night and the facilitator was kinda nasty. Hes a bully. But isnt a bully kinda like a vampire, reduces his victims and puffs himself up. Sad, so sad. I recently experienced friends ganging up, the whole pack dog intinct, its not nice. And the wierd thing is, its usually niceness that they gang up against. Caesars ugly mob. The killer made out he was a lamb amongst the wolves, but hell, did that change! Sorry, I know this is off the subject, but seeing as the cat hate support group has momentarily stalled, thought this was on peoples minds. Especially teachers of foreign students. I am sorry Nicholle, must be awfully different at school

  182. Aucklander: My English Comp students have been distant and preoccupied. Most people are at thate age, but they have been more so than usual. I think they are probably dwellign on what happened at Virginia Tech. It really did shock the world. The kid had some serious issues. I’m not making excuses for him. He needed to be away somewhere he could have gotten the help he needed.

    Lots of bullies out there. Very perceptive, though, about the strong woman observation. I am told that quite often. Actually it gets on a lot of people’s nerves–not necessarily because I am strong, but because have a tendency to be unintentionally “in your face” about things. I had an interview earlier this week during which the recruiter told me straight out that he was impressed with my portfolio, but that he had reservations about hiring me because he fears I might “steamroll” over the existing faculty with my personality. I hear stuff like that a lot.

    But on the subject of bullying, I find that I tend eliminate them quickly from my small but tight circle, as most people perceive fairly quickly that I don’t take shit and bullies don’t like that, so be default they don’t like me. In most cases in which I encounter bullies, as I have quite often in the work place, they either keep out of my way (by reasoning to their subjects that I smell or have ebola or something) or firing me if it is within their authority. I challenge people’s fragile balance, and because of that I am often poorly tolerated. But I am lucky to have the people I have, as I would rather have one person who I could be myself around always than 100 people who I constantly have to put on an act for. I have a feeling you hear where I am coming from.

    Cat lovers, where are you?

  183. Word! I like boat rockin whistle blowers. yay for you! stay strong, banging heads can be hard work. I’m about to contest the authority of the facilitator, he’s a scorpio, 6′ 5″. I’m short and foreign looking. I feel nervous. Hes got he rest jumping to his tune. Thanks for your descriptions Nicholle, I have taken some strength.

  184. That Virginia Tech massacre did shock the world, the news said that that he had emotional problems. Nicholle:What you just said was really, really deep. (to me)


  186. I think the role of the bully is played down by the mainstream. Its as if the cognitive recognition of the bullys place in society would cause ripples of dissent and revolt amongst the masses or something, santa claus is so much nicer! I see many groups of friends and acquaintences ruled by these self inposed dictators, or to put it clinically, those who exhibit dominant traits. I believe many people want to be part of a group so will take shit, and many dont want to think for themselves. So, those who go with the flow, inadvertently become enablers to power psychos. It is really deep Brian..really..Bullies from my observations generally have large hands, strong bodies and powerful spirits. Don’t choose the dark side Luke. Tiddles is a bully cat. These things are sent to try us. If we live with this we will accept that. As below so above. The microcosm is the macrocosm. Imagine all the gut feelings everyone has being ignoring for the sake of getting on and making a buck or getting laid. I’m like you too Nicholle. Fuck that shit

  187. I wanna know why so many “greeny, animal lovers” own cats???!!! Cats kill other lovely creatures….not just kill, but TORTURE and TORMENT. They’ve wiped out native species. They eat meat!!! (and yes, I know you’re gonna say, “Oh but it’s just snouts, sphincters and entrails”…..but pet food companies are under a lot of pressure to include “real meat” in their products)……so what about the lovely cows and lambs that cat owners support the slaughter of? Yes they’d die to feed humans, but buying cat food is like buying leather….YOU SUPPORT DEATH!

    Same goes for dog-owners….but at least dogs aren’t horrid killing machines.

    I HATE CATS AND CAT OWNERS!!! (especially the ones who claim to “love animals”)

  188. Brian: Thanks for saying I’m *deep* LOL. That’s pretty cool.

    Aucklander: Yes, I agree that “these things are sent to try us,” for how would we grow stronger if we never had any means by which to test our strength. I can honestly say that I would not be as much of a hard ass as I am today were it not for my background. I thank my parents (and every other ignorant pod-head) who insisted I’d amount to nothing or otherwise made me feel inferior for their insufferable cruelty. They created their own doom, because I am smarter, stronger and meaner than all of them now, and they know it. When I walk through my old neighborhood today (my grandparents still live there) all the people who looked down their nose at me 25 years ago come crawling out of the woodwork and try to suck my ass, like they want to be my new best friend. And would you like to know what the best part is? Showing them what a wonderful person they missed out on by refusing to know me, then walking away and leaving them standing there alone with their newly outstreched hand reaching into nothing….

    Zaza: I definitely hear your argument about cats, but I am a strong believer in the circle of life, too, which includes species from bacteria to fungi to flora to fauna and all those that eat everything in that range as well. It all has it’s place somewhere, and to eliminate any part of it would have disastrous consequences for all life. *Humans* are part of that circle, too, but I admit that it’s a shaky fence to walk when you love animals and still believe this. I dislike cats, but not because they eat meat. I dislike cats because for the most part they are annoying, self-serving and unempathetic.

  189. Nicholle: A question, why have people in your neighbourhood changed their attitude towards you? I’m struggling a bit with fitting in, at the moment. And need to find the tools/skills/weapons, to win the wars I dream of fighting. I’m an overgiver like my mother, who died bitter and resentful towards many who did not reciprocate her ways, especially some white people from her church who kept her at a distance. Her best relationships where with immigrants like herself. She is classed as ‘eurasian’, Armenian to be exact. I have sensed a generousity of spirit too, in you Nicholle, and hear your words of hurt, and see the hard ass too. Theres kind of a parallel for me too here, so I’m pursuing this because I feel I may learn something important, which i dont think my mom did, apart from learning to type, and spell. I know I too must turn my back on many I have known, or become more like their culture. It simply is not working so I must leave, or become like their culture. I read recently about rogue males http://www.alternativeculture.com/lit/guests/rogue.htm or this may open better http://www.alternativeculture.com/lit/guests/rogue.htm I believe I’m like this phenomena, mainly for challenging the alpha types but getting wasted in the process. So, less mythopoetically speaking, the facilitator is trying to be all buddy buddy after being a domineering, intollerant, egomaniacal pig. Boat rocking whistle blowers normally get wasted, dont they? Maybe I shoulnt have said to him that when you break the word ‘therapist’ into two words, you get ‘the rapist’. Like the mafia says, “dont mess with the family”. Tired of getting whacked, resting in my peaceful tower….ZAZA: Two dogs killed an elderly woman here too days ago and another bit another old lady on the face yesterday. Some hari krishnas I know and hindus (vegetarians) can be real horrible people at times. I dont like factory farming of meat or eggs at all, and dont buy these products. In new zealand, theres all these regulations for cats and dogs welfare, and yet battery chickens and stall pigs have much less kindness shown towards them. Have you ever heard of ‘the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy’. Human growth was encouraged because an intergalactic burger chain responsible for managing farm earth, was waiting for the fattening.

  190. Human fattening, that is. Could be an alogorical story. Those fuck faced cats are getting the love and kindness that could be showered on all those useless human pieces of shit out there!

  191. Aucklander: The “rogue” description hits home with me, as that has been the essence my life up until Craig and I met seven years ago and I managed to eck out some semblance of a notch for myself among his–albeit fragile–family tree. So it really came as no surprise to me when I found out two years after we were married that we are actually distant cousins on the Scottish side. A rogue existence is a harsh, lonely one–one which I very much resented, even when I knew of no other way. I have Craig to thank for showing me another life. He has really helped to ground me and I don’t imagine I will ever be able to fully repay him for that. Even still, though, I have as of yet not been able to completely shake the feeling deep at my core that I am still and will always be a rogue–rootless and aimless. Because of that, I sometimes hurt the people who have come to care about me. And that is a horrible feeling.

    My best advice to you, Aucklander, is to take back the power you have given people by striving so fiercely for their acceptance. You realize that you have given them power over you, right? Think of what it is these people have that you want? It may be nothing tangible, but it is most definitely something, even something simple. And ask yourself if you really need it. Are you willing to reach for it at the expense of what you already have that is dear to you? If you have to sacrifice what makes you you in order to attain it, then I would imagine that whatever you want from these people is not worth what you have to give in return. And I would imagine that if you believe this, you will find the strength to seek comfort and acceptance elsewhere, among people who are worthy of your gifts. There are people out there who have as much to offer you as you have to offer them, and who most likely will be willing to love you for you, be them friends, lovers or mentors. This is my perspective on it.

    I did nothing to “change people’s attitudes toward me” but work to make a better life for myself. I did not strive to impress the people who spurned me, but I found amusement in the fact that I shocked–and I am sure in some cases disappointed–the people who prophesized that I would die in a gutter at 15 by completely proving them wrong. I think they realize, now that I am an educated, sophisticated adult like them–and no longer the the stray waif that they had so ruthlessly kicked when down decades ago–and now have the potential to influence the actions of others, including themselves, and they fear me because of that. But their penitence comes 20 years too late. I pined for their acceptance and love 20 years ago, and they withheld it from me with impunity. Now that I no longer need them, they condescend to extend their hands of “friendship” to me? They don’t deserve it, and I realize now that they never did. I have since learned what friendship is, and that love is unconditional, and therefore should not require one to sacrifice his or her existential self in order to attain it. I predict–on the basis of my life experience and my lowly philosophy–that when you discover this, you will find yourself, somehow, among the right people, and probably when you least expect it.

    On a totally different subject…Total surprise about the Armenian issue. In the U.S., Armenians are considered just another strain of Caucasian (European). Those of Italian ancestry–which is half of my roots–are considered Latino or in some cases their own “race” by 85% of the country. Only the Northeastern portion of the country considers us “white.” Weird, huh! My ethnic heritage is part of me, but does not define me, and I think that too makes a big difference in my outlook.

    Hope this helps!

  192. Gee wizz yeah! powerful stuff! I’m going to have to mull that over awhile…. Digestion is a little slow, and you just served up a big bite of nourishment, thank you Nicholle.

  193. Well, you are very welcome, Aucklander. I try my best, but sometimes I find myself rambling and wonder if even *I* know what I am talking about…lol…

    Well, that is *not* really true! My words are always carefully chosen and from the core. Some people call it “deep.” Some people find it eerie and unnatural.

    But I always love any opportunity to help people see things from differnent perspectives. The tendency has always been part of my nature, even though I have absolutely no formal training and am certainly not a counselor 😉 I get the Relentlessly Philisophical Gene from my mother’s family (though certainly not from my mother herself)!

  194. ‘Given them power over me’ is true in that I believed that I should/could make myself vulnerable to my friends, as thats what a relationship is about, trust and openness. However, thats probably where I have gone wrong. As I have 3 x 7’s in my core numbers (numerology), I probably have issues around trust. Either too much, or closed off. With say an aquaintance or man on the street type person, I am more resilient and “okay”, than most people, and less inclined to judge them, least I be judged. I guess I’m hard wired astrologically to be more open than most. Mythopoetically I probably need a sheild of some kind, an attitude change that if this is how it is out there, I must be more aware of protection than most to whom it may come more naturally. Culture has a large part to play here for me. In nz, we are far less diverse than east coast usa. I am sad to admit that many of my ‘friends’, have no, and i mean NO friendships outside their own race type. Frightenly, 2 aussies in my old surfing friends, have the names Aussie Pete and Aussie Keith. As if the difference of being an australian rather than nz’er, becomes a reason to place their nationality before their names! Another friend Luciene of dutch parents is on the outside and ridiculed. Even though auckland is the largest polynesian city in the world, none of these ‘friends’ have friendships with polynesians, asians, indians or immigrants. And, its not just one group of friends like this, or our society in general. I guess all cultures keep to their own. I just need to be more realistic and less idealistic and wistful. Need to go now…

  195. lol…..

