Steam for Mac launches

Steam launched for Mac this morning and I’ve just installed it, along with the 33MB update that downloaded as soon as I started the programme. They’re giving away Portal for free until May 24th. Thanks Alex for the heads up!

I’m downloading it even though I just got a window saying my system didn’t meet the minimum system requirements. Oddly enough it mentions “Windows driver version” so that might be just a bug. The download is very slow but it’s hit 75% so not long now. More later …

0 thoughts on “Steam for Mac launches

  1. Portal finally downloaded and, despite the warnings, I launched it. I probably should have shut down everything else to conserve CPU cycles and memory but by setting everything to “low”, setting the aspect ratio to 4:3 and resolution to 800×600 Portal was just about playable on my almost 2 years old 13″ white Macbook.

    Apple must be loving this. Steam comes out. All the happy Apple owners suddenly find out their fancy machines really can’t cope with the compromises made to make a cross platform game and they go to to buy a new machine. Because that’s what Steve Jobs would do.

  2. Played a bit more and it’s creaking along. I might just dig up ASCII Portal again. This ol’ laptop just doesn’t have it in her.

  3. Steam is a disaster. I was fine running stuff in the background and playing Half Life 2: Deathmatch on middle quality, and now I get like 0.15 fps while running the actual Steam program ;O I could probably run it better: spinning the hard drive with my hand, drawing with my other hand and then processing with my brain. ;O

  4. PS£ Orange Box here. Downloaded the Still Alive version on the 360 when I got it hoping for different but alas, no.
    I don’t see the need to grapple with a kb when I’m better with a control pad.

    Plus Steam crashed on two restarts this morning so has been uninstalled.

    Infocom is it for now.

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