Haunted Houses, Ghosts and Poltergeists

I need a spooky category.. Gerry Ryan has had a few calls from women saying their houses are haunted. I’ve an open mind about this and wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand at all.
The first caller said that she saw a silver haired woman lying on the bed next to her one morning, she turned away and back again and the woman was gone. She heard her child mumbling one night and went into her room later and the child said that she had been trying to call out and she was held down by something. Last Monday she took 3 photos of her children and apprently there’s an hump-backed old woman with a cane in the picture. A psychic told her that the woman in the house doesn’t want them living there! *gulp*
There’s more, and it’ll probably be repeated on Saturday morning so have a listen then!

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  1. Just listening to the update program on this Saturday morning. Gerry Ryan’s an ass, not taking it seriously at all, but the reporter who went out is on the phone. The hair on the back of her neck was standing up, and a private investigator with a camcorder caught the ghost on the screen of the device!
    Apparently earlier residents of that house and street knew about the disturbances. The present owner went to a psychic and was told that a woman called “Margaret” lived there. An existing neighbour confirmed that a woman with the same name lived there before, and the picture of the woman matched her memory of the woman…

  2. we think that the people should leave the house straight away and then knock down the house to see what happens then! yea should also do some research to find out about the house and why the woman is doing this!

    1. You demolish a house. If the spirit is angry or stuck the only true way is burning the body with rocksalt. It helps believe me

  3. i definutly belive the story, and if any one out there has a ghost story of some location in cork, or kilmacthomas,please do let me know

  4. I am so interested in this subject I live in Co Offaly moved from dublin so If anyone has an interesting story Id love to hear

  5. dear medium it is amazing you already know my email i have many realtionship and financial worries at the momoment but i believe spirits are a help and good emotional support i have experienced some of visations fromm spirits i believe i can talk to them and they try their best to help me through the circumstances they’ve shown me the what could be future and the past and only last night i remembered my last house telephone number wich i had forgotten for years the house i lived in blackrock and then suddenley the green light on the reciever went orange

    myself and my friend were discussing the possibility of flying cars ihad seen an add for them on an english newspaper a grand machine renault infact designed for many months i had been dreaming of the 2020s style cars multy housing compact bulidings and the whole new develepoment of the new structure of stillorgan village in the2020s it was even as i had seen the new street of where allen park drive used to be it was now ahuge complex of houses in houses apartments futuristic housing blocs these dreams were going on for a long time and were good and hopefull these are some of my experience with the paranormal and spirit life even while slepping they also told me timetravel was posssible and had beeen in use for quite some time i pass on these messages with hope for the future if you want to contact me you have my email adress and i nearley always am available

  6. The woman in question who went to the house is actually a great medium,clairvoyant and tarot reader.I have personally gone to see her and she told me things that nobody would know.She also showed me the picture and I nearly dropped with the shock.The old woman is standing in front of the kids.It’s scarey.

  7. Hi all,

    I’m a free-lance journalist and I’m hoping to talk to people who may be experiencing a Haunting. Any response will be dealt with in complete confidence.I realize that this is a very deicate issue for people but be asurd that I will trat any contact very seriously. I am hoping to write a piece on this and would like to speak to people for Dublin especially but any response is welcome.
    Brian O’Neill

    1. i have experienced encounters of which i find hard to comprehend and understand, i am a regular guy, self employed in the construction sector, i am not in anyway into tarot cards or mediums, my experiences have only started occouring with the last two years and or not of my imagination.
      it all started with dark shadows in my bedroom at night, i ofcourse believed i was imagining shadows,you know you see what you want to see,objects in the dark only occour because you imagine them, this however unfortunatly is not the case.
      After waking several times to see dark objects i began to see dark figures,eventually this led on to faces and whole people, i have never seen these people before, they come randomly but not togeather, one is a little blonde girl, maybe 7 or 8, she seems sad but errily emotionless at the same time,the other is a man of about 5 ft 10, he is of a slim build with black hair, both have never spoken to me, they simply stare at me, i am very sure that the man is evil, i have never felt such fear or dread when i see him, i have seen him once in daylight and many times at night that is why i know i am not dreaming, all of these sightings occour in the same house, it has only happened 12 or 13 times, i wish this curse on no man woman or child, i do not long to see what i see, it scares me but intrigues me at the same time,there are two things that i am sure of now in life, there is life after death and there are evil forces amongst us, i only write this in the little hope that maybe i may get some answersor maybe closure.

