9 Songs – sex, sex and more sex!

Some crowd are looking to ban 9 Songs from Ireland. I haven’t seen it and I don’t think I will either. It doesn’t sound like a very interesting film. Here’s some shots from the film, and a linked trailer, although it’s in Realplayer format and I CBA going to the trouble of watching it!

Plot Outline: In between attending rock concerts, two lovers meet for intense sexual encounters.

By Donncha

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dear sir i download the flim from rapidshare but it shows wrong passwoard please tell me the original password to show the great great movie

Just checked the trailers, i guess its a good movie. I will buy DVD ..

PS. I actually love this type of movies 😉

this movie is a rather good one. it is a perfect portrait of how two people in love would and sholud go about with there lifes, thats have sex and go to concerts, my kind of life.

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