Installing Goldmine on a Samba …

Installing Goldmine on a Samba share has proved very awkward in the past. All right, it’s downright depressing as the software seems to be very shoddy and I’ve never heard anything good about Goldmine from an administrator (I’m sure bosses are happy with it though..)
After doing several Google Searches for help I stumbled across several useful and related links. I mailed a few of the people who posted and Jason Boerner replied that he has upgraded to the development version of Samba at the time and turned off all optimization tricks for that share. It was slow but it worked. This morning John managed to install Goldmine 5 on a Samba share without too much trouble. It remains to be seen whether or not it will run satisfactorilly.
We’re going to try and tune it a bit to increase speed. At the moment here’s what the definition for that share looks like:

............snipped unimportant information............
oplocks = False
socket options =
strict locking = yes
read raw = no
write raw = no
read prediction = no

I’ll update later with more news as we re-enable settings.

3 thoughts on “Installing Goldmine on a Samba …

  1. Hi there. I’m interested in getting Goldmine 6.5 working somehow on linux. I notice this article is a little dated. Any news on developments?

    I’d really appreciate if this is something doable. I am a longtime Linux user wanting only Open Source on my Desktop, apart from where my employer specifies something particular (eg. Goldmine)

    Thanks Damian.

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