  8. ihave been to many places charleville castle i have photos which are most unusual one of the children and the dog in the window and in my next shot they are gone.and a huge red orb which i could see and that has been caught by so many people also green.i can pick up on spirits when they are about sometimes.people might say bah humbug i did. that was 10 years ago and alot has happened to change my mind i will never know it all but if you go out and visit a location and be patient you will be amazed at what you may see or hear.some spirits are ok but if you invade others space things can hot up thats another story.i am from cork city and close to some local haunts.if anybody would be interested in getting a group together here.leave a reply here.

  9. Hi, my name is Brian and I’m from Swords, in Dublin. I’ve lived in my parents house for the past 19 years and a lot of strange stuff has happened during that time, from lights flashing on and off to radio stations tuning themselves in. I’m 21 now and it seams that most of the stuff that has happened in the house mainly happened to me.

    I’ve heard a lot of stuff in the house and have got used to it, then one night I woke from my sleep and I couldn’t move or speak. I hated when it happened but as it happened so many times I started to get used to it to, one night in my bedroom, I had just laid new wooden floors in my room and I was sleeping on the floor on a mattress. I turned the light off and was ready to go to sleep, as I’m a messy person, I had left all the old chopped up floors in the corner of my room, I was just about to fall asleep and I heard the loose wood being moved up and down my floors in my room as if they were been pushed up and down. When I opened my eyes there was a man all dressed in black, just standing over me and looking down at me. I couldn’t see his face clearly, and to tell you the truth I sh**t myself. My mom’s friend has a 6th sense and she has also saw the man on a few occasions and also two woman at different times. But this is what I’m more worried about.

    I moved out of the house 3 weeks ago to become a man and I’m now renting a house with my friend, a 5 minutes walk from my parents house. The first night was deadly, we had a few drinks (you know the usual). Then about a day or two later, we started to hear noises in the house and we put it off to being next door. The friend I’m living with never believed me and always laughed when I told him what happened in my mom’s house. I’ve since had to check every room in the house and the wardrobes on 5 different occasions because I thought there was someone in the house. Noises of footsteps up stairs and banging of presses and doors.

    On wednesday night, I was in bed and was just dosing off until I heard the front door open and close. When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t move, it felt like a tone of bricks on me, I did sh**t myself at first but was able to talk myself out of being afraid. I was stuck like this for about 5 minutes and while I was like this, I could hear whispering, but couldn’t make out what it was saying. Then I started to wonder if it was following me, I know it’s a bit crazy but ah well. Stuff has been happening all week but last night took the biscuit. Me and my girlfriend were laying on the bed talking and we heard what sounded like a man whistle, I wasn’t going to say anything because I didn’t think she heard it, but she did, we both went white and were going to leave the house.

    It’s monday the 12-03-07 now and im feeling alot better.
    Brian O’Niell if you can find a way or even let me know how to contact you i will be greatfull to tell you my stories.


    1. if you wish to talk about what you have seen contact me, i have experienced very similiar occourances to what you have said, i do not have many answers but i do understand a few things that may help you
      regards nial you can contact me at nialmk@hotmail.com

  10. there may be lots of spirits in your house some poltergeist some residual and some grounded.try and not let fear get the better of you.try for some evps.turn on a recording device digital or tape.ask questions move about the house.or while you are out at work leave one on you may get something to give you a clue as to whats going on.or how many are there.give it a shot and let me know.also try and find out which is the most active part of your house.ther maybe a gateway to the spirit world there.and all types are popping in and out.

  11. I didn’t believe in ghosts until my paranormal experiences proved they were real. My home in Derry is haunted & has been for years! About to tour the Irish Republic I search for the supernatural. When I visit Cork this summer hopefully something spooky will happen…

  12. I love this blog. It brings back my childhood memories, when I can see and hear ghost… its freakin me out until I get used it and just ignored them. Now I seldom experience these paranormal things.

