Hellloooo to my new StumbleUpon friends!

After asking people to add me to their StumbleUpon network last November I finally logged in again and added about 20 new friends including Ellybabes as you can see from the graphic below.

Add Ellybabes as a friend

StumbleUpon makes it really easy to add friends and I’m glad to see there are a few more Irish people in my network. I’m looking forward to stumbling on more Irish content and I hope you all enjoyed the sites I discovered in my trawling of the web. Thanks everyone for adding me, and sorry for taking so long to do the same!

8 thoughts on “Hellloooo to my new StumbleUpon friends!

  1. Hi Donncha,

    Great to add you as a friend in SU – but this blog is fab! Have bookmarked and will return for updates. Many thanks for the Munster tours link…

    best wishes,


  2. Hi Donncha! I like your stuffs here. Great posts! =) Btw, I have a problem too in logging in to my account. I really don’t know why I can’t. What did u do first when you have this problem?

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