The Rising, by Langerland

Even if you’re not Irish or don’t know anything about Irish history you’ll still probably find The Rising funny. It’s a short animation featuring the main players of the 1916 Rising as members of the R Team as they battle today’s politicians and institutions!
Warning, sense of humour required. I bet someone will ring Joe Duffy’s show to complain about this over the next few days!

2 thoughts on “The Rising, by Langerland

  1. Namaste Langerland,
    Maby you can help educate me. I have never been to Ireland. My father was a welshman, I understand that I am half Welsh, and half Germen. It’s interesting that I have learned to speak Blarney quite well from hanging out at the Irish GennUS pubs. GOD save the Queen, CUT OFF
    her head. Oh, what humor the Irish have. Can WE be firends.
    Namaste, SSS

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