Mini XBLA Games review: Chime – it’s fo…

Mini XBLA Games review:

Chime – it’s for charity, it’s a puzzle game where you have to create 3×3 or larger blocks from a randomly selected shape, think Tetris but the shapes are fully controllable and the shapes you create don’t disappear. I only played one game but it wasn’t altogether clear where to place blocks to full advantage. There is a good game hiding in there but even though a minimum of 60% of the purchase price goes to charity it’s probably not a game I’ll be buying. Great music though.

Polar Panic – you control a polar bear who has to shove blocks to kill the marauding trappers. Great game, cute graphics, and on easy mode it’s very accessible. Tempted to buy it as it’s fun and child friendly. One that my son enjoyed watching me play.

Unfortunately I only have 1240 points left and with the Modern Warfare 2 DLC on the 30th that may be my next purchase.

I had 10 minutes to play something earlier in the day and fired up Bad Company 2, single player for a blast. God, it’s so sedate compared to the multi player online play. I loved it!