Not everyone likes you

The best place to be is where people either love you or hate you. Not so great in inter-personal relationships but it’s super when you’ve got a product that you want people to use and maybe buy.

WordPress is there. There’s a vocal group of WordPress haters out there, but we’ve worked hard over a number of years to get to that level of hatred. It hasn’t been easy. On the other hand even more people like using WordPress. Thankfully someone would care if WordPress disappeared in the morning.

That’s why I’m envious of Twitter. In the course of a few months they’ve gone from being a darling of the blogging community to the nemesis of all things good and proper.

I predict that when teenagers discover Twitter the increase in txt speak will put off everyone else. Not that it will matter at that stage. Twitter will go on to become a global teen phenomenon much like myspace or bebo. Oh how we’ll gnash our teeth then. The negative feedback now won’t be anything like it will be later on! “Proper bloggers” might just ignore it but I doubt it. We They need something to bitch about and it’s an easy target!

I signed up there a few days ago but I’ve since turned off sms notifications and haven’t looked at my profile page in a while. If anyone mentions me I’ll know about it. Oh isn’t RSS cool?


Yet another twit signs up

Yes, I’m on Twitter now. No. I’m not a pregnant goldfish but the first thing I like about Twitter is their support for RSS. Conor’s twitter popped up in my meta search a few minutes after he twittered.

twitter+flickr+webcam+stockpix=flussgeist via Topgold on Twitter. Pretty cool. Listen to that Trocaire Ad banned on Today FM and other non-RTE radio stations.