And here's a mirror of that 16 …

And here’s a mirror of that 1660 diary, slightly modified though. hehe

Jan 11, 1660: Not much happening today. Lost one o my kids in the bog.

Jan 12, 1660: Damne bog ate my dog. Off to the pub for a pint.

Jan 13, 1660: Walking back from the pub early this morn, almost fell into the bog.

Jan 14, 1660: Good Lord.. the Mayor fell into the bog. Presumed lost. Kenny Axeblood wants to take over. ‘Aye’ I say.

Jan 15, 1660: God hates our wee village; Kenny Axeblook walked into the bog and disappeared from our sight. We think it’s that woman with the wart. Off to burn her.

Jan 16, 1660: Burnt the witch and threw her remains into the bog.


Nodwich – very funny cartoons. …

Nodwich – very funny cartoons. If you’ve ever been into role playing, playing MUD, or well, anything, have a look. I guarantee you won’t be able to stop yourself grinning! (via Scott)


Answer me this riddle if you c …

Answer me this riddle if you can, I don’t know the answer and Google doesn’t turn up anything.

People say you can tell nothing from my face.
I sound like I am useful in a fire.
I have connections to Royalty.
People get undressed around me.


Do you trust Bush?The First An …

Do you trust Bush?
The First Annual Bushie Awards


Humour Music

Johnny Cash gives the "Nashvil …

Johnny Cash gives the “Nashville music establishment” the finger!

Johnny Cash gives the finger

Pamela Anderson's latest video …

Pamela Anderson’s latest video! Thank you Claire for that one!


Ban — Your s …

Ban — Your source for screwdriver activism – I can’t believe it! I used a screwdriver yesterday to fix a mouse. I was actually using a dangerous weapon!


Bush Sends Troops To West Nile …

Bush Sends Troops To West NileWASHINGTON, DC—Vowing to “exact justice for the taking of innocent American lives,” a determined and defiant President Bush deployed more than 14,000 ground troops to the West Nile Monday.


Seen on IRC, "Colm: yeah, but …

Seen on IRC, “Colm: yeah, but does it all really matter? we’re all about to be killed by a big, dumb rock. and even if we survive bush, there’s that asteroid in 2019.” hehe.

Development Humour Linux

Via Camworld: Mirror of The An …

Via Camworld: Mirror of The Anti Porn Guy – I can’t believe that people still think like this!

Al Gore on Bush: Corporate Lacky.

I have no idea who Martha Stewart is, and frankly I don’t think I’m missing much.

Has anyone noticed that Irish and English soaps center around a pub?

Comment heard on Today FM: “Am I hearing this right? Irish people are complaining that they have to go to the pub to watch soccer matches?”

Slashdot: The Future Of The 2.0 Linux Kernel – I’m still using a machine at work with 2.0 on it! It was critical to our business until a few months ago but still running a few small apps.

Interview with Ian Jackson – Debian maintainer. Great interview and Ian doesn’t pull any punches. Even Debian ins’t perfect!