2 thoughts on “RealAge – How old Are you really?

  1. Email me daily notes, to help me stay younger longer. My father is 91, and I want to live longer than that. Thanks

  2. Hi.

    Just wanted to send you this reply about RealAge. I got pegged at 39 years old. I’m actually 35. I had a good laugh! Although it kind of alerts us to our lifestyle, its nothing more than that, an alert. It at least, to me, has no value. Why?
    1. I live in Hawaii, the number 1 state in longevity, and relaxation.
    2. BMI is inaccurate when it does not take into account that I have more muscle mass than fat tissue.
    3. My resting heart rate is in the low 60’s–normal is 80-100 beats per minute. This tells you that the BMI is not accurate and tells you that I have more lean tissue. Your heart rate would be higher if you had a lot of fat tissue because for every pound of fat, about a mile of blood vessels is created to feed that pound of fat. This leads to hypertension *high blood pressure.
    4. I eat two meals a day high in protein and low on carbs. The more carbs you east and do not burn off, it turns into fat. If I must east carbs, its mostly in the morning and none at night. The less you eat–eat only until you are satisfied and no cravings–makes the body more efficient.
    5. Oh, and this is the funniest one yet–they said i work out too much. I never heard anybody say that. Yes you can over do it by training improperly, but if you have technique and proper rest, there is never enough time for exercise.
    a. I run an average of over 20 miles a week.
    b. I box 3 times a week, unless scheduling permits.
    c. I practice routine breathing and stretching once a week.
    d. I do impromptu exercises with power bands and crunches at work.
    e. My job consists of me walking half the time.
    f. I weight train 2-3 times a weeek, not including home exercises.

    So, in a nutshell, its a generalization that does not take an account of a person’s true health. Or Age. Many people think I am in my mid to late twenties. The real progress comes from how you view yourself and how you feel when you gauge yourself in an exercising period like how fastI recovered from running or how much I lifted.
    Thanks for listening.

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