done all of these except for num 10,

1.)fucking go to the convinent store and tell the guy at the counter that dot on his head looks like a camera
2.)kill somrone
3.)get madd fucked up on alot of drugs
4.)walk around the mall naked wit a finger in ur ass
5.)drive over 150mph
6.)buy a doggy and train it to lick ur girlfriends vag
7.)crash on ur bike going over 40mph
8.)fall in love
9.)go on a vacation with a bunch of friends and have the time of ur life
10.)travel around the country and bang a girl in every diff state
11.)grab a random persons ass in the mall
12.)yellin a random persons ear as they walk by you in the mall
13.)buy some bling and some gear
14.)get laid
15.)buy some subs for ur car
16.)smoke a blunt wit cocaine in it
17.)take every single pill in the medicine cabinit, take 3 shotts of every alchol in the house and go to bed hopin u dont wake up
18.)beat the fuck outta ppl wit a hatchet lol madd funn