35 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson's latest video …

  1. Dear Sirs,
    I was verty much entertained by the thought of viewing the pamela anderson sex video. All be it perhaps it wasthe clock work of my dirty mind at work… Nice picture of a VCR though. I apologise in advance for being too much of an anorak, but the device is a model TCX 34 by toshiba, and it was released back in 1999. So, technically its not a new recorder unless she bought it second hand… Which in her case that would be highly unlikely….

    Yours Pervertedly and anorakly,
    Zoltan. I like burgers.

  2. How lame. I saw it and thought, oh, funny.

    Even though I am the worst President in the history of the US, even though I am a moron, I still can’t laugh at something so damn stupid and lame.

  3. Looks like some people can’t understand jokes anymore.
    Great one, and Zoltan’s reply as well. Show’em morons that people still can make intelligent jokes.

  4. where the fuck can you find pamela anderson porn ive been searching a while nw and im fucking pissed like a shit I WANT MY PORN o.O im not crazy

  5. um…. i wold like 2 see it so i could ACTUALLY WRIE ABOUT WHAT I THINK OF THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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