    Nichole: Yeah I’m a cirle of life fan too. Of course it’s very natural for carnivorous and omnivorous animals to eat meat. good on them. I have no problem with that at all. But stupid humans keep breeding more and more cats. And the more cats there are in the world, the more cats there are to eat (or kill for fun) other animals. That might one day wreak havoc within that circle.

    Aucklander: As for dogs, am not a fan of those either. Wish noone ever owned pets. Strain on our resources to breed animals we dont need!!!!!!!!

    Wish people would let nature occur naturally…. Stop breeding extra animals for companionship. Get a life. Or go be out in nature or something. I HATE ALL PETS

  196. Aucklander: Of course we give our loved ones power over us by loving and trusting them!! I wasn’t saying we shouldn’t, but I what I was saying was that we should not spend as much time striving to befriend people who judge us or try to change us to make us more “palatable” to them or to make it such that they can be “proud to be seen” with us. Sometimes we can change for the best, and that change really is the best thing for us, but often, people resent us or just don’t like us for our personalities or our convictions or just the perpsectives that we have derived from our experiences. THOSE are the people who we need to take the power away from, not the people who already love us for who we are. I didn’t realize that NZ was so full of people who are so xenophobic and ethnocentric, at least not to that extent. My maternal grandfather spent time there during WW II, had a girl and a pet Aussie Shepherd there, loved it so much that he went back to visit 50 years later. He is Tuscan (Italian), and also noticed that he was looked down upon because of it, but had no problem finding other people who shared his heritage and spent most of his time with them. Had a great time nonetheless. So, maybe that is your answer. It sucks that there are so many ignorant people out there, as trust me there are many ignorant people out here too, but it is better to be among people who accept you than among people who don’t. There are many in US who don’t like those of Italian ancestry, many who believe that we are all degenerates (I love “The Sopranos,” but for a good example of what most Americans think Italians are, watch an episode or two). My husband’s family is very multicultural, and we all tease one another, so I even get off-color ethnic remarks from some of them. On the other hand, there are members of my biological family who think I’m substandard because I am not “100% Italian.” I laugh in their face. It’s just sick. But as for the rest of the country, I don’t need their friendship if that is how they feel about me without even knowing me. They have a problem, not me. I just rambled and rambled on and I hope I made some sense! Racism is a global issue, not just an issue in US or NZ. I guess we just all have to find our niche and embrace it, whatever that niche may be.

    Zaza: I agree with you on the “breeding of companion animals.” That’s why I don’t buy from breeders or pet stores. All my guinea pigs come from shelters and rescues after being abandoned by previous owners who had bought them from breeders or pet stores. And I don’t breed them. I keep only same-sex female or neutered male-female pairs. So I don’t perpetuate the cycle of irresponsible breeding. I am actually one of the few trying to break it. And since you mentioned it, I actually spend a lot of time in nature myself. Matter of fact, Craig and I are going to hike the Manasquan Reservoir this afternoon 😉

  197. gaza: lol…??? yeah, people buying pets and breeding pets is stupid and crazy, amongst other shitty things people do. Some people make fun of others, and then they themselves go out and do something equally crazy. I guess humans have got a long way to go. Objectively though, humans are probably a lot worse to the enviroment than pets. Maybe you should hate humans too? Nichcolle: Thanks for all your thoughts, I’m chewing the fat on all this at the moment, quite a few paradigm shifts occuring. Its all good, as you once alluded to.

  198. Those fuck faced cats are screwing up this planet! Something should be done! We cant just stand by and let those feline agents of satan take control! We must join together and repulse this negative influence, least they gain more favour and corrupt our precious bodily fluids!

  199. Cats sucks! They think that they own the whole fucking world. I fucking hate cats! Only good cat is a dead one.

  200. Anyone who hates cats or any kind of animal deserves to have their kneecaps shot off, every single hair plucked from their head, ever finger severed then be forced to eat them, nipples shaved of then have salt poured on the wounds, be desemboweld, nails driven into their eyes, set on fire, and left to die! Oh and if anyone is wondering why I came to this site was to tell you that most of you are ignorant pieces of shit and a waste of a human life!

  201. ‘Hate’, is a pretty strong word. Hating people who hate cats… Who is right and who is wrong? Personally, I would like to see this blog redefined to people who dislike the keeping of cats as pets. Otherwise, it seems kinda harmful in a misrepresented sort of way. Donncha?

  202. Yeah, I got a little carried away, I just don’t understand how anyone could hate any animal as much as some of these people. I just skimmed through some of what people had written and some of it was pretty, well, mean.
    I know, I know what I responded with was pretty, well, mean too. I came across this website on accident. I was trying to find ways to help one of my cats and for some reason i found this site. I was pretty bitchy before I read some of the stuff, but then the more I read the angrier I got. And I sort of went off the deep end. But I did feel better after I left my reply.
    Brian, do you really hate cats as much as you say you do? I mean you wouldn’t hurt or kill one intentionally would you?

  203. Sadly there are people who would and do kill other peoples pets. Previous posts were from a guy who went out cat hunting with his dogs. I had a flatmate years ago who purchased a high powered slingshot to shoot at neighbourhood cats. I really dislike the cat I am looking after, but feed him and ignore him. I think I squirted him with drinking water the other day… Mostly, people here are with wives and husbands who have/like cats, but cant stand them personally. Its a good therapy for me, unfortunatly my cat is a bully asshole. Panda: Whats up with your cat? I know a lot about medicine/alternative health …Nicholle; Ethnocentric/eurocentric/anglocentric, its not that diverse at all. Imagine a small town in an isolated area.

  204. I want to kill every goddamn cat in the world! They’re evil, nasty little fuckers. Cats are just using you!


  205. Auckdander, couldn’t you find someone else to look after the cat? I mean, I know you don’t care for cats, and well cats need more than just someone to feed them. They too, just like humans need love and affection and someone to play with. I don’t mean to step on your toes but don’t you think that it would be better for you and the cat if someone else looked after it?

  206. As for my cat, two winters ago I found a stray hanging around my apartment building. One night when I came home from work, he was sitting by the door looking so sick and cold and scared. So I picked him up and brought him in.
    I already had one cat that I adopted from the shelter a couple of years previously. Sadly to say she hates the new member of the family and she has been licking off her fur. So she is being a little neurotic. I don’t think she will ever get over the fact that she has a new brother. The vet first thought it was a skin allergy, but the meds he put her on don’t work. I don’t want to put her on any anti depressant/anxiety meds because they can change the personality. She is a very playful cat and still is, she seems happy and healthy, she just licks he fur off.

  207. Panda79: I rest my case…Cats are fucking weird.

    Our fracking cat woke me up 1:00 monday morning, and I had to get up at 6 a.m. yesterday, and I got really pissed off. I have CFS, and have trouble falling and staying asleep as it is, and the cat has been more and more often been waking me up at night and Craig has always insisted on letting her into the bedroom and assured me that he was *not* going to lock her out no matter what I said.

    So I woke up 1:00 in the morning with the cat on my face and I started swearing and I kicked the motherfucker across the bedrrom–and I don’t care who thinks I am sick– and Craig gets all nasty with me. It’s like, HELLO Im the one who is getting up at 6 am to go sub which I hate to help you with the bills and your’e giving me attitude? Whose fucking house is this? Maybe I’ll go find another place and you can fracking stay here with your motherfucking cat alone.

    So I was pissed off all day at school Monday, almost crying while trying with every ounce of my being to stay awake on 1 1/2 hours of fucking sleep, and the kids were giving me a hard time, which is not unusual, but I really came down on a few of them and gave them detention. And they were pissed, so they followed me out to my car after school and I had to go back into the building.

    Then when Craig got home I dumped all this stuff on him–most of which was warranted–and his feelings got hurt and he got really upset and we got into a huge fracking arguement.

    So it was not a good day.

    But, it worked out anyway, because I apologized for hurting his feelings, and even though the way he has been acting is not for the reasons I have been thinking, he admitted he has been on edge for other reasons that we talked long and hard about….but here’s the best part: he finally after 3 1/2 fracking years of having this fucking cat agreed that we need to keep it out of the bedroom at night. Now was that so hard?

    And all this over a fucking cat. FUCK FUCK FUCK

  208. My cat Tiddles dominated his birth brother ‘Peeps’ who lives wild outside, hunting with no human contact. ‘Bullies’ alienate their victims isolating them from others with humiliation. When I got the two cats from a woman she had a menagerie of casts n dogs birds and sheep too. Pet crazy matriarch. Her online name was after her cat… Tiddles is an asshole because he is a pack leader. His focus is to run the show with you as a subjagated slave. When I got these cats, I used to like cats. In fact, many I still do…especially Burmans, these were breed by buddhist monks in Myanmar. So, when I got the brothers I showered them with love and attention, prime meats, cranial massage to the point of fucking orgasm, the whole bit. Tiddles would push his smaller brother out of the way from the beginning. Prior to moving here, Peeps only came in for food. He’s some where in the shrub next to my house. I could catch him in the live trap I have and give away with Tiddles to another, this is how I got the brothers. However, I would rather not do that to Peeps, he has been the butt of Tiddles tyranny all his life. Plus, we have a rodent problem and I need ratters, of which they are very good. I avoid feeding Tiddles kibble, he gets prime meats, albeit not overfed. The only cats I have observed *happy* with other cats are cage dwelling breeders cats and orientals. Panda: thinking your cats are going to get along is cute, but unrealistic. Your original cat hates the other there. Just as much as I would hate to have you around, grown up on kitten birthday fucking cards, pandering to wild feral cats, and probably unaware of the suffering factory farmed chickens and pigs are going through to fed you and your cats. Tiddles slept on the sofa last night, hes in perfect health, loves to be a true hunter, kisses no ones ass, is slender and sharp as a pin. He wants to be fat, he is neutered. He would then become sedate, and be more easy going on others. I need a ratter. If i gave him and Peeps to someone *kind*, like you, who wants two strange cats to get along, to the point of considering antidepressant meds and the like, do you really think, after my little speech now, that i would be doing the *right* thing, by god…..Peeps, is healthy too, but he would rather not play the ‘own the human competition game’, with his brother, who I dislike for being a bully, and treat much better, than he treats others. I’m 100% sure that if i rehomed Tiddles to a apple pie family, they would be unhappy with their choice. I would also feel bad if I did not tell them the truth as I see it now, because I cant selectively choose other truths that are more convenient, to getting along with those fuck faced cats and their slavish minions! Remember, touching and handling cats is abhorant to 90% of people in the world. Fucked up westerners, in the factory farm cities of the industrial first world, need something to cuddle, and for the children to lose interest in.

  209. Panda: You did get carried away, but I get carried away sometimes. I don’t really want to kill a cat, but so they can fuckin’ leave me alone!

  210. Damn Auckdander, that was a little harsh to say the least.
    Brian, that was a pretty good joke!!

  211. Was a bit worried Nicholle that you might have a student called Chow. Hope things are better… saw a Kurosawa dvd called ‘Sanjuro’ Anyway, one line from it was that a unsheathed sword is less powerful than a sheathed one, or so. I still re read the words you wrote, and often remind myself how lucky I am to have a good advisor, be reasonably aware and how crazy the world can appear. ///////”Love all God’s creation, the whole of it and every grain of sand in it. Love every leaf, every ray of God’s light. Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the divine mystery in things.” (Fëdor Mikhailovich Dostoevski [1825-1881]), The Brothers Karamazov (1879-1880), Book 6, Chapter 3

  212. Aucklander: Nope, no students named Chow…but who is Chow?

    Things a bit better than they were in my last blog. Kids today were much better but a few still fucking with me–no they still haven’t learned not to fuck with this iron bitch–and I had to give three of them detention today. None followed me to my car this afternoon, but one of them came up to me during passing and told me “thanks for putting me in the penalty box,” then informed me of his plans to “fuck up” the two students whom he fancies “got him into trouble,” even though he has only himself to blame. So I had to go upstairs, out of civic obligation, to the administration and file a formal disciplinary referral. The administration must think I am fruity by this point.

