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Langerland do the Nativity

Langerland bring their latest creation, a Christmas story, The Nativity to the big screen with all your favourite characters. Even if you don’t recognise the names there’s something in this story for everyone! It goes without saying that if you have strong feelings about Christianity you probably don’t want to […]

Humour , When-in-Ireland

The Rising, by Langerland

Even if you’re not Irish or don’t know anything about Irish history you’ll still probably find The Rising funny. It’s a short animation featuring the main players of the 1916 Rising as members of the R Team as they battle today’s politicians and institutions! Warning, sense of humour required. I […]

Humour , Movies – Batman & Robin

Must try this on a PC with sound in a min. Batman & Robin features Irish celebs and politicians and is sure to be a good laugh! (Thanks Owen for the link!) OMG.. just looked at it and we fell about the place laughing. Good show langerland!

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