And here's a mirror of that 16 …

And here’s a mirror of that 1660 diary, slightly modified though. hehe

Jan 11, 1660: Not much happening today. Lost one o my kids in the bog.

Jan 12, 1660: Damne bog ate my dog. Off to the pub for a pint.

Jan 13, 1660: Walking back from the pub early this morn, almost fell into the bog.

Jan 14, 1660: Good Lord.. the Mayor fell into the bog. Presumed lost. Kenny Axeblood wants to take over. ‘Aye’ I say.

Jan 15, 1660: God hates our wee village; Kenny Axeblook walked into the bog and disappeared from our sight. We think it’s that woman with the wart. Off to burn her.

Jan 16, 1660: Burnt the witch and threw her remains into the bog.

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