    Cat formally barred from the bedroom during sleeping hours–thank fucking goodness–but of course Craig is moaning about it. I told him this afternoon, when I came home between subbing and ESL, to get over it. He pouted but I think he’s starting to accept that I’m not going to budge on this, though he’s transformed the “poor cat” into a martyr.

    Of course, now that I don’t have the cat waking me up, I have one of my delusional cousins from the inner city calling me at 4:00 a.m. Monday to inform me that Mandy Patinkin (B grade American actor) is having sex with three minors on her living room couch after driving her home from a black tie party to which she had been invited by the American Actors’ Guild–which had a fund raiser to help her find her estranged granddaughter and neice who disappeared three years ago. Well, I think if I had a grandmother like that, I’d have disappeared too. Good news is, I have one less person I feel obligated to invite to my 30th birthday party in July 🙂

    So as a result of that nonsense, I couldn’t wake up till after 9 a.m. yesterday, and because of that, I wasn’t tired enough to fall asleep last night. So I went to work again today on 1 1/2 hours of sleep.

    I don’t know; it’s like the Gods of Nod have condemned me cast me out for some reason. And I wish the fuck they would tell me what that reason is so I can get some fucking sleep in my own house!!!!

  213. Put very angry cat into Youtube, the caged brown cat reminds me of an angry snake! The hissing, mouth and teeth, slimness of body, are sooo snaky!

  214. Well, it is good that there are still people posting. I havent seen any comments for a few weeks.

    Craig still complaining that the cat is being “slighted” by being banned from the bedroom, because since I have locked her out she has been “whoring herself.” Every time someone walks by her she rolls over onto her back and squirms around on the floor. Craig’s cat-freak coworker told him it is because the cat is starved for attention and willing to do “anything it takes” in order to earn it back.

    Last night cat vomited on the rug–of course, we have only one room with a rug and five rooms without, but she has to vomit only in the room with the rug–and Craig reasons that she is doing it out of distress. The poor thing…fresh food and water constantly available, warm house, soft couches, and her very own fleece bed in the living room(which apparently is not good enough to sleep on)…who wouldn’t be vomiting in distress over such misfortune.

    Good grief.

    1. Your cat is definitely behaving this way because of you, either she doesn’t like you or new people to the house makes a change in her personality

  215. Why do so many irish people hate cats so much in comparison to other nationalities?

    Is it all of the mangy inbred moggies hanging around milk parlours and the like?

    Getting a cat next weekend & most of my friends can’t understand why.

  216. Perplexed: I hate cats, and I am part Irish (well, actually Scottish) heritage, but I don’t think that one has anything to do with the other. I hate cats because they are manipulative, selfish and creepy.

    For everyone: Case in point – my husband is going to be in a wedding party in two weeks, and last night, he and a bunch of buddies took the groom down to Seaside Heights, (in NJ) for a Bachelor Party/Bar Hop. My husband is diabetic, so he was only able to have one drink all night, so when one of the other stumbling shitfaced idiots falls and cracks his head open on a cinderblock partition and bleeds all over the place, my husband gets the dubious honor of rushing the moron to the hospital, as he is the only one sober enough to do it.

    Needless to say, my husband, who was planning on being home not long after midnight last night, winds up being kept awake and spending the night and morning in the ER. So he gets home at about 10:30 a.m. EST, after having been awake for 36 hours and all he wants to do is crash. He climbs into bed, of course insisting on leaving the bedroom door open, for God forbid he slights the cat by locking her out. And five minutes after he conks out, she climbs up into the window and starts howling like a banshee, waking him up.

    Amazingly, he lets me shut her out on the bedrooom, as I am in here at the computer. You’d think she’d have gotten the message? Nope. Sits outside the bedroom door, howling under the crack of the door for another 10 minutes. Mind you, the shoes and tennis balls that are flying past her head from the kitchen have absolutely no effect on her. So I hurl her into the laundry room and lock the door, but not before checking to make sure she has enough food and water. Doesn’t make a fucking difference. One hour later, she is still in there, howling and growling. I went into the john (which shares a door with the laundry room) and she comes to the door crack and is sniffing and wailing under the door crack while I am hatching a loaf. Sounds like a fucking grade B horror movie.

    You know, dogs just don’t pull shit like that.

    So, to Perplexed and all of you out there who don’t understand why I and others like me hate hates (Irish, Scottish or otherwise). They are spiteful, manipulative beings whose sole purpose in life is to learn the sore spots of everyone around them and pick at them with machete-like malice. Period.


  217. Cats are quite disgusting creatures. Besides carrying myriad diseases, such as toxoplasmosis (which infect the womb of a pregnant woman if scratched and kill or handicap the unborn child), they tend to roam in other people’s gardens defecating and urinating at will. Dogs and other pets do not do this, indeed dogs are “loyal” to their owners where cats are self serving creatures even when they are looked after.
    THE BEST WAY to ensure a cat stays out of your garden is to put down cayenne and chilli pepper powder around the area these hideous creatures “scat”. When they attempt to remove the pepper from their paws, I read that they get it into their eyes and can scratch their own eyes out, however will stay clear of your garden.

  218. I hate cats, and trust me, they hate me just as much. I was at my aunt’s house the other day and her dumbass cat jumped up on the coffee table, just staring at me, and then the little fucker jumped on me and tried to stratch my eyes out for no reason! I swear, I’ve never done anything to that cat, EVER, it just hates me, as do all cats I’ve met. Sorry to all you “cat lovers”, but cats are worthless, filthy animals. Hate them, but I would never be cruel to one.

    1. CATS ARE NOT WORTHLESS, THEY ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ANIMAL AND VERY ATTRACTIVE the cat prbably atacked you because it can sense you dont like cats, duuhhh or maybe it doesn’t like you

      1. …..Wait a minute… scratch out ATTRACTIVE because it sounds like im attracted to cats!!!! OMG! nooooo, dont believe that eww!

  219. Brain:”Kitty sc(r)atched me, I hate kitty!” It sounds like you’re still 5yrs old! You still watch the same cartoons, don’t you?

    And Bridget, no, not all iRISH people hate cats, just inbred white-trash iRISH people who go to 7-11 for beer instead of going to the pub for a pint and intellectual conversation! No?

    Jacky is living proof that yet again most white-trash people are from Scotland, your fucking backwards family shames modern Gaelic people! Clans MacDuff and McNaughton, what about you? I know, clan McMedieval!

    As for Navajo, why did you choose that handle? Are you Navajo? Faggots and all living things are to be respected in Navajo beliefs! Oh, you’re a phony Navajo, got it. Yea, lots of phony Ojibways too!

    Scandinavians with no culture have no soul!

    Sincerely, The Outbred Human

    “It is better to feed one cat than an army of mice” – Norwegian proverb

    P.S. Thanks for the laughs retards!!!

  220. It’s true there are some nut job cats out there – just like people really ……………………

    I live in Ireland. Of course not all of us hate cats, but i think Irish people in general do not seem to be as much into pets as the Brits or other Europeans. A lot of animals from our shelters get sent to England & Scandanavia for rehoming. While in some countries like Germany it’s the other end of the scale – it’s perfectly acceptable to bring your dog with you into malls & restaurants!

    Anyway, now have a 2 month old kitten. Is very friendly, follows us around everywhere and actually seems to like us too – even when there’s no food involved. I’m worried, this does not seem to be normal behaviour for a cat – is he ill – maybe he’ll grow out of it?

  221. Perplexed – that is perfectly normal behaviour! Kittens are so cute! Have you introduced him to the fun that can be had with a ball of twine or wool yet?

  222. How do I sound like i’m still freaking 5 thor?answer that. It was a story all right ????? it was exactly what happened!

  223. Wow, I haven’t been on here in a LONG time. How’s everyone doing? :]
    Still hating on the cats?
    Haha, well I suppose I’m starting to understand everyone’s hatred. My cat has recently decided to drag in animals on a daily basis. I’ve saved a few, lost many, and found some already dead and ripped apart.
    It is gruesome, yes, but I guess it’s the price I pay for having a cat, eh?

  224. Nicholle, tell your husband to shut the fuck up! I pity you, ’cause your husband is obviously idiot. Try this: say to your husband, that he have to choose, either you or his goddamn piece of shit cat!

  225. FUCK CATS, do you want that i kill that cat for you? I would even do it for free. One more dead cat=better world.

  226. Death to Cats: I admire your eagerness to help, but I’ll have to pass. As much as I dislike cats, I don’t wish death or harm to any mammal! (Except maybe my mother-in-law’s cat, Graycie, but so does everyone else)

    As for my husband, he is a quite intelligent, kind person, who sometimes takes his protectiveness of those he loves–human and non-human–a bit far. Like all of us, has his idiosyncrasies, and this just happens to be one of them. While we disagree heartily on pet matters at times, and sometimes argue over them, we do ultimately reach compromises which are tolerable–even if not necessarily preferable–to all denizens of our home, and we certainly don’t swear at one another in the process! Craig tolerates my love for the guinea pigs out of respect for me, and for the same reason, I tolerate his love for the cat. We all make reasonable accommodations for the people we love–or at least I should hope so!

    When all is said and done, a better man than my husband I have yet to meet.

    In any event, Death to Cats, I appreciate your enthusiasm to defend my honor 😉 But I’ll just continue to confront matters in my own way! Thanks 🙂

  227. Nicholle, what do you mean that fear of the unknown is unfortunate part of human nature? IMO, it is normal and healthy part of human nature. If you don’t fear unknown, you can hardly call yourself human. You have to fear something. Everyone fears something. I fear just about anything, including myself, but i hate only those who deserve to be hated.

  228. What the hell is wrong with people in the world, treating one of gods own creatures in such an disrespectful manner? Pus pus, oohh, here pussy! Who can resist one?

  229. middle ages talk on this pityful website, only people who can just profess hatred ? or people suffering from neurosis ? or blockhead kids having a laugh at cat crazy people reacting there ?
    Well Cats are part of the world whether most of you may like it or not. Speaking about hurting or killing those creatures is just provocative and irresponsible. Any incitement to harm an animal in any cruel way should be prosecuted really. ANVIL have a look here.
    I can understand that some people get scared of cats or dogs, that they do not like them for whatever reasons but this attitude of “kill them all ” is really a fascist attitude. One day it’s all about cats then tomorrow will it be about hatred against a community, a minority of people ? I think people should try to “cure” their hate and waste their energy on more productive thinking…

  230. wilcat: I post to this site for fun, not out of malice. I don’t like cats, but I would never hurt one.

    Quite frankly, I have lots of other more important things to do with my time. But I can’t be bothered every minute of my life doing the “more important things.” My like would be quite boring indeed if I did, and if I didn’t take time out of my busy schedule every once in a while to exchange a silly remark with someone who shares my sentiments.

    However, the main point of what I am trying to say is that people have the right to discuss what they want, be it things they like or don’t like. And those who can’t handle that have the right not to listen (or read)….any questions?

  231. I love cats and we all should…. my grandmother has like 20 kittens and 10 mother cats so, HUSH if u hate cats!

  232. Hey cats are tolerable…if ya never had a dog.
    I have had the misfortune of living with a few cats…
    They weren’t TOO bad, if you excuse the furniture damage, scratches on my motorcycle seat, leg, etc. Plus the damned cat box stink, eating off the table…Now that I think about it, they’re NOT too tolerable.
    I’ve owned a few dogs…they would die for me…
    A cat…ohh yeah run away like hell if you’re in trouble.

    One quick (true) story.
    I lived in Hawaii, on Oahu. My friend lived in a country area (Puunaluu). He owned 3 boxers, on a 1 acre fenced- in yard. His house was in the back, about 4 feet from his back fence. He had a cockatiel in the window in a cage. Well the cat owner neighbors were pissed cause….
    The stupid friggin cats would walk the fence…see the bird…jump to the window screen…then look down.
    Three boxers just waited, no hurries, no worries. Cat cant jump backwards off a screen, just drop. So the dogs just waited, actually taking turns to go pee, etc.

