Pokemon Go > Ingress

I bet Niantic wished they’d created a Pokemon game four years ago instead of labouring on Ingress all that time. Pokemon Go was released last week in the US and has already spawned many a meme on Facebook. It apparently has more concurrent players than concurrent Twitter users. My first, […]

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Photos from Helios XM Anomaly in Dublin

Last weekend I took the train to Dublin to take part in my first Ingress event, the Helio XM Anomaly. All I knew was that both Resistance and Enlightened would be there fighting over portals but not much more than that. Fights for portals were intense 15 minute battles. It […]


The Blue Isles

I don’t play Ingress much these days but this is impressive. The UK and Ireland are all blue thanks to Resistance effort. I’m looking forward to reading the mission report.


Portals in the Sea

Garrettstown Beach in Co Cork boasts a number of attractions. Chief among them are the waves loved by surfers in one area and a long sandy beach next door. There are also a few Ingress portals there and I managed to capture some of them. The two in the sea […]


Michael’s Rebel Control Field

I think Michael Collins would have been liked to see this. An Ingress Resistance control field all the way from his memorial statue in Clonakilty to two portals next to Blarney Castle. It’s certainly the longest control field I’ve ever created, probably stretching 40-50km. Unfortunately it’s thin as the Blarney […]


The Weakest Link

As a Resistance agent in the game of Ingress it can be frustrating to see your local city or locality covered in green control fields. Blarney where I live is firmly blue but Cork isn’t so lucky. So when a huge control field popped up extending from Blackrock Castle to […]


The Resistance in Cork make a come back

What happens when you severely damage a single Ingress portal? From the logs it appears that 18 links were taken down when I destroyed all but one of the resonators in The Cork Vision Centre Ingress portal this afternoon. Unfortunately the building was closed so I had to stand outside […]


A portal in Blarney

The first Ingress portal in Blarney appeared this morning. It’s on the site of the Blarney Castle Hotel and I was the first to hack it and add resonators. Hopefully some of the sites I submitted as portals get picked soon and we’ll get a field over the village. I’m […]

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