Haunted Houses, Ghosts and Poltergeists

I need a spooky category.. Gerry Ryan has had a few calls from women saying their houses are haunted. I’ve an open mind about this and wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand at all.
The first caller said that she saw a silver haired woman lying on the bed next to her one morning, she turned away and back again and the woman was gone. She heard her child mumbling one night and went into her room later and the child said that she had been trying to call out and she was held down by something. Last Monday she took 3 photos of her children and apprently there’s an hump-backed old woman with a cane in the picture. A psychic told her that the woman in the house doesn’t want them living there! *gulp*
There’s more, and it’ll probably be repeated on Saturday morning so have a listen then!