    Well, I dont have to tell you the outcome. Most of the neighbors were GLAD to be rid of the MANY the cats that were nailed (they raise chikens, rabbits, etc.)

    When the neighbors complained, he told them “My dogs never go into YOUR yard…keep your effing cats out of mine.

    However, I respect peoples choice to have the f*cked up pet of thier choice. I must say I never killed a cat…came close but it’s not in me. Cant even kill a bird. But if you ever graduate from a cat to a dog, you’ll NEVER go back.



  233. The Cattish Lover: How about the other way around….if you hate cats, POST to this site *for* people who hate cats. If you don’t hate cats, then YOU can just hush and find another blog.

    Brad: Love your story. If you scroll back a few dozen blogs, you’ll find plenty of simlar stories courtesy of moi. You are right, if someone’s dog was wandering through neighbors’ backyards, shitting in their gardens and threatening their pets, the dog would be poisoned or rounded up by animal control, and more likely than not the owner would take responsibility. (This is why most dog owners keep their pets contained) But of course if a cat does the same exact thing, that is absolutely okay. And woe to the person who takes a stand and confronts the “owner” about it.

    Ironically, of course, the “owner” who claims to give such a shit about their cat doesn’t give enough of a shit to let the animal live in the same house with them. But somehow the neighbors are expected to fully and unquestioningly bear the burden of the “owner’s” irresponsible, don’t-give-a-fuck attitude about their “pet.”

    Bottom line, cat “owners,” either keep your “pet” inside, where, *as a pet*, it should be, or find someone else who is willing to do so. Otherwise, just shut the fuck up when you find the thing dead in the street from some understandably fed-up neighbor who’s had enough, or from some “evil” dog who was just defending *its*–and its owner’s–property.

    I swear cat people–most I’ve met, not just the ones on this blog– are like fundamentalist fucking terrorists. They believe in the “freedom” to say and do whatever you want as long as it’s the same as what they say and do (regardless of who it inconveniences). Of course, if you say or do different from them, they tell you to shut up and make your life miserable. It’s amazing how quickly such “free” and “tolerant” people forget how tolerant they are when they meet someone who doesn’t think like them or someone who isn’t willing to put up with their bullshit. Kind of like cats…..Oh, but wait a minute….Isn’t that exactly the point I was trying to make in the first place?

    (No offense, Donncha; that diatribe obviously excludes you!)

    1. shut up you overopinionated thing cats are beautiful, havn’t you got better thing to do then go on here? just because your husabnds cat is like that doesn’t mean all cats are like that!!!!!!!! it depends on the cat! my cat is affectionate, cute, loving, loveable, very playful, clean, obedient and it loves me, you cant hate cats when you havn’t had a well experience with them i bet if you bought a cat yourself and it had a good personality you would COMPLETELY change your mind about cats, it IS posiible for YOU to love a cat, beacause your not sick, only sick people can never go back, i think you should get one and i guarantee the first THREE weeks of the cat being with you, you would adore cats, and plus, it is just a myth that dogs save lifes did you know i have heard of more stories where the dog has eaten the children rather than saving the children!!!! seeee!!!

  234. My boyfriend and his dad just moved into my house and brought along 3 frickin cats 😡 !! I HATE CATS UUHHH!! these cats spray everywhere, theRE fur gets all over my $8,000 sofa and clothes and my carpet is ruined!! there litter STINKS up my whole entire house, and these cats know i hate them!! i think they spray to purpousely piss me off!! I know it is messed up however i am contenplating feedin them anti freeze!! I HATE THESE CATS MORE THEN ANYTHING!! and my boyfriends dad who is the owner is the LAZIEST man!! the cats food stinks to high heaven and i am always catching the cats on my kitchen counter top, I have very expensive furniture and these nasty animals are destroying it!! OMG I HATE THESE CATS WITH A TRUE PASSION!!! they are all 3 old and fat and hairy carry fleas and are disgusting!!FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT SUCH A WORTLESS CRETURE? THEY ARE OLD AND HAIRY AND NASTY!!!!!! OMG!! CAN ANYONE TELL ME A WAY TO GET RID OF THEM?/ HOW CAN I GET RID OF THEM WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING?? SNEANKY WELL SO ARE THESE WORTLESS LAME UGLY STUPID DIRTY ASS CATS!! I AM NOT TO FOND OF ANY ANIMALS HOWEVER I TRULY HATE CATS AND ESPAICALLY THESE CATS THAT ARE LIVING IN MY HOME!! YOU WOULD THINK SINCE MY BF AND HIS DAD KNOW I HATE THEM THEY WOULD TAKE BETTER CARE OF THEM BUT NO!!! SERIOUSLY IF THESE CATS ARE IN MY LIFE FOR 1 MORE WEEK I AM GOING TO AUTO-ZONE TO BUY SOME ANTI-FREEZE SCANDALIZE I KNOW!! BUT AT THIS POINT I SEE NO OTHER WAY TO GET RID OF THESE PESTS!! I AM NOT A MEAN PERSON AND WILL FEEL BAD IF I HAVE TO DO THAT BUT I AM NOT EVEN JOKIN IF ANYONE HAS A DIFFERENT SOLUTION PLEASE I BEG OF YOU TO RESPOND TO ME AT >>>CROOKLYNNSLY@HOTMAIL.COM>>>>> THANK YOU XOXO

    1. you sicko cats are not worthless OR ugly cats are beautiful you are a sicko wh deserves to go to jail for future cruelty acts against animal and cats

  235. A good way to break the cats of going on your countertops is to spray them with water whenever you see them up there. Cats don’t like water.

    First of all, I am curious to know why it is that your boyfriend and his (as you put it, Lazy) father are both living in your house to begin with. That in and of itself sounds like a problem that needs to be addressed, first of all. Whatever the reason, I would have a good talk with your boyfriend and his father about this situation. Don’t get confrontational and flustered, like you were (understandably) in the blog, because they will not listen if you do, and may get defensive. And nothing will get done if this happens.

    Secondly, there is no excuse — Zero, Zilch, nada — for these animals to be allowed to destroy YOUR house. Tactfully remind your boyfriend and his father of how generous you are being by letting them live there, and that you don’t mind helping them out, but that, for the sake of everyone’s health and welfare, there needs to be ground rules concerning the animals. It is your house after all.

    It may be that the cats will need to be confined to one room only, preferably one without a carpet or upholstered furniture. You can put a litterbox in the room with them and food and water, and even provide them with some toys and a cat condo (at your boyfriend and his father’s expense, of course). They can come out for supervised playtime, or your boyfriend can spend time with them in the room. This way they can have their own space and not be able to destroy your hard-earned belongings.

    This is just a suggestion, but talk it over with your boyfriend and his dad. There is no excuse for what is going on in your house right now. You need to take a stand and draw the line. And if your two new tenants are not willing to compromise with you, that means that they don’t respect you. In which case I suggest you give serious consideration to whether or not they should be benefiting from your kindness at all. And what you choose to do at that point is up to you. But personally, I could not have a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect me.

    If you read a few blogs up, I posted a story similar to yours back in April 2007. My husband at the time felt his cat should have unlimited access to our bedroom, even though she was waking me up at night. I have fibromyalgia and it is very important that I am allowed to sleep through the night uninterrupted, or else I cannot function the next day. Well one, morning, after that cat had woken me up at 2:30 a.m. that night, I was exhausted and in a lot of pain because I didn’t get enough sleep that night and I got confrontational with my husband and I took it it out on the cat. My husband told me he didn’t want to hear it and that I was being cold and spiteful. I was so angry and sick that morning I was ready to tell him get the fuck out and take the fucking cat with him. Instead of doing that, though, I came home from work (I had to leave early becuase I couldn’t stay awake and I almost lost my job over it), I put my anger aside for a half-hour I wrote him a letter, explaining to him why it was so important to keep the cat out of the room at night, and asking him to give his rationale for why he though she should be allowed in. Turned out he had none. He was just being ridiculous and he had no justification for it. And he agreed that we should keep the cat out of the bedroom at night.

    Writing a letter helps a lot because we are able to think before we put down the words we want to say, and if something doesn’t sound right to us, we can fix it before it gets to the person we are trying to get a message to, minimizing the possibility of irreparable harm to the relationship. When you speak, you can say stuff you might regret later, and there is nothign you can do to take it back .

    Anyway, I hope this is somewhat helpful to you. Let me know, if you would, how things work out. Best of luck to you.


  236. Wow…this just proves that people need lives. I mean, seriously, why the fuck would someone want to bring harm to an animal that has no means of defending itself against your sociopathic ass… Were your childhoods THAT fucked up? Evidently, they were because you’re all just a bunch of Nazis. “I HATE ALL CATS”, “KILL ALL CATS’, “IM GOING TO KILL THESE CATS” Just a bunch of fucking Nazis. And whoever decides that they take comfort from reading little stories about how bad cats are, should do everyone a favor and simply kill themself. You know whats’ disgusting? Not a cat. A site where a bunch of adolescents vent thier anger on an animal. And to the people who actually stick up for cats, keep at it. P.s CATS OWN JOO.

  237. T. Nero: Kill myself? Because I don’t like cats? Who is it that *really* had the fucked up childhood here? I should laugh myself sick (wait a minute, I already did).

    I never on this blog have said anything about wanting to kill any animal. Nor do I take comfort or joy in reading about people who do. I just like to do a little harmless venting about them because it’s fun and amusing. Haven’t you ever heard of catharsis?…Oh, wait probably not. That would have to mean you are educated, and since you believe people who hate cats should kill themselves, that strikes you from that equation.

    Hm…I can imagine the news headine in my hometown if I decided to kill myself for not liking cats:

    “Nicholle, Beloved wife and daughter, respected educator and published author (well of course I am not going to tell you my last name) dead at age 30 of apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. A middle school language arts teacher and per diem college professor, she dedicated her life to helping children and advocating for those with special needs. However, she decided to cut that life short when she realized the illusion of her true-self worth. After admitting to the world that she hates cats, she realized how useless she really was to all those who depended on her, and resigned herself to the fact that unless one loves cats, they can make no true difference in the world and must remove themselves from it. So, as a favor to the world, especially to those who love cats, she blew her brains out.”

    Sounds just a little fucking ridiculous don’t you think?

    And no, my cat doesn’t own me, either. About all she owns is the foot up her ass if she wakes me up at night (that last part was a joke. since I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to figure that out on your own, I wanted to spell it out).

    1. you are pissing me off NICHOOLLLE go back to your little hubby leave us ALONE anyone who says such things about a cat has problems i bet you would HATE to have a dog! cats are NOT worthless you sick sociopaths there the most beautiful animals in the world, anyone who wants to hurt a cat really badly should be locked up in a lions cage…….with a lion so it can return the favour.

    2. This Nicholle women is really immature, i mean you have a husband, and you go on little sites this? WTF can you just get over yourself and stop mentioning how much you hate your INNOCENT LIVING CREATURE cat wee get it already! get a life, im only 15 and live with my parents, and if i got a chance to be free like you and have a life (not like you) i would take it. so get of your fucking computer and stop exercising your hands, fucking hell!!!!!

  238. Thor if you like cats (ewww) then why are you on a cat hating website? By the way in general the Irish do have a bad luck superstition toward cats. I spent 1/2 my life in Ireland, I know. I wasnt asking your ignorant opinion, Only people I have things in common with which is why this website exsists,
    go on a cat loving (ewww) website if you want to be heard.

  239. I fucking hate negligent people…….I am so fucking fed up! In the 10 years I’ve lived here I’ve had to kill at least ten fucking “sweet kitty cats”. BB gun, pellet gun, and even a .22 once! There is no end to STUPID fucking people that deserve to bury their fucking cat! Every screen in my fucking house has at least one hole in it! I AM A CONSIDERATE NEIGHBOR…MY ANIMALS ARE LEASHED OR KEPT INSIDE!!!! When I buy a fucking $40,000 convertible and find fucking scratches and paw prints all over because YOU are not a responsible pet owner I get very PISSED OFF. Problem is you let it out at night so nobody knows exactly who the fucking prick is!!! If I do find you I hope you have kids……..cause I might stuff the next little lifeless family pet in YOUR Fucking mailbox for little Tommy or Suzy to find……… ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!

