10 of the best multiplayer experiences

I just spotted a two page feature in GamesTM listing their top 10 multiplayer games: Mario Kart Bomberman Street Fighter Halo Micro Machines Battlefield Worms Pac-man Vs Team Fortress 2 Starcraft What? No Modern Warfare 2? Surely they jest!! OMG WTF! Anyway, the list above reminded me I had the […]


Steam for Mac launches

Steam launched for Mac this morning and I’ve just installed it, along with the 33MB update that downloaded as soon as I started the programme. They’re giving away Portal for free until May 24th. Thanks Alex for the heads up! I’m downloading it even though I just got a window […]


Gaming TODO list: Finish Bad Company 1. …

Gaming TODO list: Finish Bad Company 1. I’m almost near the end, but I kept dying in the village where you have to destroy the two bridges. Play Portal as the sequal has been announced. I have the Orange Box, and despite being a huge Half Life fan back in […]


Some friends of mine are/were huge Count…

Some friends of mine are/were huge Counter Strike fans. I only played it a few times, almost always at lan parties, but thankfully never came across bunny hopping: If you don’t know what bunny hopping is, a message on this thread linked to the Wikipedia page on the practice. Bunny […]

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