Google Page Rank won't help you out of the new site sandbox!

My new site, In, is probably still in the Google Sandbox and unfortunately it seems that it’ll be there for another few months!

There’s some good advice here on what new site owners can realistically expect from their sites. The mantra remains, Write Good Content and they will come.

9 thoughts on “Google Page Rank won't help you out of the new site sandbox!

  1. Heh! I dunno if you want too much traffic. Have you ever tried stumble upon? There’s a great way to get people to visit similar sites as you and generally get traffic… but at the cost of sanity. 😀
    Don’t laugh too hard though… I’m seriously nutz now. Darn them all. I made my wordpress blog just so I could try to control who is seeing my stuff XD

  2. I’ve followed Google’s webmaster’s guidelines with a very fine tooth-comb. I went as far as making most of my site; Bobby triple A compliant, wrote original content and utilized Google sitemaps.

    Google crawls my site at least once a day. I get first place for my name ‘Rob Abdul’, which is not a competitive keyword in Google and on all major search engines. But I still do not have a PageRank. I’m upset. I’m doing everything right. A PR of 1 will make me smile.

    I’ve been trying to link exchange with sites similar to mine. My link popularity is really low.

    However my site is only 3 months old.

  3. @Ian, don’t worry about Pagerank. Generic traffic is what is important.

    We have seen a major update in Google, the Caffeine update that has been shaking things around.

    Not sure if on this site you can post your URL, so just send me an email with your sites URL and I take a cursory glance at it for you to see if you may be doing something you shouldn’t be.

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