    Animal control is a Fucking joke!
    I’ve tried live traps…..useless!!!!
    I’ve tried anti-freeze……cats are to damn finicky!!!
    I need a sure fire, fast acting, easily obtainable poison so I don’t inadvertantly hit someone with a stray bullet.

    Damnit Man! I DONT LIKE KILLING!!! But your cat isn’t worth 40 grand to me ASSHOLE!!!!

    Fellow animal lovers……..do us all a favor!!
    Show your animal you truly do love them…….don’t just throw them outside and make them EVERYONES problem!!!

    1. do you really kill cats? what a sicko, if you do im gonna hunt you down (joking)if your just exagerating, i’ll leave you alone, but just know that your gonna pay in the end if you have a killed animals.

  240. The only good kitty is a bonzi kitty theres a cool website called bonsy kitten its a kitty you stick in a bottle and feed it with a tube and when the cats head takes shape of the bottle as it grows cool a sqare headed cat ar whatever shape bottle you can find gatta check it out lol

  241. Hey. We moved into a new house and I had to have my pitbull put down because he snapped at me, then at my husband about a week later 🙁 So now that cat of my husband’s thinks she rules the place..which sucks. We have an 8 mo. old & I am 6 mo. pregnant. I got sick of her shit hair balls all over the house, especially now that my girl is starting to crawl, so I keep her in the basement. Every night, all night long she sits in the area right under our rooom & gives a miserable cry. It keeps me up all night long. So I have to go down there & see what the fuck she’s crying for. She’s got food, water, a pet bed, and a litterbox. My point is that she’s been laying in her litterbox, on top of mounds of shit, instead of laying in her pet bed..I am afraid of even going down there, because of toxoplasmosis. I wear a mask, gloves & slippers that I remove before coming back upstairs. My husband doesn’t bother with her. He hasn’t even went down there in days. Cats are clean animals, I thought was the claim? They’re discusting in my experience..What other animal carries a disease that can kill or deform a fetus? And we intelligent people choose to keep these as house pets? Are we that stupid? Also, my friend’s 2 y/o daughter always came home with a 103 degree fever after being babysat by her aunt..after a few times of that happening, they finally figured out it;s because of the cats at that house. They had been scratching her, and the bacteria (shit) under thier nails were making the baby sick. I guess it’s called cat scratch fever..GROSS

  242. we have a cat who is “s-l-o”. she is always doing one of five things: eating, sleeping on my pillow, shitting somewhere other than the litterbox, peeing somewhere other than the litterbox, or just generally making the most foul stench known to humankind. i love her. i really do. but i would like to wake up in the morning and not have her. right now she has diarrhea (because God has smitten me). the other night she crawled up on my chest while i was watching tv. she turned her butt to my face (as usual) and sat down (as usual). i ended up with diarrhea in my mouth. i was afraid of her anus, so i locked her in a room with a bed, water and a litterbox. the next morning, i awoke to find the floor of said room covered in roughly 25 small piles of diarrhea. after cleaning that up, i was even more afraid of her anus. right now, i just want to her to be normal (which isn’t any picnic, but it’s better than this). i will take her to the vet tomorrow. she must have sensed it, because she just peed all over the blanket the dog was laying on AS A REPLACEMENT FOR THE DOG BED SHE SHAT ON. i can’t even keep up with her bodily functions. i feel oppressed by her excrement. i am NEVER getting another cat and if there were a retirement village for cats, i would gladly pay for a room for both of our felines.

  243. CATS SUCK


    unfortunately people loves them for a couple of years and then dump them, creating a big problem.

    Think twice before saying “you love” cats and you will take care of them forever…
    …. SURE!

    Brandy You should not wish death on a person in behalf of a “cute kitty” That shows how stupid you are.

    And everyone else that thinks the same. So I guess she is a total vegetarian because must probably thinks chicks are so cute to eat, and also cows…. aha… SURE.



    1.) Cat’s have got to be one of the most intelligent creatures out there. You can teach them the same tricks as a dog, and more, they can open doors, flush and use toilets, recognize words, and more. It’s people, on the otherhand, who are too stupid to recognize this. Thanks cats, for making us people look bad.

    2.) If you hurt a person who shot a cat, you get arrested. I know from experience!

    3.) When you’re doing homework, paying bills, writing letters, other important things like that their “independancy” causes them to leave you alone and not bother you whatsoever. So that means, no procrastination.

    4.) They’re cute, fuzzy, and warm. Like living teddy bears. And they love you uncondionally. I HATE THAT! Don’t you hate it when something loves you??

    5.) They’re clean, unless you don’t look after them properly. And who wants to take the time to feed an animal proper food and water, or clean it’s litter box and groom it? Not me, certainly! Because it’s not like it only takes a few minuites and a few bucks or anything!

    6.) Cat owners are the nicest, funniest people, and you know they have compassion. Not everyone who owns a cat is a crazy cat lady who speaks to it in baby language. And personally, I find men that own cats sexy. Damn you cats!

    7.) Cat haters are unintelligent, cowardly, pathetic losers. They’re hating is a sure sign that you should never get involved with them whatsoever, because of their hateful and unfunny personas. Damn! And that cat hating guy over there was so cute.

    and finally, the number 8 Reason why I hate cats:

    8.) Friends come, friends go, lovers come, lovers go, but the impact that your cat has on your soul, this little fuzzy four legged creature, lasts with you forever. (Of course, an update to an old quote, but I think it’s been altered perfectly!)
    And forever is a long fucking time. Thanks alot, cats.

    -End Sarcasm Rant. You pathetic cat hating losers probably didn’t get this far anyway, with you limited intelligence-

  245. I Cant stand my fucking cat. I have had lots of cats over the years and none of them are as stupid as this little bitch. She throws up everywhere, all the fucking time. Pisses on all of my fucking stuff!!!! Scratches the Fucking couch!!!! If it wasnt for my cat loving girlfriend I would of put a noose on its neck and threw it over the balcony long time ago!! I just want to beat it and smash its little head in with my bare hands. Hold it by its back legs and swing it in the air and crack its head on the countertop. Or maybe just strangle the fucking life out of it. Now I am not a cat hater…… I love my big old tom cat on the farm who gets treated like a member of our family and would never ever dream of hurting him. This cat is just the pet of Satan and its only purpose in life is to push me to the edge! I am a farm kid so naturally I want to shoot it, but for the sake of my girlfriend I will try to find a home for it.

    1. I am a bit worried for your girlfriend if you dont hate cats WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU SAY THAT!!!!! ABOUT YOUR CAT, THAT IS SICK.

  246. I hate cats too, and so does my dog. In fact most dog breeds hate cats, but our dogs put up with cats because we tell them to!

    Best way to hate a cat is to love a dog. Great post. Thanks for sharing with us. Sincerely,
    John Adams

  247. UPDATE!!! I found someone to take my cat. Hopefully they will have better luck with her. Some cats are just no good indoors and there is nothing you can do about it. Plain and simple.

    1. why would you hat a cat because of that???? wtf OK HEARS THE THRUTH CATS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH CLEANER THAN DOGS!!!

  248. Well said Skye, a very admirable defence of the little fuckers. I like some cats. a Burmese moved in 3 doors up, such a lovely well breed companion cat. But Ziggy the tom across the road still runs for cover when he sees me. Many famous well known people have owned cats, and many ignorant losers too. Wheres Nicholle? Happy new year!

  249. i can see why people hate cats though. they get a bad impression from just ONE cat and assume theyre all horrible. i remember my brothners cat was a horrible nasty little fucker who i just wanted to boot to the moon. godddd i never thought i’d hate a cat so much. but i have a cat now whos so great. shes cute and sweet and always ready for cuddles. but my brothers cat; fuck. its not the cats fault. its my brothers wifes fault. i hate when people dont take the time to train their pets. dogs, too. pit bulls get a bad rep for apparently attacking and killing people, but im sure every breed has some faults. i love pit bulls 🙁

  250. first plp hurt or even more hurtful things to cat becuase they are smaller and cant really tear off ur arm dogs can tho thats why u would find more cats at a pound cats can some times just be born bad are dip shits do stuff to them which makes them mad and cant trust no one. One of this posts said that they put a cat down stairs with every a cat box food and water……u cant do taht they need big space like a house and she said that it cryed hmmmm maybe because it wanted love then she said it got her baby sick…….hmmm maybe u need to go to a vet and get ur cat a check up or a spa treatment. cats like high places like a fridge or counter top their not aloud up there so get them put them down and smack the highny lightly not hard or with anything hard just a little tap and say no! plp hate cats mostly becuase of a bad first impression like they get clawed…..if u yelled at it or corned it and yelled or hit it continously then ur a fucking douche who should burn in hell. why would u even do that to a cat… “i dont know” get ur head fixed damn man. most cats can be mad because they can. leave it alone for a while like a day or 2 let it get use to u and ur house but if it poops in the same spot then put a box over it and spray some scented mist then it should stop because cats poop where there scent is plus if u dont clean the litter box then they do it every where i have 5 cats and none of them claw me for no reason. some cats can get agressive for no reason and i dont know why. my cat pumpkin will get on ur lap and make bread or give u a little massage but pumpkin does it hard so u just say no she cant help it tho.

    i saw some videos of a cat on some drug it made it like it had torets and would die i almost cryed then before that i saw a commercial on adult swim with master shake putting a CUTE kitten in the microwave and then its head exploded i wanted to sue the show. i had a cat called tiger and he died by a car but his body didnt get torn up his body did even seem it was hit but thank god he wasnt i wish i could see tiger i loved him so much. i wish plp would get the death penalty for animal cruelty but that will never happen. cats are a really good house pet so if u have any questions then pls ask me

    1. i totally agree, i love cats and dont mind dogs but that’ll change once i get one (coz i’ve never had a dod before) and the world is becoming soo sick, people who do really sick things to animals should be forced to fight with 3 lions in bloodsport (sorry if that was a bit extreme) i also care about humans though rapists should get fucking raped themselves!!!!!

  251. I wouldn’t say I hate cats – I don’t hate any animal – but I don’t get anything out of them.

    They don’t ‘give’ much, as unlike dogs, they are not pack animals – they are desigded to be more selfish, so hardly their fault if they act that way.

  252. In responce to Wicker; That is not true.

    It’s great that you dont hate any animal 🙂 Believe it or not, animals are far superior to humans and they play a major role in our environment. anyway

    You CAN get something out of cats. they are not all the same, just like dogs arent the same. some cats are very affectionate and dog-like. they will follow you around, look for love and affection like dogs and do tricks like dogs too. it depends on how it was raised, and how much love it was shown as a kitten. just like some dogs are more aggresive than others, and dont take to kindly to people except for one. its not their fault if they act a certain way, theyre domesticated. you can change their personality depending on how much time you put into socialising with them. when i first saw my cat at the SPCA she was very unsocial, skittish, and scared of everyone and always hid. it took me a while but i eventually got her accustomed to people, and she soon became affectionate and outgoing. people underestimate cats intelligence and affection. theyre just like dogs, really. it just takes time and paitence, like with a puppy. but of course theyre not the same cause theyre 2 different animals…

  253. Cats are valued by us for its companionship and its ability to hunt rodents, etc. They play their rightful role in the game of life!

  254. OMG What a pathetic converstaion,how about we all discuss cat rape to reflect your inferior mentality..LOL

  255. In response to Skye’s Sarcasm Rant (don’t take this personal, Skye. I’m here purely for fun, and though I don’t like cats, I’d never hurt one). Hopefully cat lovers will agree with me.