  13. hi all

    I’ve had many experiences, one 8 month terror I’ll share with you! I moved into a secondhand home in 1990, everything was fine for 5 years. Alone one night watching tv, door was open into the hall, where out or the corner of my eye i saw a flash of light which I would have put down to my own eyes playing tricks on me if it hadn’t been followed by an awful smell. Later when I decided to go to bed I couldn’t go up the stairs. Stairs felt blocked to me, ice cold and for some reason i felt that i would be pushed down if i tried to go up. I have kids who were in bed so needless to say i forced myself to go up on my behind. This went on for 8 months with the added feeling of something standing beside me while in bed, a feeling of presure on the bed and intence fear. My daughter became stressed also experencing something evil (her words) on the landing and in her room. My sister stayed one night only in the many years i lived there and woke to a snarling smelly creature right at her face beside the bed, she never stayed again. I cryed each night for those 8 months no real sleep either. Got the house blessed and it all ended. Never felt fully comfortalbe after, eventually moved,something in this house too but friendly. Am I being followed or what? By the way the priest who blessed the house had a nervous breakdown 2 weeks after blessing the house, coincidence maybe but very weird.

  14. hey,,i noticed your living in cork ,,,did you hear about the shandon court hotel by shandon street its highly haunted ,,i was there for a do tonight and the back ground story behind it is that it was the north infirmary hospital and theres a cemetery out the back and they moved some of the graves to build the hotel !!!!#
    and we decided to find the haunted floor ,,of course i was brave with drink in me,,,and the lift goes to floor one and 2 and in between the 2 floors is the haunted rooms ,,318&319 as we passed we saw there was a blank door in between (another room) no number! we opened the door and ther was white wood bolted to the inside door with sound proofing seven times!!!!!! appertly it was that bad they had to bolt the door and the guests and staff dont go to that floor
    FREAKY OR WHAT!! EMAIL me if you can ,,,thanks

  15. Louise – I knew it was a hospital and I think I had heard the Shandon Hotel was haunted. Very brave of you. I wouldn’t have gone into that room!

  16. Yes this story was true it was my sisther pamela who took the photo ,. she passed away a week alter bitch hate her

  17. Im really fascinated by the ouija board, is it worth taking the risk does anybody know? Any body with an experience please let me know!

    1. I’ve used one on many occasions. Mainly as a child with my parents. It’s great fun. But you don’t need a board, just 38 pieces of paper with the alphabet and numbers 1 to 10 written on them, plus a Yes and a No piece too. Lay them all out in a circle on a well polished slidey table and use a wine glass, NOT, I repeat, NOT a heavy tumbler.

      Then enjoy the fun.

      No ghosts or spirits of dead people involved at all, just a wholly understood and very simple [psychological process known as the “ideomotor effect”. Try googling it.

  18. it was a cold windy december night, i was all snug im my bed ! i fell asleep early but i woke up with a sweaty bag , it turned it was this thing allmy friends had told me bout A WET DREAM. all of a sudden the window blows open and sure it was paddy he was drunk and hadnt he stumble to the wrong house , he got back in the car and drove off registreation 04 dl 3675 . and then i went and changed the sheets the were all wet ! i was about to dose of and i coulndnt sleep , then the ghost appeared she was a pet , i was like yes pet check out my sweet she too got wet at sight of my sweaty bag . im never taken mushrooms ever again

  19. I have another story to tell of a ghost that happened here in Carlow just over three years ago, in a friends house on the the Tullow Road.
    I went up to visit him on this night, and we were just talking about a few things, and amongst the items we were talking about were Ghosts . About twenty minutes into the talk things started to move and then we saw for ourselves that the house was in fact Haunted.
    I was sitting on one side of the room,and he was sitting on the other. Then the chair which was in front of me started to move, and then it moved yet again. I then said to him did you see that, and then he said the same thing to me, bot of us then were scared stiff and our mouths were open with fright, and then the door opens and then we start to get worried. This happened in October of 2006, and we were scared stiff. We stayed up till two am in the Morning and as time passwed we saw several black orbs passing over us at various times throughout the night. I had left items in his house and he then brought me back home, but then he phoned me saying that when he got home some of the items which I had left behind had been moved to other places within the room. This is a true story, and if you wish to confirm this story , you can phone him at the following number 0864089xxx (Numbers removed to protect his privacy!). His name is Tom Gunning

    From Brian Daly

    1. Brian i would love to hear more on this story we are working on a book called Haunted Carlow if you could send me your details i would like to talk with your more on this

