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Could this be the last huge WP into MU code merge?

Well, this might be one of the last times I do a huge WordPress MU merge! I’ve just finished merging the code from WordPress 2.9 beta 1 into WordPress MU trunk. No, I didn’t link to the actual merge changeset. That’s 2007 and huge! 🙂

Want to give it a go? Grab the zip file from here and install it on a test server. Do not, under any circumstances install it on your production server! Be aware that I haven’t tested most of the code yet so there may have been errors made during the merge.

We also need to work out a good way of adding the commentmeta table to each blog. If your MU site has more than a few dozen blogs you need to add this table before you upgrade. On, it took quite a long time to add that table to each of the millions of blogs there! It’s probably something that an external plugin should handle. It’ll have to be linked from the MU download page and hopefully talked about enough that nobody tries to upgrade without it. Ideas?

Oh, I’m testing out WordPress 2.9-beta-1 and changed theme here. I’m using a heavily modified version of P2. Love it so far. I’ve managed to hack it to do what I want. Noel did a great job with the theme.