    1) Cats are one of the most intelligent creatures out there. They vomit on your rug, shred your furniture, destroy your mini-blinds and wake you up at 2:30 in the morning, 4 hours before you actually have to be up for work, so you can spend the rest of the day in a zombie-state. This way you can be fired from the job you work at 5 days a week and not be able to buy them food anymore.
    2) If you scream at teh person who let the cat into your room at 2:30 in the morning, you might wind up in a bitter feud that lasts 2 days (I know from personal experience).
    3) When you’re doing homework, paying bills, writing letters, other important things like that their selfish, self-centered attitude causes them to climb up onto the computer keyboard, slobber on it and any adjacent paperwork and completely fuck up the document you are working on. So that means, ten times as much work with one-fourth as much productivity.
    4.) They’re cute, fuzzy, and warm. But so are dogs and guinea pigs. And dogs and guinea pigs don’t hiss at you.
    5.) They’re clean, I’ll give them that. Feeding them, though, is a waste of time, because they vomit it up anyway, but only on the carpet or another fabric surface that will take you 45 minutes to clean out.

    6.) Cat owners think cats are the next best thing to having an orgasm and have compassion only for cats and others like themselves. To them, no cat can do any wrong in this world. THey live in a state of erotic bliss that leaves them oblivious to the shredded couch arms and decimated carpets that litter their homes. This obliviion is most likely the result of getting 30 minutes of sleep per week as a result of being awakened 17 times a night by their cats. And personally, I find men who are into cats are into them because they, like cats, expect the world to turn on their whim. Damn you cats!

    7.) Cat haters are unintelligent, cowardly, pathetic losers? Well, I personally have a Master’s Degree, am a published author and am a member of two international honor societies. What was that again?

    8.) Friends come, friends go, lovers come, lovers go, but the impact that your cat has on your soul, this little fuzzy four legged creature, lasts with you forever. I won’t argue with this.

    Keep on loving your cats and I’ll keep disliking them….lol!

  256. In response to Nicholle~

    1) So what if cats vomit on your rug? Dogs drool and piss on your floors. Rodents shit and piss all over the place, and on your hand. Every animal has mess problems. So therefore that statement justifies nothing. They shred your furniture? Buy a freakin cat post! Destroy your mini-blinds? Spray em with water, that usually stops them. Raise your voice, clap your hands. Its called training. You do that to a dog, right? DOGS EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT IS. Wake you up? Close your door!

    2) Get a new room mate! 😛

    3) Hmmm heres a hint. Throw them OFF your work space and get back to work, you lazy bum! >:O

    4.) Dogs drool, bark, bite with their huge jaws, whine, whimper, eat everything, make huge messes, and eat a lot. Guinea pigs piss and shit all over the place, has little scratchy claws, and run away when you try to put them back in their cages.

    5.) They dont usually vomit up unless you over feed them or give them something their allergic too 😛 Or unless they have hair balls! Or unless you fed them milk =/

    6.) LOL Cat owners dont think cats are the next best thing to having an orgasm 😛 thats stupid. And if anyone out there REALLY feels like that, then theyre usually lonely, scary freaky crazy cat ladies who no one likes. Because they only like their cats. And the only people who like them is their cats. At least those freaks have friends =D AND ITS CUTE WHEN GUYS LIKE CATS YOU FOOL!

    7.) It doesnt matter what type of education you have, you could be a rocket scientist for all i care. That doesnt justify hatred towards any animal, including cats.

    8.) Hahahahahahahaha!


    PS I like rodents too. speaking of cats heres a vid of a cat, rat, and dog riding eachothers backs… http://youtube.com/watch?v=RuuesBhOR9g

    pps: i like dogs and guinea pigs but everything in this world has both a positive and negative side to it :/

  257. Cats are not good companions to humans, in comparison to dogs. And I personally see cats as I see rodents. They really have no use for me, & I can’t see why anyone likes them. I was finally able to rehome my husband’s 10 year old cat. I am really happy about that. My mom always walked through my door when we had the cat, & the first thing she’d say is that the house stinks like cat. This cat had the worst smelling shit in the entire world..The ladies that came to get the cat were older, living on social security. They seemd like nice people, but definetly were “cat ladies” They had cat sweaters on. The one woman informed me that instead of using litter, she lets her cat piss & shit on an old towel then she simply rinses it out..and she was going to attempt to get our 10 year old cat to do the same. I don’t see her doing that. Can you imagine the stench in that woman’s condo? They brought me a photo album book of all their cats they’ve ever owned, and I had to sit there and act amused and ohh & ahh over these pictures! Well, it was worth it, my house is now shit and hairball free! I don’t care if anyone else likes cats, but I don’t want them in my house, around my babies. From my experience the cat we did have got shit stuck to her hair (she has long hair) and it would fall off on the floor. She was to the point she wouldn’t bother licking herself anymore, and she’d get nasty dredlocks. I brought her out of the basement once to show my 10 month old, and she hissed at my baby. What a cunt. Cats hiss at their own owners sometimes for no reason. My husband was brusing her and she hissed and bit his hand. And she’s done that to me as well. The difference is that he thinks it’s funny, and I get pissed and hit her in the head w/ the brush. If you want to sit there and talk shit about dogs, you got to think of all the things dogs are good for in comparison to worthless cats. Here, I’ll list some: It’s long, because dogs are so useful in so many ways to humans. Service dogs:
    they help those with disabilities in a variety of ways. They can turn on lights, open doors, retrieve medication, and even call 911. Service dogs are trained to meet the individual needs of the person who is adopting them.
    Therapy Dogs:
    These dogs work in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, juvenile detention centers and other institutions where they help people learn to cope. They lift spirits who are afraid, depressed and lonely. They bring cheer, comfort and motivation to those who seem to have lost hope. Some dogs visit these facilities with their owners, while others live there and are cared for by staff members. These dogs need no special training except basic obedience skills. They must be mild tempered, loving and able to perform well in society. Through the years some miraculous stories have been told about therapy dogs. In one instance, an elderly woman who hadn’t spoken in years began talking again when she was introduced to a border collie. Why? Because she was grieving for the border collies that had always been a part of her life. Hearing Dogs:
    The job of hearing dogs is to assist the deaf in leading a normal life. These dogs alert their owner to the ringing of the doorbell and telephone, the beeping of a smoke alarm, passing traffic, alarm clocks and the approach of people. They must be professionally trained at a hearing dog training facility for a minimum of ninety days. Most hearing dogs are mixed breeds that have been rescued from animal shelters. They give their owners a high quality of life.
    Guide Dogs: These dogs assist the visually impaired to lead a more normal life. They are specifically trained to protect their owners at all costs. They guide their owners around obstacles, across streets and keep them away from danger. Guide dogs are usually larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Other breeds can be guide dogs, but have to be intelligent, calm in temperament and have a good work ethic. These dogs must be trained at a professional dog guide facility where the owner works with the dog for several weeks before it is adopted
    Hearing dogs are identifiable by their orange collars.
    Assistance Dogs:
    Assistance dogs are trained to assist people who have physical or seizure related disabilities. They provide specific services to their handlers and give their lives a sense of freedom and independence that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to have. These dogs have to be sensitive and intelligent. Assistance dogs that have been adopted by those with seizure related disabilities can sense a seizure coming on before it hits. They then alert their owner and are able to keep him safe.
    Dogs and Sports:
    Dogs participate in many sports related events, the most prevalent being different types of racing. In the early 1800s, Greyhounds were bred in England for the specific purpose of racing. Sled dogs, such as the Alaskan malamute and Siberian husky, were used by native peoples to haul goods in the polar regions of the world. Today dogsled races take part in northern regions world wide.
    Show Dogs:
    For centuries, dogs have participated in side attractions, such as circuses and not in competitive shows. Today, dog shows are very popular. Today, these competitions are usually held by national kennel clubs, but some shows are put on to show off a dog’s skills. These include obstacle courses, catching Frisbees, jumping and more.
    Herding Dogs:
    Dogs have been used for herding livestock for hundreds of years. Farmers often send their dogs to bring in the cows from the pasture at milking time. These dogs are able to perform this task without help from their owners. Border collies use a nasty stare to assert dominance over livestock. There are two types of herding dogs; British and Continental.
    Livestock Guardians:
    These dogs were originally bred in Europe and Asia. Their job is to protect livestock. They stay with their herd at all times and guard it from predators. Livestock guardians need no human assistance to perform the tasks expected of them. Breeds of livestock guardians are Great Pyrenees, Komondor, and Anatolian Shepherds to name a few.
    Police Dogs:
    These dogs perform specific tasks and they are irreplaceable in crime fighting methods. They assist police officers in apprehending criminals, drug busts, bomb scares and arson cases. Their sense of smell must be impeccable and their hearing excellent. These dogs are highly trained by specialists to perform police duties. Police dogs are able to perform in all situations and not become disoriented by distractions such as gun shots, loud noises and crowds. These dogs are invaluable to their handlers and more than once have saved the lives of those they work with. Most police dogs live with their masters and stay at his side twenty-four hours a day.

    Search and Rescue Dogs:
    These dogs are trained to search out and rescue missing people. They rely on their excellent sense of smell and their great physical abilities. They are able to stay focused in the midst of chaotic conditions after floods and earthquakes, volcanoes and other types of environmental disasters.
    Military Dogs:
    The role of military dogs are many and their services invaluable. Used through the ages for various military duties, today their role is more defined. They are assigned where they can be of great service. The duties of military dogs include sentry duty, the transporting of messages, sniffing out mines, scout and patrol duties, tunnel exploration (these dogs were used in Vietnam), casualty search, and the detection of explosive devices.
    K-9 military dogs have save thousands of lives of those men and women who serve their country. Some dogs have been presented medals for their service.

    I got that from a website obviously. But in addition to all of that there are fire assistance dogs, sled dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, drug sniffing dogs, dogs used in hunting. I could probably do another search & find more. Not to mention the dog that will kill someone trying to break into your home to hurt your family. I love dogs because they are pack animals, and they actually see themselve’s as a member of your family. A cat has no feelings like that. Ever..But, like I said if you like cats that’s great..I personally just can’t understand it. Can you imagine an animal smart enough to sense when thier owner is about to have a seizure, or has a cancerous tumor in their body? Dogs can do that. Dogs are so great.

  258. In respionce to “love pitbulls”

    It’s all a matter of preferance, really. I love both dogs and cats. Pitbulls too, theyre so cute. BUT to say that cats are not good companions to humans is NOT true, and I can sincerely say that I’m 100% a cat person. Dogs are better at guarding your house though, but personality wise they’re both the same. What about dogs that maul other animals and children? And Pit Bulls, sorry to say it, have a high reputation for that. My cat always follows me around, always sits by me, sleeps with me at night, and wakes up with me in the morning. She is a GREAT companion, and I KNOW she loves me. All animals share some sort of bond with humans.

    10 is really old. That’s like, a senior cat. I’d like to see your senior dog not smell. Maybe if you looked after the cat properly it wouldn’t have stank.

    Lol! Cat sweaters! 😛 Thats really disgusting. I don’t like people like that, and believe me, not ALL cat people are like that. You poor person 😛

    Some people just arent cat people, and I understand that. You dont need to own a cat then. If you had taken the initiative to brush and wash her then she’d have been just fine. Don’t you do that exact same thign to babies when they shit their diapers? I can see why it wouldnt bother licking itself anymore. The LEAST you couldve done was take it to a humane shelter. Cats dont hiss unless theyre scared or angry. So your baby, with its lous squeels and tail pulling capabilities probably scared the cat. I’ll give you that one, my cat hates being brushed too lol! My sisters dog does too, though. She’ll bark and bite at the brush and end up eating the brush if she finds it. I once caught her chewing on it, lol. It was so annoying! She ate everything in sight. Ugghh, how I hated that dog. And she’d roll around in shit everytime she could get and I had to get my brothers girlfriend to spray it down with a hose. LOL she doesnt think its funny. Probably just hates the pulling of its fur. Dogs arent useless, and of COURSE they have those capabilities because of their size. Don’t tell me if a cat wasnt just as strong and powerful as a dog they couldn’t help people out. They could. All cats have different personalities, and some are VERY dog like. Cats can turn on lights, open doors, retrieve things, and call 911. Here ya go: http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=cat+calls+911&meta=

    There are therapy cats, too. And thats a cute story, lol. There are many therapy animals that help people, including horses. Also, cats hear better than dogs. Like I said, if cats were the same size and build (that would be scary) as dogs, they could easily be trained to do those same things. Cats DO has no feelings like that, I dont care how much you like dogs, but do your bloody research because My cat and many cats that I;ve owned have been friendly, loving family animals, and they’re low maintanece. I understand people have favourite preferances, and as I can see you’re a dog person. But that gives you no right to believe that all cats are stuck up, bastardly, evil animals. Thats the stupidest thing I have EVER heard! Thats like saying all dogs bark, stink, and maul people. AND Cats have the ability to do that, there have been MANY, MANY accounts of cats sencing cancer and seizures. Even birds can sence seizures, so thats no great accomplishment on dogs behalf.

