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one dot one dot one dot one dot dot dot…. Yes, last week’s release of WordPress MU wasn’t to be the last one. This is. Really.

WordPress MU fixes #1193 and #1195, two annoying but one liner bugs that crept into the last release.

This is also a security release fixing a bug in the installer that has existed for quite some time. If you can’t update yet, delete the file index-install.php immediately. That file is only used when you install WordPress MU for the first time so it’s not needed afterwards. Don’t ask, “I’m using version x.x.x, do I need to delete this file?” Just do it. Thanks Mad Sprat for reporting the problem.
The index-install.php in is safe, but I’ve added a note at the end of the install recommending the file be removed. The file is not used after installation and it’s always a good idea to clean up unused scripts.

Get WordPress MU on the download page or wait until your Dashboard upgrader finds the new release.
If you’re adventurous, download and replace the following files on your site to upgrade:

  1. index-install.php
  2. wp-admin/includes/mu.php
  3. xmlrpc.php
  4. wp-includes/version.php

Sorry Jeffro! 🙂

30 thoughts on “WordPress MU

  1. hi,
    thanks for your sharing, it is very useful for me who use wordpress. Again the update of 2.9 release. Now it is fix two annoying but one liner bugs that crept into the last release of this theme series.

  2. Yes, the changed files list is good to have. Saves searching all of the sub-directories for newer versions. Problem is, I didn’t find this post until after I did all that. 🙂

    Situation I’m experiencing is that the update notice isn’t going away but the version in the Dashboard footer is, same as happened in an earlier release. Anyone else?

    1. I tried upgrading my test server a few times and it worked fine each time. If you’re using an object cache that may cache things for an hour or so. Only the wpmu version number was increased. The WP one wasn’t.

      1. I ran the Update button later and the header splash notice went away, the update button went away, the lower left footer version stayed correct at (as it was after the file overwrites) but the line in Right Now still says “You are using WordPress 2.9.1” *and* the previously correct version number in the footer lower left reverted to “Version 2.9.1”! ? Still shows the same a day later.

  3. It is great having updates like that, it shows that you guys are around the clock fighting bugs.

    But it also annoys me. If I had updated WordPress to 2.9.0, I’d have all the trouble of upgrading to be with a buggy system, and have to live with it until 2.9.1 came up and do all the work again.

    Same thing here, imagine if I used MU and had upgraded to 2.9.1 believing it was rock solid and then now having to do it again…

    Well, I’m gonna wait for 2.9.2, even though I’ve checked trac and up until now no bug related to be fixed on it seems to be important. And for sure after doing so, I’ll wait until WordPress 3.1.3 before upgrading again! 😛

    tnx for the hard work 😀

    1. Hikari – if you think it annoys you, imagine how it feels for the developers. You think that the new release is done and dusted but because not enough people responded to the “call to test” the development version not all the bugs were found.

      Then when the new release is out, loads of people download and install it and find bugs. A few people had tested it and I appreciate it. Wish more had volunteered to test it.

  4. Well, im having problems with new users dont receive email to confirmation. With 2.9.1 is ok, but this problem appear on Anybody have this one or only me?

  5. I got splogs after installing I don’t have them before because hashcash is doing its job.

    So now, I just installed the htaccess fix by ron at wpmututorials. Let’s see what happens.

  6. This is just a note of thanks to Donncha for all the work he has put in over the years with this project.

    As someone who has only ever really played around the edges with Mu, I don’t know what the merge with WordPress means for Donncha’s involvement, but we should all be grateful that there are people who can put in this amount of effort and skill for us to benefit from – and for free.

    Again, many thanks.

  7. Hi Donncha-

    I upgraded 2.8.6 to using the automatic upgrader. I’m confused about adding the commentmeta table since this was an automatic upgrade for If it’s needed, have there been problems uploading this after upgrading. Thanks!

  8. Found a bug in wordpress mu where when inserting full size edited image, original image is returned instead. The solution is to uncomment two lines of code on /wp-includes/post.php at 2981 – 2982.

    I’ve filed a bug/solution under core.trac.wordpress.org since trac.mu.wordpress.org is no longer accepting tickets.
    See: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/12082

  9. Donncha,

    The new version comes with the option to use multi-blogs with “www” before de domain? I’m trying to use the Domain-Mapping but this plugin don’t work with it.

    I know, I read your comments there about the SEO and use of ww and non www to Google. But to me working with more than 50 blogs with “www” is hard to install 50 copies of WP.

    Thanks man! You work is amazing!

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