The Simpsons come to Ireland

St. Patrick's Day So, a new Irish themed Simpsons will air tomorrow night to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and the whole world is going gaga over it.

We had lunch in Blarney today and heard from more than one person that the Simpsons will be making an appearance tomorrow at Blarney Castle! I think people are confusing reality with a cartoon storyline. Things are getting out of hand. Next thing you know, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Ducks will be spotted walking out of the Woollen Mills and drinking pints with the locals.

I have the episode set to record on Sky+ anyway. Should be a laugh.

Oh, and it’s not “Patty’s Day”. A pat is something a cow leaves behind in a field and contributes to global warming and is quite smelly. Dung beetles like it too. If you must shorten “St. Patrick’s Day”, it’s “Paddy’s Day”! Thanks Gavin for alerting me to this atrocious misspelling.

4 thoughts on “The Simpsons come to Ireland

  1. I’m fighting the anti-Patty fight with you. ( ) It’s truly the worst time of year to be an Irish ex-pat (or ex Paddy perhaps?) in the States.

    Anyway, last time I was in Blarney, I could have sworn I saw Daffy Duck walking out of the woolen mills. There were quite a few pints had that weekend.

  2. Hehe. I watched the Simpsons episode last night. It was ok, but not brilliant. Lots of gags taking the piss out of the Irish but they’re a bit out of date already.
    In the episode all the Irish are hard working and sober. You should have seen the large crowd outside the local pub here in Blarney yesterday.. Not everyone’s working and there are plenty still drinking!

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