    I understand that dogs are great, but your just so biased.

  259. If cats were the size & strength of dogs, you’d probably be dead. Cats don’t value their owners like dogs do, & to say they have the same personality is so far from the truth. And when the hell did I ever say “all cats are stuck up, bastardly, evil animals”? Never, so WTF are you talking about? No, I do not think that cats would do any of those things for their owners that dogs do. Not even for a second. Every cat I’ve ever been near won’t even come to me when I call it, let alone be as friendly as a dog. They just glare at you with that mean look on their faces. And I can’t clean the cat, it’s my husband’s cat and I am pregnant and no offense but I really don’t want to get bit by the bitch or get toxoplasmosis from her shit. That’s nice that your cat has the personality of a dog, and had I ever met one that was like a dog, I’d like it. But the only ones I have ever met have been nothing like dogs. And ya you change your baby’s diaper when it shits itsself. But aren’t cats supposed to be smart and clean animals who know instinctivly to use the litter box? When a cat shits itsself it means it’s time to go to the shelter to get put down, not clean up after it’s shit every time. You do sound like a “cat person” because cat ppl. tend to speak in ways that make it seem as though cats should come before babies..my baby never squealed at the fucking cat or pulled her tail. I simply showed the cat to the baby..I wouldn’t let that dirty thing get close enough to my baby. And you say I should have taken the cat to the shelter instead of what I did, which was find her a home with ppl. who love cats? That doesn’t even make sense.

    1. what about when people have big cats?????????????????????????? as pets, idiot, just coz YOU had a bad experience with cats.

  260. Hahaha, yeah I think youre right about that one! They’re pretty fierce. But most domesticated cats, if looked after properly, arent usually vicious. Cats DO value their owners like dogs do, maybe they just show it in a different manner. At least I know all the cats I’ve owned have felt affection towards me. And some cats, believe it or not, do have similar personalities like dogs. But they’re DIFFERENT SPECIES so of course their traits arent going to be the same, but when it comes down to it their affection, companionship, tricks they can preform, and social habits can be similar.

    All cats are different, goodness gracious. Some cats come when you call, some don’t. My neighbors cat doesnt even know me and when I first saw it I called it and it came bounding over to me like a dog and started purring and wanting affection. Some cats just arent stupid enough to walk up to strangers. My sisters dog, I’d sometimes take it for walks, right when we got in the yard and I took the leash off it’d see another dog or person accross the street and instantly start barking and running towards them, almost getting hit by a car or scaring them into thinking she was going to attack. Cats arent stupid enough to do that.

    Then don’t! Its not up to you to look after your husbands cat, seesh. I really hope you can find a cat with a good personality, because you may be surprised at how clever and affectionate they are. I’m not sayin go out an adopt one, I know your not a cat person, but its just dumb how (now I’m NOT aiming this at you, this is for everone) people have such negitive views against cats. You can dislike them, sure but to say you hate them and hate verything about them is just stupid. Just because you’ve had bad experiences with cats, doesnt mean theyre all the same. Its like someone having a phobia of dogs, just because they were bit by one as a child, and so they assume all dogs are vicious.

    Thats true, a cat shouldnt shit all over itself lol but like i said you had an old cat. also it probably wasnt being fed properly, or had some sort of intestinal disease.

    I know your baby didn’t do any of that, but most babies do. I’m not saying your child is like that at all, but some cats are just scared of children, and a lot of the babies my cat has seen have done just that. They chase her, and pull her tail and everything. I can agree with you, though, pets shouldnt be near babies like that. My brothers friends wife owns two HUGE rotweillers and she lets her babies near it all the time she lets the dogs lick all over her babies face and stuff.

    Well like you said, the people you found were elderly people who trained their cat to use a towel, so I was just sayin’. But good luck to them and that cat you hate so much.


  261. In response to Skye (aka Miss I-Know-Everying)

    1) You started the name calling. Lazy Bum? Fool? Where exactly in my blog did I say anything incendiary about you personally or call you a name? Well, if you like to call names, I am game for that, too.

    1) Who cares if cats vomit on your rug? I do. I work hard for what I have and don’t appreciate it being trashed. Dogs drool and piss on your floors? Since when? I have shared my home with 3 dogs in my lifetime, and with exception of those who are terminally ill or not let out to relieve themselves, they don’t piss or drool on the floor. Neither do rodents for that matter. Buy a — was that, “freakin” — cat post! I have a cat post, Sherlock, two in fact, and the cat still shreds my fucking furniture. Spray em with water, that usually stops them? Well, I do that, too, but it’s only a quick fix, and since I have a job and am not home during the day when the cat is fucking up my furniture, I can’t exactly spray it with water. Sorry, Miss I.K.E., I have a fucking life. You don’t need to tell me about training. I know what it is. Cats are not trainable. They simply respond to punishment and get away with what they can when they can. You do that to a dog, right? No. Dogs actually learn.

    2) My roommate is also known as my husband, and quite frankly, I don’t fuck around, so no I won’t get a new one. But to each her own, honey.

    3) Who is someone who obviously has nothing better to do with her life than follow a cat around the house with a spray bottle and call people names who don’t agree with her calling a lazy bum?

    4.) Dogs drool, bark, bite with their huge jaws, whine, whimper, eat everything, make huge messes, and eat a lot. So do cats. Guinea pigs piss and shit when they are in their cage, and if they have to go when they are out, they will nibble your finger to let you know they want to go back. I have never been scratched by a guinea pig, though I have kept them as pets for the last 8 years and for 3 additional years when I was much younger. And who wouldn’t run away if they knew they were being put back into a cage? It’s a survival instinct that has kept them alive for thousands of years. Us, too.

    5.) I don’t feed my cat milk. I have her on a special low-allergen diet and give her careful portions. SHe still vomits.

    6.) Thanks for the website address, but I’m not a fool.

    7.) It obviously *does* matter “what type of education you have,” because there is a definite correlation between intelligence and being able to have a debate without calling the other side names. And *you* don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that *I* don’t condone hatred towards any animal, including cats. In fact, I wrote that specifically at the beginning of my last blog, but it takes the ability to read to be able to figure that out.

    8.) Everything in this world–including people who don’t agree with you–has a positive and neagative side to it.

    9) Hahahahahahahaha!


  262. Nicholle,

    Wow, learn to take a joke! Those werent even insulting, nor did I mean them to be. Jeeze, calm down. Read what I said to that chick talking about how great dogs are. I have no more to say about this. And yeah, cats are trainable. Thanks for showing everyone here that you have aboslutely no capabilities of training a cat. Why do you even have one if you’re going to continue this huge rant? And for someone who has a life, you sure type alot about trying to contradict my opinion about cats.

  263. good bye forever, you one sided cruel people. i hope you all get reincarnated as cats in your next life 🙂

  264. It’s just a simple fact, dogs are better suited for human companionship than cats are. Cats were never called “man’s best friend” were they? I really don’t care if anyone else likes or has cats. I think that’s great..all I was trying to say is that the facts show dog’s usefullness & cats just can’t even compare in that aspect. And what you said about dogs that maul ppl. those are dogs who have been mistreated 9 times out of 10, or fought. Especially pitts. And in most news reports that claim a pitbull killed or mauled someone, they just tag the dog a pitbull when it is actually a different mixed breed, one that looks similar to a pitbull. It gets them good ratings to dramatize things like that. I wish I could find a cat that had a dog’s personality because they are easier to take care of, you don’t have to let them outside (althoguh litter boxes are unsanitary) you can leave for a week & they can look out for themselve’s. But even if I did find a cat that had a dog’s personality, they just don’t do it for me..maybe it’s their small stature. I like bigger dogs, ones I can put my arm around in bed! My friend is a single mom who lives alone & last Christmas, she had some weird stalker looking in her windows at night..she lives in an old run down cottage on a lake, at the end of the cul de sac, none of her neighbors could see her house at night. Anyways she & her 2 year old daughter were home alone one night, and my friend was out on the attached enclosed porch area, and she heard a knock on her door. Her 2 year old daughter was standing right by the door, she watched in horror as the door slowly opened..it was the guy who had been watching her at night..(don’t ask my why she didn’t have her freaking doors locked) she ran to the door to try & slam it shut but the guy pushed the door in, as he attempted to enter the house, My friend’s 4 year old female pitbull jumped on the guy, took a bite out of his arm and the guy ran off..the dog must have chased him for a while because she didn’t come back home for a couple minutes. I admit, this dog was trained to be a guardian dog, and to react that way. But if it weren’t for her, who knows what would have become of my friend & her little daughter. Things like that make me really value dogs. The way that they love & protect their family. Even the smallest of dogs will attempt to protect in a situation that warrants it.

  265. love pitbulls,
    (usually wouldnt reply since so many people on here are being lame, but i got this in an e-mail =])
    dogs are great in all those aspects, like guarding and protecting people, and thats’s a very great, heroic story 🙂 and i know what you mean about a dogs loyalty. it does far surpasss that of a cats, and dogs are more useful in society than cats are. all i’m saying is that people totally underestimate cats. they have bad qualities, but also good ones and people shouldnt judge all cats as being the same because of their experiences with them. hate posts going on about how useless they are and how they should all die, thats just stupid and pathetic. a cat, regardless of its personality or appearance, is still a low-maitence family pet, and serves up to that role as (usually) being cute, cuddly, smart animals that show affection, and some people just prefer that to dogs. youre right, though, when saying dogs are more useful than cats but there are some dogs out there who sometimes are born bad, usually without abuse. and that steriotype that all pitbulls are aggressive and dangerous is the same steriotype that all cats are stupid, useless and unaffectionate…. its just not true! so people dont need to own a cat, and they can continue hating them, but even if you hate an animal that is no excuse to bring it harm, or consider it stupid and useless.

  266. Holy shit, such animosity here lately.

    Love Pit Bulls: I am with you on dogs 100%. I love them and would love to keep another one. The only reason we don’t have one is because my husband and I are at work all day and we don’t feel it would be fair to the animals.


    Perhaps you didn’t “mean” your words to be insulting, but I can barely count on one had the number of people I know (and I know a lot of people) who would tolerate being called “lazy bum” or “fool” without having some choice words to say back. The offense is determined by the one offended, and the older you get — I am assuming that you are much younger than me — the more you come to realize that, and the more you come to think before you speak (or write).

    As far as what you said to that “chick talking about how great dogs are,” I read what you wrote and *I* have a lot to say about it. All of those pit bull maul stories you have read are most likely true, but I can guarantee you that they were committed by animals that had been abused, mistreated and trained to be vicious by unscrupulous owners. It is exactly that misconception about them that causes thousands to be exploited by people like Michael Vick or destroyed at shelters all over the country, regardless of their temperament. I have known many pit bulls in my life — and several people who rescue them from euthanasia or from lives of abuse and exploitation — and they are among the sweetest, gentlest, most loyal animals I have every known. You “have no more to say about this” because there is no more to say about it.

    No need to “thank” me for showing everyone here that I have absolutely no capabilities of training a cat. Everyone here already knows, and they don’t think any less of me.

    Since you asked, I “have” a cat only because my husband loves her, and as I am — unlike some — a person who can see from perspectives other than my own, I would never ask him to get rid of an animal he loves. But, as comic relief, I join blogs like this one so that I and others like me can share our stories about living with other people’s cats.