  20. hi all I am looking for the most haunted place in Ireland to take a group of people too they are looking to do work on the home and get rid of any unwanted spirits have done lots of work in the uk and now want to find places in ireland to look in to and record the proof of what is realy out there,

    They will also be places if any sceptics would like to join in there are looking for a date in march

    so can any one help me to help them to find the most haunted place in Ireland and also please will you give me contact details of any place you are wanting them to look in,



    1. Hi Karen, I’m a freelance journalist I haven’t been on this site for awhile but I would be very interested in writting a piece on hauntings and ghost hunting. I am hoping to do a balanced piece piece over a period of time and would love to get involved with what you guys are doing. Let me know if this sounds interesting and we can arrange to meet for a coffee.
      Brian O’Neill

    2. Hi Karen, See above posting from myself – I would still be very interested in getting involve in this kind of thing with a view of writting a balanced piece of hauntings and ghost hunting – Let me know if this sounds at all interesting and we can arrange to meet for a coffee and chat,
      Brian O’Neill

  21. I have another ghost story that is true, and which i heard last night from a friend.
    He used to live in a House in North Circular Road in Dublin. Number 118 to be exact.
    His brother died a few years ago, but he was a right drunkard and brute. So when he died his brother said at his coffin that he was going to make him stay in that house forever. However he got a phone call friend about the house in recent days. what was said would make you creep. People were working in the house and then
    they started to hear heavy steps, and other things as well.
    Things started to move around the house and things got even worse as well. But it came to a boil a few days ago when the people who were working on the house saw a ghost walking through dors and walls, and it scared the daylights out of them.
    In the aftermath his brother here in Carlow received a call from the owners now in possession of the house. They now refuse to go near to the house because of all that has happened there in recent weeks . The name of the Ghost is Aiden Gunning.
    He died on the streets of Dublin a few years ago. The house was already haunted a few years ago, because of the History behind it and who was in it years ago, but it is the present haunting which has made it amongst the most haunted and deadley
    houses for a scare in iRELAND. So bad that this story is true and will be verified by those people who up to a couple of days ago were there working in the place, that is until they were scared out of their wits a few days ago.

    Brian Daly
    By the way my email address has changed. It is as follows briandaly1955.com

  22. You’re all so funny.

    A few facts about what “seeing” means.

    The human brain processes reflected light that hits the retina. You don’t actually ‘see’ say, a tree, you see the light that’s reflected off the tree. Dark things reflect light at a different wavelength to bright things.

    Camera’s work in the same way. They turn reflected light into an image.

    This tells us two things:

    1. A camera can only see light reflected off physically present matter. The human brain can only see light reflected off physically present matter. Therefore, if it shows up on film, it’s visible to the human eye as well. And vice-versa.

    So if anyone presents a photo of anything that they claim they couldn’t see in real life, what you’re looking at is not a ‘ghost captured on film’ but photoshop.

    2. Because the human eye can only see light reflected off physically present matter, for a ghost to be seen by the human eye, it must first comprised of physical matter for light waves to bounce off.

    If a ghost is made of matter, it is not a supernatural or paranormal entity, it’s a wholly natural, normal physical thing, as real as a tree, or a cloud, with a molecular structure.

    If ghosts have a molecular structure, they can be measured and sampled. They could be tested and observed. They would be as well understood as rainbows. But they are not. Unlike the rest of the natural world, including such tiny particles as neutrinos, quarks and gluons, no ghost has ever been scientifically observed, measured, sampled or detected.

    There is, fortunately, another word much more suitable than ‘ghost’ to describe things which people say they ‘see’, but which lack the physical properties necessary for the reflection, projection or refraction of light. That word is ‘hallucination’.

    Unlike ghosts, we know that hallucinations are a normal and natural part of everyday life, and we have ample scientific evidence to support and explain them as a natural phenomenon.

    I repeat: it is not possible for the human brain to “see” something that does not reflect light. Unless that thing is fabricated within the brian itself, i.e. a hallucination.

  23. I have worked for years at Dublin’s Baggot Street Hospital and found it extremely eerie. There are two rooms, whenever I entered them images came to my mind how walls of these rooms were covered with blood and had a very uneasy feeling. When I moved to the top floors I almost panicked. I didn’t see anything supernatural however my feeling tell me there is something wrong with this place.

    I know of a night guard who had the same scary feeling whenever he walked to the upper floors on his night shift.

    Does anyone have some background on this hospital?

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