8 reasons to hate cats

I love cats, but not everyone does: 8 Reasons to Hate Cats, 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats, Yet Another 8 Reasons to Hate Cats and finally Hey! There Are 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats. (Look At This…)

Since there are so many cat lovers around here, I thought I’d share this video of an adorable kitten who simply cannot stay awake…

507 thoughts on “8 reasons to hate cats

  1. Hey everybody, how’s this for typical cat bullshit: I just finished writing a term paper for my class, and I left it on my desk. I just came out of the shower a minute ago to find the cat drooling all over my paper and rubbing her shitstained ass all over it. Now I have to print out another copy. As if I have nothing better to do than waste more electricity and wood pulp to print out a paper because my fucking stupid cat left a shitstain on it. Let’s keep slashing and burning that Amazon Rainforest, Y’all!!! YEEEEEEEE-HAAAAWWWWW!!

    Mandy: I know you’re going to say that dogs can ruin papers, too, so don’t bother. You’re so predictable it’s pathetic.

    1. LOOK, I don’t want to have a little IMMATURE fight with an IMMATURE dickhead like you, the worlds has no room for cruel, hateful and sarcastic people like you. Get help, child.

  2. Is this even a cat hating site? I accidently found this site while looking up “cat” pregnancy symptoms.

  3. Mandy: Yes, I can be immature and sarcastic, but unlike some, I will cop to it. And right now, I will cop to it. You see, I am not the schizo running around here calling people names and trying to find out who they really are–but then reminding everyone that they “really don’t care.” It’s none of your business who I am, you nosy, condescending bitch. And if you really don’t care, why don’t you get lost and start your own site, you illiterate infantile. (Yeah, that’s right. You don’t like to be called names, either, do you). No one here was fighting until you showed up and put in your two-cents. You’ve been running around this site all month just fishing for things to confront other people about. If what we say bothers you so much, then your problem is *you.* Get a life, and stop telling the rest of the world how to think and what to say. If you are truly unable to do that, then *you* need help. And if you choose to write back, then consider yourself as much of an immature dickhead as you believe me to be. Either that or consider yourself a hypocrite–whichever is easier for your fragile little mind to process.

      1. Christina: It is not my cat. It is my husband’s cat. I only tolerate it because of him. In spite of some of the misunderstandings of others, I don’t beat it or abuse it. I just don’t give a damn and probably would not feel terribly bad after nature calls it back. I’ve tried my best for the last 6 years, but I can’t make myself like it. So I don’t try anymore.

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