    Yes, I write a lot and tend to contradict opinions, but that is because I am a professor, and it’s what I get paid to do. You type as much as I do, even more in fact, but the big difference is that I know how to support an argument without saying things like “I hope you get reincarnated as a cat.”

    I hope I get reincarnated as a cat, too. Who wouldn’t want to spend every day licking their balls, destroying the house and sitting on babies’ faces while some narrow-minded, world-hating sucker picks up the tab!!!!!

  267. Nicholle,

    You’re so stubborn. Yeah, I get it. And as a matter of fact, I AM a lot yougner than you, a teenager. Do you feel better abot yourself carrying on this long, pointless rant? A grown woman like you, arguing with a teenager over cats and dogs??

  268. Oh my god you two or skye and nichole need to shake hands and accept ur dis agree-ments about this topic! i dont even think u guys are even talking about the topic come to think about it. you guys had it and then this BIG argument broke out and im getting a few emails and its getting annoying! The main question that everyone needs to know and awnser is why they hate cats if its stupid like just because there cats then poke them and ask why they hate cats and whatever im pretty sure u know what i mean.

    I love and hate cats at times but mostly love
    they can piss everywhere and poop everywhere and boy does it smell but i can clean it plus they can knock over stuff but that hardly happens plus when they run up and down the hall which i think is cute because there having a good time and its fun to imagine why there doing it in the first place. Honestly there is no perfect pet out there but what we need to figure out is why so many people hate cats so altogether lets find the reasons and help solve them sounds corny but im in that “mood” again.
    I have 5 cats and i love them all. dogs are okay but i prefer cats because i with them every single day. i dont hate dogs either but my REAL PROBLEM IS WHY THERE IS MORE CAT ABUSE THAN DOG?
    im not trying to get more dog abuse im jsut wondering why!

  269. Skye: I know I’m stubborn. I’m quite well-known for it, in fact. But I’m not the only one perpetuating this discussion, here.

    For the record, I enjoy discourse with teenagers. They see life from a different angle and give me another interesting perspective from which to view things. No, I don’t feel better about myself because I’m carrying on a long, pointless “rant” with a one of them, but I’m not trying to feel better about myself…..I debate with teenagers–and adults– all day. It’s part of my job as an English teacher to help all of my students polish their communication skills in this way. And since I have helped many of them, that makes me feel good about myself and makes them feel better about themselves.

    And believe me, I’m not ranting. If I were ranting, you’d know about it.

    In any event, I admit I have been hard on you, and I apologize for that. I can be persistent and obnoxious. We can agree to disagree and leave it at that. But just as I have learned something from you, I hope you have learned something from me. Even the people who annoy us most are valuable to us if they teach us something. I have known many such people and I am sure you have, too.

    Be blessed and take care of your cats. They are indeed lucky to have you 🙂


  270. P.S. Skye, thank you for such a lively debate. I would have liked to have had you as a student 🙂

  271. Nicholle,

    First off, I really do appologize if I came off as rude or anything. I really didn’t mean to. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate a persons attitude online without knowing them in person, and I guess I just get really worked up in internet debates!

    The way you handled my blatantly obnoxious behaviour is beyond admirable, and I’m probably just as stubborn! Most of the time on this blog, I did type things without thinking before hand, as I usually do (unfortunately! I’ve gotten into many problems because of that.. hmm..) and I know for a fact that it didn’t help what I was trying to defend, and it just made me seem naive. :/

    But I hope that through my bad garammar and childish dialogue you were all able to understand that cats get much worse of a bad reputation than they deserve. Sure they can be annoying, you have to clean up after them, they hiss and bite, etc. but what people seem to forget is that cats are popular pets for a reason, and their positive traits far surpass their negative traits.

    I have no problem admitting that I’m a cat fanatic, and I hope everyone on here reconsiders their feelings for these amazing little creatures. They may not be as loyal as dogs, they can’t sing or fly like birds, nor can they sit idly out of your way like rodents or fish, but they are clever and affectionate animals who serve their purpose as companions, and they love unconditionally (even if they don’t show it sometimes!). THAT is what justifies their close relationship with humans. It doesn’t matter if they throw up on your floor, tear up your furniture, etc. Consider your house burns down, and your cat is stuck in the house. What is the one think you’re going to miss? Your expencive furniure, or that annoying 4 legged creature who you shared your home with and cleaned up after? Perhaps most of society would choose their posessions over a living, breathing animal. I can see why, you spent a lot of money on your house, why should it all go to waste? But I wouldn’t. A couch can’t cuddle with you. Coffee tables don’t love you or make you laugh.

    You can dislike cats by all means, think I’m just a ranting crazy cat lady, whatever you want. But someday, soomeeeday, if you take the time (like I have) to try and bond with a cat… you may be surprised at what you get in return.

  272. Wow, totally well-put, Skye. I can see why I forgot that I was debating with a teenager. You really do have amazing insight.

    You are anything but naive–albeit a little overzealous, as we all can be at times–and don’t put yourself down, as you have better grammar than many adults I know. As for getting worked up , we all get worked up, sometimes. To be able to admit to a mistake–and learn from it–takes a lot of integrity….and maturity.

    Good point, also, about the furniture. It can’t love you back–except maybe on “Shrek II”–but a pet can.

    In any event, apology accepted. No hard feelings.

    It has been a sincere pleasure talking–or at least blogging–with you. Thanks so much. Hope to see you here again soon.

    From Nicholle, the Stubborn Guinea Pig Fanatic….lol

  273. to shut the hell up: if you read up a few blogs, you will see that Nicholle and Skye “shook hands already.”

    we are not sending you the emails. Once you leave your email address on the blog, you will get a notification every time there is a new post. You are free to disregard them if you want.

    love pitbulls: yes, cats still suck, but it is fun arguing about it anyway.

  274. face it they all have there flaws and stories and some might be better too. i dont know why but this sticks out to me as racism

  275. Yea they can both be assholes, but it is usually little shit dogs like chuiauas (I can’t spell it) that are mean like that. Anyways, who cares, this site isn’t called “8 reasons to hate dogs” if you want to hate on dogs, go to a dog hater’s site. You won’t find me there.

  276. Been reading Honourable Cat, Cat Short Storys, The Book of Cats, Desmond Morris’s Encyclopedia Of Cats. They certainly have a huge following in the literary world. Those youtube dogs were just playing with us. They were so cute! Hey Skye, dont get a gun please. Friendly fire gonna shoot your buddies. I see you got cat haters in your sites but its not worth it, really. The world is full of assholes. We ALL have an inner asshole, kinda like an inner child. Maybe you just need to find your kind of asshole, and spend more time with them. I do like your honesty, though, it can get you in trouble and spoil your day. It is unfair this site. Its like a stumbling block for people to have pile ups and end to ends, and perverted others to watch them fall into the trap. Can be funny if you dont take it too seriously. I,ve been battling city hall this week as ducks at our local pond are DYING in the hundreds due to botulism. Even the national animal welfare organisation wont touch it, I got a cover story in the local paper which was pretty lame. They die like this EVERY summer and no one does a thing about it. Next time you eat chicken or pork try not to think of the life they had. See, we are all assholes.

  277. I do like cats, but it would be easy to live without them. My main concern with them is their killing habits. People say so what its their instinct but weve bought them into the world in vast numbers and how is the wildlife supposed to cope. Some kill just for the sake of it. I’d rather see 100 extra birds then one cat! I think the irresponsable attitute people have to keeping their cats and letting them kill wildlife is disgusting

    1. lol, see this is what I don’t understand. You’re worried about cats killing wild life? Dogs kill CHILDREN. If you’re going to complain about one…realize the other. Especially if it’s worse. Much worse. Cats kill mice & other disease carrying rodents or insects. Not children. The baby-killing stories have been proven to be myths.

      People are nonsensical.

  278. Cat owners not cats per se are a blight on the plane well ,feed ats continue to kill birds. They neighborhood cats shit in and dig up my garden as i plant it and I’m about at the end of my rope after 10 feet of petunias were dug up last night to make a shit pile. If any of you owners would like to convince me that I shouldn’t kill them on sight you’d better start. DEATH TO THE VERMIN!

  279. Nestor: Word! If dogs did this they’d be rounded up and destroyed by the thousands.

  280. it’s true that most irish people hate cats.
    cats can get put to death in less than 24 hours at the animal home. people poison cats more frequently in ireland. when i tell people that I keep cats, they scrunch their faces up in disgust. Mahatma Ghandi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    Ireland is years behind in their treatment of our feline friends.

  281. Cats are the responsibility of thier owners.The owners of theese pretty animals should be held responsible and not the cat.Pets are a big responsibility and if you are not willing to accept the responsibility of your pet, you should not own a pet.

  282. I fucking hate cats. Everytime I see one I always think of getting a fucking machine gun and go on a cat killing rampage. buhahaha!!!!!!!

  283. Lol I bet dogs and cats think you are all fags for arguing over who is better online. Who gives a shit??? Get a life.

  284. Dear name: If you go around the iternet and look at cat videos you will see various people say cats fucking suck or cats are worthless pets.

    Dogs eat other wild life too…

  285. The Humane Society says to keep cats at home. They live almost 15 years longer. Reading these posts, I see all kinds of reasons to keep them inside. To guardians of other animals, it is maddening to take care of one’s own pet yet a cat can run wild, onto the property of another who does take care of them. It is difficult to not get angry when you have a dog who gets upset by a free running cat, when the dog is confined to a leash, or fence, etc. Small dog guardians keep their dogs inside and pick up their poop, but a cat whose feces is just as big can run free. Cats kill other animals, and while some like that, i.e. keeping mice down, others really respect that life is life and that killing of any kind should be kept to a minimum. If people could not give cats away as easily they might not allow them to breed like rabbits…>if cats had to stay inside, people might think twice before taking them, and then the breeding might slow down…..there are way way too many dogs and cats sitting in jailhouses, shelters, waiting to be adopted, because people will not get responsible with breeding…..

  286. Make a board and CALL it “8 reasons to hate cats.” The people who go around all day on all fours kissing cats’s asses will STILL barge in. They’ll make it their mission in life to bleat and whine about how we must all be Nazis for not kissing cats’s asses too. THEN they get upset about what they see here.

    I swear, they’d rather see a human tortured to death than see a cat’s tail get stepped on accidentally.

    Cats are useless, parasitic, vicious, filthy vermin. They should all be beaten to death, every one of them. Yes, kittens too.

    1. I go with you!!! Cats….they are one load of shit… Mean animals! Wicked ones….rogues…! I hate em cats…hate em hate em hate em!

      1. What the hell is wrong with you? cats are the most BEAUTIFUL, cute animals in the whole world, are you even a girl? coz if you are that is really dissapointing.

    2. you are a sicko, kittens and cats are innocent living creatures just beacause they dont live up to your standards doesn’t mean you have to say they should all get beaten! GO TO HELLL!!!1

  287. i can understand that some people don’t like cats – but do they have to be so mean about it? geesh i hate dogs – but you don’t see me complaining and whining about it.

  288. What good are they ? They stare at you and you know they are up to no good. Use everything for a scratch post. My girlfriend has one and brought it to my house. It went underneath my dining chairs, laid on it’s back and went to town. Tearing all the material with it’s shitty little paws. How cat owers can say I have a clean cat is beyond me. How can they be clean after stooping around in their own shit, then licking their shitty paws, then throwing up on you carpet. Fur balls my ass. It’s puke from licking the shit off their paws. Why do you think it’s brown ? They go in heat and never shut their fucking mouth and then put the tail up like a flag to mark the spot. I guess that’s the only good thing about them. They give you the opportunity to put your foot up their ass.

  289. I have to completely disagree with you I love cats and find them warm and cuddely. You are just a negative person, all things have their bad and good but you chose to look only at the bad. Cats provide me with hours of entertainment and love. They never judge you and they’re always soft and cute.
    I love cats and I even blog about them all the time!